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Lodok Cobweb Rice Field

Lodok Spider Web Rice Fields

Did you know that Flores Island has a tourist site for Lodok spider web rice fields? The rice field area has become an attraction that has succeeded in attracting tourists from various regions and countries.

However, the unique design of the rice fields turns out to have a deeper story than just being like a spider's web.

For tourists who have often stopped by NTT, Manggarai Regency is one of the destinations they don't miss Labuan Bajo.

Cancar spider web field

Unique Cobweb Rice Field Design Full of Philosophy

Lodok You can easily access it from Ruteng because it is still in the Cancar area. The travel time to reach the area, also known as the Cancar spider web rice field, is only 20 minutes. Then when they arrive at Lodok, tourists can see the rice fields from a height.

So unique, some people have compared the Lodok design with crop circles in fields or plantations that are said to be the work of aliens.

However, the creation of Lodok did not come from mere fad or trend. Apparently, the spider web design is a masterpiece inherited from the ancestors of the Manggarai people. Lodok itself is a rice field division system that has been practiced by the Manggarai people for a long time.

The zero point in the middle of the rice field or Lingko determine the calculation. The person who handles the division will draw a long line from Lingko to the outermost field or worm.

This procedure follows the cobweb-making philosophy which will make the inside or center of Lodok smaller than the wider outside.

It is Tu'a Teno's authority who will take care of the pattern of rice field distribution. They are traditional leaders who have an important task in making Lodok. Before the process begins, Tu'a Teno will hold a Tente Ritual by sticking wood or teno at a central point that will become a cobweb rice field.

In addition to following rarely spiders, it is said that the creation of Lodok is also based on the formula pieces or fingers. The calculation also adjusts the number of recipients of inherited land and their descendants.

In addition, the formula pieces determined that village officials such as Tu'a Teno and Tu'a Golo were the priority who received the largest share of the rice fields. After that, ordinary citizens from the tribe and outside the tribe would get smaller portions.

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Never Lonely From Wtravelers

The fame of Lodok Cobweb Rice Field is inseparable from tourists who recommend the place to their friends. Some people who are good at capturing scenery in photos often upload them to social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

So don't be surprised if when you come to spider webs, you will find other tourists who are busy taking pictures or just admiring it from a height.

Those of you who want to stop by Lodok will usually get directions to access one of the entrances in Cancar. Then, you can park your vehicle and continue your journey on foot. Also prepare ten thousand to twenty thousand rupiah as maintenance costs to the land owner.

To reach Lodok, you also have to walk hundreds of meters to pass the incline. However, the feeling of tiredness will immediately disappear once you reach a height that shows spider webs.

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Don't forget to bring drinks and snacks to fill your energy, because at this location there are no stalls for coffee and food. But, of course the scenery is enough to spoil you right. So, please visit here soon.


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