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Magelang Chicken Church | Unique Historic Building Tour

Magelang chicken church tourist spot

Magelang is not only famous for its Borobudur Temple, but there is also a Magelang chicken church.

There are many interesting things that you can visit. One of them is the Magelang Chicken Church whose name is so well known after being used as a setting in the 2 AADC 2016 film.

Magelang chicken church tour
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Previously the name of this church had already been covered by international tourists. If you are on vacation to the City Yogyakarta there is nothing wrong with coming to Magelang. You can read more in the following review.

Interesting Facts About Chicken Church in Magelang 

It is called the Chicken Church because it looks like a brooding chicken. When in fact the shape is not a chicken but a dove.

However, because it is already known as the Chicken Church, until now it is still considered a form of chicken. The location of the building is on a hill and is in the middle of the forest.

So that the beauty that is presented in this Magelang hits tour does not play around. Interestingly, this building is not a church but a prayer house for anyone, not just Christians.

In addition, this building was also used as a place of rehabilitation. The location is also close to other tours in Magelang.

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Attractions and Activities to Do 

1. Enjoy the Beauty of the Scenery 

Because it is located at a height, Magelang Chicken Church offers extraordinary charm. One of the mainstays is the sunrise that will make anyone fall in love.

Visitors will be presented with a golden light with beautiful green scenery. If you want to enjoy the sunrise, you can come on weekends, because on other days it opens at 06.00 in the morning.

2. Photo Hunt 

The main attraction of this church is the shape of the building which is similar to a brooding chicken. This tour also offers famous photo hunting spots.

Especially when you go up to section CrownWith it, you can enjoy a wide panorama. The best time for photo hunting is when the sun rises.

3. Offer Educational and Historical Tours 

Not only does it offer beautiful natural attractions, the Chicken church also offers educational tours. Inside the church building, you can find paintings with educational themes.

In addition, it also stores historical tourism behind its construction. Of course this will add to your insight related to the Magelang Chicken Church.

4. Culinary 

The next activity that should not be ignored is culinary tourism. There are many traditional snacks that you can taste while on this tour. You can taste chili fried cassava as well as angkringan which sells many menus. You don't have to worry about stomach problems while on vacation on this one tour.

5. Entrance Ticket Prices and Facilities 

For those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of this hit tourist attraction, you only need to spend starting from Rp. 20 thousand for local tourists.

Meanwhile, for foreign tours, Rp. 30 thousand. This price of course can change at any time. Its operating hours are 06.00 to 16.30 on weekdays, and Saturday and Sunday it is open from 05.00 to 16.30.

You can visit tours in Menoreh Hill, Kembanglimus Village, Kec. Borobudur. The facilities that can be found in this historic building can also be said to be complete.

Visitors can use a tourist jeep to get to the top of the hill at a cost of around Rp. 7 thousand. You can also find toilets, stalls and prayer rooms at the Magelang Chicken Church.

It feels incomplete if you go to Magelang but don't stop by this Chicken Church. The view that is presented will make anyone fall in love.

To reach this one tour is also easy. Make sure you bring your camera when on vacation to this one place. And make sure the memory is in a relaxed state.

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Well, travela friend, that's an interesting fact about Magelang chicken church, Central Java. Hopefully it can add to your knowledge and information. Happy holidays.

Magelang Chicken Church


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