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Lombok Tourism Bus Rental 2024

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Lombok Tourism Bus Rental

On this page we want to offer Lombok Tourism Bus Rental with the List of Bus Rentals in Lombok which of course will be very useful for travelers who need transportation facilities that can accommodate group sizes while on and holidaying on the island of Lombok.

Mainstay product for transportation in inner Lombok Lombok Car Rental is the best Gotravela Indonesia offering to meet your holiday transportation needs on the island of Lombok.


Traveling on Lombok Island, NTB is one of the most sexy destinations for many people. They want to visit Lombok Island tourist attractions because Lombok Island has supporting culture and nature and of course one of the famous ones is Gili-GIli.

Like Gili Trawangan which has stretches of white sand beaches and underwater biota which is very suitable for snorkeling or diving.

Lombok Island Brief Information

Lombok is one of the main destinations in Asia and Indonesia, a dream destination for local and world travelers. Lombok NTB is an island located to the east of Bali Island in the Lesser Sunda Islands or Nusa Tenggara.

The area of ​​Lombok Island reaches 5.435 km², placing it in 108th place on the list of islands based on area in the world. In the capital city of Mataram in 2007, the tourism sector was the only sector in Lombok that developed and began to be flooded with many tourists every year until now.

Lombok Tourism

Lombok and Gili Trawangan are also often used as alternative tourist destinations besides Bali Island and Komodo Island. Lombok Island also offers many tourist attractions that are no less good than Bali Island and other Indonesian tourist destinations.

As new tourist destinations develop and hotels mushroom, transportation facilities in Lombok also follow the development and Lombok Tour Bus Rental has become a basic need for traveler groups who want to explore this island.

Lombok Island has interesting tourist destinations that are worth visiting, and of course transportation infrastructure is really needed. One of them is with Lombok Tourism Bus Rental – Gotravel Indonesia.

Tour Bus Rental Prices in Lombok 2024

full dayIDR. 900KIDR. 930K
Airport Transfer - Kuta/MataramIDR. 550KIDR. 580K
Airport - WardIDR. 650KIDR. 680K
Airport - SembalunIDR. 950KIDR. 980K
Airport - SenaruIDR. 1.050KIDR. 1.080K
Airport - HeavenIDR. 750KIDR. 780K
full dayIDR. 900KIDR. 930K
Airport Transfer - Kuta/MataramIDR. 550KIDR. 580K
Airport - WardIDR. 650KIDR. 680K
Airport - SembalunIDR. 950KIDR. 980K
Airport - SenaruIDR. 1.050KIDR. 1.080K
Airport - HeavenIDR. 750KIDR. 780K
33 Seater BUS
full dayIDR. 1.600KIDR. 1.600K
Airport Transfer - Kuta/MataramIDR. 1.300KIDR. 1.300K
Airport - WardIDR. 1.600KIDR. 1.600K
Airport - SembalunIDR. -IDR. -
Airport - SenaruIDR. 2.100KIDR. 2.100K
Airport - HeavenIDR. 1.700KIDR. 1.700K
Sheet - WardIDR. 1.400KIDR. 1.400K
50 Seater BUS
full dayIDR. 2.300KIDR. 2.300K
Airport Transfer - Kuta/MataramIDR. 1.600KIDR. 1.600K
Airport - WardIDR. 2.400KIDR. 2.400K
Airport - SembalunIDR. -IDR. -
Airport - SenaruIDR. 3.100KIDR. 3.100K
Airport - HeavenIDR. 2.600KIDR. 2.600K
Sheet - WardIDR. 1.800KIDR. 1.800K
Note: Start finish in the Mataram and West Lombok areas with regional tourist destinations (Kuta area, Gili Sekotong Lobar, 3 Gili, North Lombok regency), if outside the tourist destination, the tariff will be adjusted.
- If you pick up outside the city of Mataram, for example North Lombok, East Lombok, the rates for tourist destinations will be adjusted.
- For out-of-island transportation, tariffs are adjusted based on destination (please provide us with more information).

