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Lombok Wildlife Park, the First Zoo in NTB

Lombok Wildlife Park

Lombok Wildlife Park – Take a trip to the zoo, who didn't like visiting this destination when they were little? It's great to see all kinds of animals in one location.

On Lombok Island, there is one animal tourist attraction that is quite interesting. You can interact directly with elephants, from feeding them to bathing them!

Lombok Wild Life Park, which is located about 1 hour from Mataram City, is a suitable location for animal lovers. This park, which also functions as a conservation area, allows tourists to get to know 50 animal species more closely through interesting activities such as Elephant Feeding, Lory Kingdom, and Reptile Encounter.

Don't forget to say hello to rare animals such as Siamang and Hornbills. After touring the Lombok Wild Life Park, you can relax in the restaurant and visit the souvenir shop, where children can buy merchandise for their favorite animals.

About Lombok Wildlife Park

This tourist spot was previously known as Lombok Elephant Park. As the number of animal collections increased, the management decided to change the name to Lombok Wild Life Park.

You can see various collections of exotic animals, ranging from primate species such as orangutans to collections of beautiful birds and reptile species such as crocodiles.

elephant bathing wildlife park
Source: Lombok Wildlife Park

Lombok Wildlife Park is an interesting tourist destination if you are considering a trip to West Nusa Tenggara. Apart from its beautiful beaches and natural surroundings, Lombok Wild Life Park provides unique experiences such as bathing elephants. You must be curious, right? Continue reading the full review together here!

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Attraction of Lombok Star Garden

1. Enjoy the beauty of nature

Lombok Wildlife Park is located in the heart of nature, surrounded by dense forests and green hills. You will be greeted with stunning views and enchanting fresh air while around the Zoo.

Visitors can enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the park area while exploring it, with the beautiful backdrop of Mount Rinjani.

2. Amazing Diversity of Wildlife

The richness of animals in NTB tourism is one of the attractions. The park is home to a wide variety of animals, including rare and endangered species.

Various species of birds, reptiles, mammals and insects live in an environment similar to their natural habitat. Visitors can learn about the behavior, nutrition and daily life of these fascinating animals from expert guides.

From long-tailed macaques to unique birds, snakes and rare turtles, seeing wildlife up close is an experience you'll never forget.

3. Wildlife Conservation and Education

This tour is more than just a tourist attraction, but functions as a center for wildlife education and conservation. The Park recognizes the importance of preserving biodiversity and offers Visitors the opportunity to learn about wildlife protection and Conservation activities.

Visitors can participate in educational tours led by animal experts to learn about the park's conservation activities. This tour participates in the Breeding and restoration of various endangered animals back to their Natural Environment in an effort to preserve endangered species.

4. Fun Activities with Family

Lombok Wildlife Park has a number of fun activities for families and tourists of all ages.

take photos with birds at the wildlife park
Source: Lombok Wildlife Park

Apart from enjoying the views and seeing wildlife, you can visit the interactive zone where visitors can feed certain animals, take photos with exotic birds, and even ride a horse-drawn carriage around the park.

This park is equipped with restaurants and cafes, where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks. You can relax for a moment while eating a meal and enjoying the beautiful view.

5. Enjoy holiday moments at Lombok Wild life Park

Lombok Wildlife Park is a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. With its beautiful natural beauty, extraordinary species diversity, focus on education and conservation, and interesting activities for families, this park is a must visit while in Lombok.

Facilities at Lombok Zoo

Apart from being able to walk around and see various animals, you can enjoy various facilities. Everything is here, from restaurants to souvenir shops. Want to know more about the facilities at Lombok Wildlife Park? Check complete information below:

1. Ivory Restaurant

A restaurant with delicious food is available for those of you who are resting after seeing the Lombok Wildlife Park area.

take a photo with the cockatoo
Source: Lombok Wildlife Park

The name Gading Restaurant is taken from one of the components of an elephant's body, namely ivory. What makes this restaurant unique is that you can eat while accompanied by many cockatoos named Bagong, Yacob, and Lauren.

2. Forest Café

Apart from restaurants, there are cafes for tourists who want to relax while eating snack snack and sipping coffee.

Forest Cafe, with its relatively large area, is often a location where tourists can interact directly with primates such as Orang Utans. The beautiful atmosphere surrounded by plants and trees gives the impression as if you are in the forest!

3. Animalia Gift Shop

After you've finished playing and exploring Lombok Wildlife Park, do you want to look for souvenirs? Oh, don't worry, there is a souvenir shop here called Animalia Gift Shop.

At Lombok Wildlife Park, you can find various original products produced by local craftsmen in the form of animals. If you're shopping with your children, they'll definitely want to buy a cute Orang Utan doll!

4. Invinity Photo Service

Photographer services can be used by visitors who want to immortalize beautiful moments here in the form of images with good results.

playing with orangutans in
Source: Lombok Wildlife Park

You will get fantastic pictures when visiting Lombok Wildlife Park from Invinity Photo Service. Guaranteed really aesthetic results, you can share them on social media too!

Location of Lombok Wild Life Park

Lombok Wildlife Park is located on Jalan Raya Tanjung Sire, Sigar Penjalin, Kec. Tj., North Lombok Regency, Nusa Tenggara Bar. 83352.

You can go to the North Lombok area from downtown Mataram. Approximately 30 km, with a journey duration of 1 hour by car. Once there, various road signs will direct you to the Lombok Wildlife Park area.

Getting around the Lombok area will be much more comfortable if you have your own vehicle, either a car or motorbike. For those of you who don't bring your own car, don't worry, you can still easily visit Lombok Wildlife Park! You can order a motorbike taxi online or rent a vehicle.

Price of admission

Want to meet rare animals or get to know orangutans and elephants at Lombok Wildlife Park? Lombok Wildlife Park ticket prices vary greatly depending on the number of tourist attractions you want to try.

This price includes finger food and hot tea or heavy meals. You can use this list as a guide to avoid feeling confused when making decisions:

  • Regular Entrance Ticket: IDR 66.000 (Local tourists)
  • Entrance Ticket + Orangutan Interaction + High Tea: Rp. 202.400 (Local tourists)
  • Entrance Ticket + Lunch at the Park: IDR 215.600 (Local tourists)
  • Entrance Ticket + Elephant Bathing + High Tea: IDR 233.200 (Local tourists)
  • Entrance Ticket + Orangutan Interaction + Lunch: IDR 286.600 (Local tourists)
  • Entrance Ticket + Elephant Bathing + Lunch: IDR 316.800 (Local tourists)
  • Entrance Ticket + Intimate Wildlife Experience + High Tea: Rp. 365.200 (Local tourists)
  • Entrance Ticket + Intimate Wildlife Experience + Lunch: IDR 444.400 (Local tourists).
  • Entrance Ticket for Foreign Tourists: Prices start from IDR 150.000 – 485.00k

*Prices for tourist attractions can change at any time

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Opening Hours at Lombok Wildlife Park

This place is open to the public Monday to Sunday from 09.00 – 17.00 WITA.

However, we recommend leaving early so that you don't arrive too late at closing time. Lombok Wildlife Park has a final entry time of 16.00 WITA.

In other words, outside the specified time period, you cannot exchange your entry ticket. So, are you interested in visiting Lombok Wildlife Park? Don't forget to include this zoo in your holiday plans in Lombok, okay?


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