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Lombok Tourism Bukit Merese: Panorama of the Beauty of Bukit Cinta

Lombok Tourism Bukit Merese

Panorama of the beauty of Lombok tourism, Merese Hill or Love Hill

Where will you spend your holiday this time? Yes, visiting Lombok Island could be the best idea.

There, there are lots of natural tourist destinations ready to pamper you. One of the places that is currently being widely discussed is the Lombok Bukit Merese tourist attraction.

Lombok Tourism Bukit Merese

This hill offers natural beauty that is so amazing, it is even called the Hill of Love. For those of you who are curious about what Merese Hill is like and are interested in going there, here is complete information regarding the location, facilities and other important things.

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Location and How to Get to Merese Hill

The location of Merese Hill is on Jalan Kuta Lombok, Pujut, Central Lombok. It takes 2 hours to travel from Mataram city center or 40 minutes from Lombok International Airport.

You can use various modes of public and private transportation.

Travela can also use services lombok car rental when we want to visit this location


No need to worry, the infrastructure for Bukit Merese Kuta Lombok is quite good. That way, your journey there is guaranteed to be safe and comfortable.

Time to visit this hill can be at any time. However, you should avoid climbing hills during the rainy season, because the conditions are quite slippery. For comfort, wear shoes that don't slip easily.


Merese Hill is one of Lombok's mainstay destinations in the Mandalika Special Economic Zone (KEK).

Among traveling lovers, this hill is more often called the hill of love. Why is that? Merese Hill has such a beautiful panorama, so that every tourist who comes will immediately fall in love.


From January to April you will find this hill full of lush green grass.

As far as the eye can see, the grass will make your vision feel fresh.

Extraordinarily, in the dry season, Merese Hill still retains the beauty of the view of the brownish soil between the grass which is starting to dry out.

For those of you who are quite tired of the urban atmosphere full of pollution, this hill is the best recommendation for spending time on vacation.

Its location is quite high, making the wind blow stronger, creating a very beautiful atmosphere.

The most amazing point on Merese Hill, Lombok, is at its peak. You need to go through a winding path to get there.

The peak of Merese Hill is divided into several parts and offers different views, including sunrise and sunset, Tanjung Aan, Batu Payung, and many more.


Everyone certainly has their own way of enjoying the beauty of Merese Hill Lombok, NTB. However, most tourists who visit here do the following fun activities:

1. Enjoy the sunset and sunrise

A fun activity that must be done when traveling on Merese Hill is enjoying the sunrise and sunset.

The way to do this is by climbing the top of the hill. No need to worry, this hill is not too high and only takes 10 minutes to reach the top.

Considering there are many spots with various views, when you start climbing you need to look at the directions showing the route to the sunrise and sunset views.

There is no need to doubt about beauty. You will be pampered with stunning sunrise and sunset views.

Natural activity is clearly visible and radiates warmth which makes the body calmer.

For those of you who don't want to sit on the grass, it's there gazebo.

However, most tourists prefer to feel the sensation of sitting on grass that grows abundantly, some even roll around.

2. Witness the beauty of Tanjung Aan and Batu Payung

Apart from enjoying the sunrise and sunset, at the top of Merese Hill you can also watch the panorama Tanjung Aan Beach and Umbrella Stone.

From a higher position, the beauty of these two wide-spread beaches will be seen very clearly.

The sea water is so clear blue and decorated with various coral reefs. The rolling waves are not too big which also enhances this extraordinary view.

It is not an exaggeration that tourists are always amazed when they reach the top of Merese Hill.

3. Take Instagrammable photos

Capture the moment at Merese Hill, of course you can't miss it. There are lots of guaranteed photo spots here instagrammable.

You can take photos Selfie nor landscape. Several spots are quite photogenic which are tourist favorites, including the peak to see the sunrise and sunset, the peak to see Batu Payung, and many more.

Basically, all corners of Lombok Bukit Merese tourism are very beautiful and can be used as good photo backgrounds.

The proof, this hill is often used as a location take photo for prewedding. So, please find your version of the best angle.

4. Play with cows or buffalo

Some local people often bring their pets to eat on Merese Hill.

For those of you who like animals, you can play with this cow or buffalo. Usually tourists use it to take photos.

No need to be afraid, the animals grazing on this hill are quite tame and will not interfere. Precisely his presence makes the atmosphere of Bukit Merese feel more natural.

5. Go camping

Another fun activity that you can try on Merese Hill is camping. This hill has a pleasant and calming atmosphere at all times, especially at night and in the morning.

Here you can invite your partner to witness the beauty of the sparkling stars. Cold winds can be overcome by making a campfire. It's really romantic, isn't it?

Next in the morning you will be greeted by cool grass wet with dew. The distinctive smell of soil and grass can also make the soul fresher.

It's not surprising that many tourists do this for relaxation reasons.

Lombok Tourism Facilities Bukit Merese

There are no special facilities available at Merese Hill. For those of you who want to eat or drink, you can visit restaurants and cafes outside the hill area which are not too far away.

In general, tourists bring their own supplies and then eat them at the top of the hill.


You can imagine how delicious it is to eat accompanied by a cool breeze, as well as the stunning views of Aan beach and Batu Payung.

While for places of worship and toilets you can also find on the way to Bukit Merese.

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Merese Hill Entrance Fee

The good news is, there is no entrance ticket price to the Merese Hill tourist area. You only need to pay a parking fee for private vehicle security of IDR 5.000/motorbike and IDR 10.000/car.

Yes, this means you can divert your HTM budget to buying drinks at cafes around the hill. Not bad, right? Because it is cheap, this place has become an object backpacker style Lombok tour which is in great demand.

So, that's complete information about the Lombok Bukit Merese tourist attraction. Can't wait to fall in love on this hill?

Immediately plan the right holiday date to this hill with your partner, family or work colleagues. Don't forget to prepare everything you might need later.

Then while you are there you can do all the fun activities mentioned above or try something new.

When you return from here, don't forget to stop by at other destinations in the Mandalika SEZ. Happy holidays and have fun.

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