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Bali Paragliding Locations | Timbis Paragliding in Uluwatu

Bali paragliding location

Bali Paragliding Location being a popular holiday destination, see the beauty of nature from above and be full of adrenaline.

The beauty of Bali's beaches can not only be enjoyed by relaxing and swimming, you can try paragliding to enjoy panoramic views of the beach, sea and cliffs from a height.

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Paragliding should be included in the itinerary, if you are looking for a new activity or tourist attraction in Bali. Paragliding or often called paragliding is a sport that uses a parachute to fly at high altitudes.

This sport is often found in areas that have beautiful views. South Bali is one of them, with views from a height of white sandy beaches, blue sea and amazing cliffs.

List of Bali Paragliding Locations

If you want to try this exciting activity, see the recommendations for Bali Paragliding Locations below:

1. Riug Paragliding Bali

The recommended Bali Paragliding Location that is popular and could be an option is RIUG Paragliding Bali.

This Bali paragliding package includes more than ten pilots who are T2 (Tandem Pilot) certified and have more than 1.000 hours of flying experience. So you don't need to worry about security.

RIUG Paragliding Bali has a large lobby with beautiful decorations, a bamboo gazebo on the edge of the cliff, and hammocks for relaxing while waiting for your turn to fly.

This Bali paragliding ticket includes European safety equipment as well as a Certified Glider, Helmet and Harness.

2. Timbis Paragliding Bali

Timbis Beach is one of the Bali Paragliding Locations. Order the Timbis Paragliding Bali package to see the beauty of the limestone cliffs, temples and the blue Indian Ocean from above.

timblis paragliding bali

Timbis Paragliding Bali tickets include a tandem flight with a professional and experienced team and the necessary safety equipment.

3. Harmony Park

Harmoni Park, which is located on Bukit Asah, Bugbug Village, Karangasem, can be considered as the next tourist destination.

You can see the majesty of the highlands and three extraordinarily beautiful beaches in Bugbug Village if you do paragliding activities at Candidasa Beach, Pasih Kelod Beach and Bias Putih Beach.

Let's meet:

4. Paragliding at Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach is a popular tourist attraction famous for its beautiful beaches. Apart from that, you can use this place for paragliding.

The paragliding facilities at Pandawa Beach are international class, and all paragliding activities are of course supervised by a team of experienced professionals.

5. Nyang Nyang Paragliding Bali

Nyang Nyang Paragliding Bali, which is located near Green Bowl Beach, is another Bali Paragliding location option. Paragliding Bali allows you to see the beauty of Bali from a different angle, especially from above the clouds.

In terms of safety, Nyang Nyang Paragliding Bali has quality safety equipment and certified instructors.

6. Bali Paragliding Adventure at Timbis Beach

This Bali paragliding package is ideal for people who are bored of flying. Bali Paragliding Adventure offers two-day and seven-day paragliding courses at affordable prices.

This Bali Paragliding location includes insurance, experienced instructor, certificate, documentation, and 15 minutes of flying time per day. However, there are packages available for those of you who really want to fly just once.

7. Paragliding in Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa is the best place in Bali to do various extreme sports, including paragliding. Other rides available here include Banana Boat and Jet Ski. Paragliding in Tanjung Benoa allows you to see the beach from a different perspective.

8. Melasti Cliff Paragliding

This paragliding location is at Badung regency, near Melasti Beach Ungasan.

Melasti Beach Ungasan is famous for its steep limestone cliffs that resemble Pandawa Beach. It's just that the limestone slopes surrounding the cliffs of Melasti Beach in Ungasan are overgrown with shady trees.

9. Mount Umbrella

The paragliding activity at Gunung Payung is relatively new, established in 2016. Its location to the east of Gunung Payung Temple has qualities comparable to Bukit Timbis.

Paragliding on Mount Payung which rests on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean and offers beautiful views. The paraglider will fly westward and provide a panoramic view of white sandy beaches, including Gunung Payung Beach, Pandawa Beach, Green Bowl Beach, Melasti Beach, if the wind is strong enough.

Then fly back east, across Sawangan Beach, and finally land on Mount Payung. Paragliding on Mount Payung can be done together, this is very popular with tourists, especially visitors from China, Australia and Europe.

Paragliding Tips for Beginners

You already know the Bali Paragliding Location, right? Now it's time to get ready. The following are paragliding tips for beginners that you must pay attention to:

1. Make sure you are not afraid of heights

The main requirement for paragliding is not to be afraid of heights. That way, you'll enjoy the moment instead of cringing, out of fear.

2. Select Tandem Paragliding

Beginners should practice tandem paragliding first to ensure a smooth paragliding experience. You will be accompanied by a guide while you are in the air, and he will be the one who operates the parachute.

You can use this opportunity to ask questions and get tips for your next paragliding adventure. This way, understanding will develop, and you can go paragliding yourself in the future!

3. Wear appropriate clothing

If you can't stand the cold, make sure to wear at least long-sleeved clothing. Use closed footwear of the appropriate size so that footwear does not fall while in the air. Have you decided on the Bali Paragliding Location?

4. Use sunscreen

Paragliding is usually done when the sun is still shining brightly. Because being in the air exposes you to more UV rays, use sunscreen to protect your skin.

5. Check whether the safety guard is installed correctly

Before taking off, make sure all safety harnesses are installed correctly. If you are not sure, you can ask the guide to double check all the equipment.

Why do tourists want to try paragliding in Bali?

There are various reasons why tourists want to try paragliding activities while on holiday in Bali:

1. You can enjoy the beauty of natural scenery from various points of view

Tourists are attracted by the stunning views of white sandy beaches, sheer coral cliffs and the Indian Ocean from a different perspective.

2. The weather in Bali is very favorable

The warm air temperature, low wind direction and strength, and the two-season environment in Bali make it an ideal place to try paragliding.

3. Availability of experienced paragliding instructors

Tourists are interested in trying paragliding while on holiday in Bali. This increases the availability of professional paragliding instructors in Bali. Tourists will feel comfortable and safe taking part in paragliding activities with professional paragliding instructors.

In addition, tourists will be trained by expert paragliding instructors, accompanied by guides, and assisted during flight activities. Therefore, a professional paragliding instructor will ensure that all safety and security standards are adhered to.

Apart from that, skilled paragliding instructors are needed for Bali paragliding activities. Because an experienced paragliding instructor will have the training, skills, experience, equipment and strict standards to ensure the safety of participants. So choose one of the Bali Paragliding Locations and try this exciting and adrenaline-challenging activity.

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4. An exciting and unique holiday experience

All participants in paragliding activities will feel an adrenaline rush which is definitely very tense, especially for those who are trying it for the first time. Furthermore, tourists can enjoy Bali's natural environment from a new perspective.

So how? Have you decided on the ideal Bali Paragliding Location for flying to see the beauty of the Island of the Gods from above?


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