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Lemukih Waterfall

lemukih waterfall

Lemukih Waterfall is one of the recommendations for interesting natural tourist destinations. Lemukih Waterfall Lemukih offers natural beauty that is truly unspoiled.

Photo by @sudarma_55

Buleleng is famous for its waterfall tourism. One of the interesting waterfalls is Lemukih Waterfall.

For tourists who like nature tourism, this waterfall is very suitable as a vacation spot. Visitors will feel an exciting adventure here.

To arrive at the waterfall, tourists have to do trekking by treading the path. The terrain is quite difficult because you will pass through steep stairs.

In addition to the beach, waterfall tourism is a favorite destination that is chosen by many people. The cool air and beautiful scenery make nature tourism their destination.


So if you are planning a vacation to Bali, let's schedule a trip to this Lemukih Waterfall. You can Bali car rental in Gotravela for convenient travel services.

Location of Lemukih Waterfall

Lemukih Waterfall is located in Lemukih Village, Sawan District, Buleleng Regency. This tourist attraction is included in the North Bali area.

You will find there are 3 waterfalls in one location. Wow, very beautiful isn't it.

These three waterfalls are almost the same height. However, the rightmost waterfall has the highest height, which is about 40 cm. Then, the middle waterfall has the smallest water discharge. While the left side has the largest water discharge.

Because there are three waterfalls, Lemukih Waterfall is also known as Triple Waterfall.

Meanwhile, there are also other waterfalls which are located adjacent to these three waterfalls. Its name is Fiji Falls. This waterfall is located in the same location as Sekumpul Waterfall.

It is true that this area has some super beautiful waterfalls. No wonder many tourists who schedule a vacation here.

The Charm of the Beauty of Lemukih

Lemukih Waterfall has a beautiful charm of beauty. Here are some of the attractions it has.

1. Beautiful Waterfall

If you plan to take a vacation to nature tourism with natural nuances and cool air, come to Lemukih Waterfall. Around the waterfall is so beautiful. You can relax if you come to this waterfall. the tree that lush make the surrounding air fresh.

2. Interesting Trekking Path

Before arriving at the location of the waterfall, visitors can enjoy the beautiful nature when trekking. Although it is quite challenging, during the trip you will see beautiful scenery with an unspoiled natural atmosphere.

3. Passing the Terrace Rice Fields

If you look closely, the rice terraces look beautiful. When doing trekking trails, you will pass rice terraces and coffee plantations.


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Lemukih Waterfall Photo Hunt

Because the view of this waterfall is really charming, the visitors who come don't miss taking pictures. Photos with waterfall backgrounds will be instagramable photos.

Make sure you bring a change of clothes if you come to this waterfall tourist spot. The height of the waterfall is not too extreme so you can play in the water under the waterfall.

Let's Read Also

But still be careful when playing waterfalls. The surrounding rock was very slippery. So always be careful not to fall and slip.

Oh yes, it's better if you want to come on vacation, choose it during the dry season. If it rains, the waterfall will turn cloudy and the flow will be very heavy. Of course you can't enjoy a vacation at the waterfall.

Hopefully the review about Lemukih Waterfall is useful, travela friend. Happy Vacations!


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