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Panorama of Lappa Laona Barru

Lappa Laona Barru

Indonesia is famous for its many stunning natural attractions, one of which is Lappa Laona Barru which is located in South Sulawesi. Its natural tourism features various beautiful views, such as green expanses of savanna, mountains, hills and outbound facilities. Let's take a peek at Lappa Laona Barru!

Lappa Laona
Photo by Phinemo

Lappa Laona's Overview inside

Lappa Laona Barru It is a natural destination with vast expanses of grasslands and exotic hills that rise 1000 meters above sea level. It's not surprising that many foreign tourists feel at home in this area because the air is still very clean.

Unlike natural tourism in general where rest areas are starting to be built, the rides are crowded, Lappa Laona still maintains the authenticity of the area. Rural View Characterizes a concept of how local residents live.

They only rely on food they grow naturally and eat meat periodically. Those of you who want to imitate the model of returning to nature can do it.

The size of the area Lappa Laona Barru makes you physically challenged to climb every time. When you arrive at the top of the hill where there is a viewing post, you will see that the atmosphere of the city of Sulawesi is very small.

When night falls, those of you who are camping will see the beautiful twinkling of stars in the sky and city lights. Local residents call Lappa Laona a field as wide as the eye can see. Pannikiang Island can also be seen from the top of the viewing post around 50 km.

Location and Entrance Ticket

The exact location of Lappa Laona Barru is in Barru District, Tanette Riaja Village, Harapan Hamlet, South Sulawesi. To enter this area you will not be charged a ticket, aka it's free. You will only be charged a Vehicle Security fee of Rp. 3000 for two-wheeled vehicles, while for four-wheeled vehicles it is Rp. 5000.

Access to Lappa Laona is quite challenging and some of the roads still need improvement. However, for public roads it is considered good. Meanwhile, the road to substation His view requires patience and struggle.

Of course everything will pay off to the maximum once you reach the highest point of Lappa Laona. You can come to Lappa Laona Barru without any time limits. But if you choose at night, there will be lots of camping groups. Of course there will also be officers around to supervise activities. This is to prevent climbers from carrying alcohol which has the potential to damage the beauty of the environment.

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Possible Activities you LI'm here 

  1. out bond

The out bond available at Lappa Laona Barru is a challenging flying fox ride with excellent security. Only for adults and not for children. This ride tests your courage to circumnavigate the 270 meter wide Lappan Laona. Tickets to play this ride are around Rp. 50 thousand. And of course all equipment has been provided by the Lappan Laona Management.

  1. Camping

For those of you who like camping or camping activities that are truly natural, just come to Lappa Laona Barru. Every weekend, the Expanse Field will be crowded with groups of climbers who are camping. After you have finished camping, you of course have to clean the field area so that it becomes beautiful again.

  1. Light exercise

Even though there is only a large field, many people try sports such as running, jogging, cycling and gymnastics. In the morning, the sun's rays rise from the eastern horizon with cool air making your body healthier.

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  1. Selfie spots

Don't forget to take pictures, because the views are so beautiful. Apart from that, there is also a rest hut which has a very unique shape.

Lappa Laona Barru Truly beautiful natural tourism. Protect our nature by not throwing rubbish carelessly.


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