Terms & Conditions

  1. Prices above in rupiah are nett
  2. Price includes driver and diesel
  3. Cancellations on the day of use and already at the location are subject to full rates
  4. Overland prices will be adjusted to the program (please discuss again)
  5. Does not include toll tickets, parking, object entrance tickets
  6. The tourist bus rental prices above do not apply if there is a fuel increase

Product Charter Bus Tourism NTB

With our flagship product "Indonesian Car Rental and Tourism" we will complete your needs for Trans Charter Bus Tourism NTB Lombok 2017 during your tour on this island, starting from using the Tourist Bus for work or official visits in Lombok, Bus Rental for Groups Weddings, Bus Rental for Group/GIT Tours, Bus Rental in Lombok for MICE and also for Religious Tourism/Tirta-yatra visits, Bus Rental for Company Outings and others.

The fleet that we offer also comes from our partners, of course with the same service standards and facilities as the others.

We have a commitment to always provide and serve our customers and potential customers with the best effort and provide comfort while on holiday on the island of Lombok. Lombok Tourism bus rental is one of the mainstay products that we offer to you and your travel agent friends in Indonesia and abroad.

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Tourism Bus Rental Fleet in Lombok

Lombok Tourism Bus Rental

The fleet we use comes from our partners where we have cooperation (contracts) with the best and binding prices, of course with unquestionable standards, such as:

  • Your Transport Lombok
  • HD Lombok Trans
  • Prima JayaTransport
  • Trans
  • P.O. Kemumai Trans
  • Caraka Group Trans
  • TRIKAAYANA Lombok Trans
  • P.O. Maruta Transport

The types of bus transportation that we provide are standard tourism executive and luxury class buses with seating capacity:

  • Tourist Bus 25 passenger seats
  • Tourist Bus 29 passenger seats
  • Tourist Bus 30 passenger seats
  • Tourist Bus 45 passenger seats
  • Tourist Bus 49 passenger seats

Equipped with Ffacility

  • Full Air Conditioning (AC)
  • Reclining seats
  • DVD player and LCD screen
  • Karaoke facilities
  • Sound System
  • cool box
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Travel Insurance

Rent a Tourism Bus in Lombok Trans Charter Bus for Airport Transfer service, Hotel Transfer Service, Lombok Charter Bus, Full-day tour bus rental, Bus rental packages for tours in Lombok, Sumbawa – Lombok – Bali – Java Overland Bus Rental with the best AC/TV/LCD/wifi facilities, Reclining Seat, Mic, all in good condition and clean. The experienced driver team will go to tourist attractions throughout Lombok Island and Sumbawa NTB and Eastern Indonesia.

Lombok Bus Rental Terms


  • The prices above for renting a Tourist Bus in Lombok are included Solar and driver.
  • Tour bus rentals do not include inter-island crossing fees, ferry boats, parking tickets, toll fees, tour guides, driver lodging and meals, driver tips and bus drivers.

Payment Terms

  • The bus rental payment process can be done after receiving confirmation from us.
  • Min. The deposit is 30% of the bus rental price, and if there is a cancellation from the consumer before 14 days of using the bus, we will return a deposit of 10% for a refund.
  • Booking/Reservation at least 5 days before (D-day) Bus use.
  • Payment of rental payments in advance, at least 2 days before the date of use of the bus.
  • If there is a cancellation on the day of use from the consumer, the payment or deposit is not returned (forfeited).
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer.
Extended Tour Bus Rental Time
  • Please confirm the excess time for using the tourist bus rental with us (Overtime charges apply if you exceed the usage time in one day.)

Tour Packages on Lombok Island, you can read here:

That's the offer Rent a tour bus in Lombok informed on this page, we also provide Bali Tourism Bus Rental And if you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to write them in the comments column below.

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Regards – Grace gotravela +6285 3333 99175 Lombok Tourism Bus Rental.


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