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Parinding Bori Stone Tomb

Parinding Bori Stone Tomb

The Batu Bori Parinding Tomb is a burial site that has become a tourist destination. This tomb is an ancient archaeological site and is located in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi. Instead of getting goosebumps, you will actually be amazed. Even. This ancient heritage has become a world heritage by UNESCO. Let's see the review.

Bori Parinding's Tomb
Photo by Kumparan

Bori Parinding Stone Tomb: The Exotic Tana Toraja Megalithic Site

Tana Toraja has a unique tradition of death that has even become a tourist destination. Traditions like Solo Sign Ceremony to Ma'nene Tradition even famous to foreign countries that every year manages to attract attention.

The Toraja people highly respect their ancestors and respect those who have gone first. They believe that the souls of the dead are ancestors who must be respected and cherished.

However, did you know that Tana Toraja still has other uniqueness. One of them is a megalithic site called Bori Parinding or also famous for its Indonesian stonehenge.

In this unique tourist attraction you can see menhirs or giant stones in the shape of a phallus. Local residents believe this menhir as a symbol of eternal death. Menhir stones vary in size, some are medium, large and also small.

The Bori Parinding Ancient Stone Tomb is one of the UNESCO world heritage attractions. This tour has existed since 1718 which until now still stands strong and is one of the tourist attractions of Tana Toraja that you must visit.

Although it is similar to stonehenge, the menhirs at this location are stones that were formed first and then planted which is not done by just anyone.

The surrounding community made this Menhir Stone to honor noble families or traditional leaders who had died. The number of menhirs in this location is approximately 102 pieces of various sizes.

Even though they are different in size, they still do not distinguish the meaning and value of the same. This is the cause of people who place or carry not just anyone. Previously the stone also had to go through several ritual stages.

Not only menhirs, stone tombs to traditional houses are also mandatory to be explored

Parinding Bori Stone Grave
Photo by Makassar Guide

Bori Parinding is also a place for death ceremonies and also bury Toraja residents who died. According to the Toraja people, land is a sacred element that fosters life. Therefore, they prefer to place the dead in stone.

After seeing the menhirs, when you walk on the track in the Bori Parinding Ancient Stone Tomb then you can see the stone graves on the left and right. Based on local community sources, in the stone there is one family, not just one person.

In fact, they usually prepare large stones for the funeral of a family. You can also see tongkonan with 1000 buffalo horns.

Another interesting thing that you can see in this place is baby graves. Again you will be amazed because the baby's grave is placed on the Tarra tree. Babies buried in trees are babies who are still suckling.

Because according to the belief the tarra tree sap which is white is a substitute for milk. They will make holes in the tree and the baby's body will be inserted and covered by using palm fiber.

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Access to Bori Parinding What You Should Know

If you are traveling to Tana Toraja, to get to the Ancient Stone Tomb of Bori Parinding you can travel about 9 km from Rantepao. Bori Parinding is located in Kalimbuang Bori, Sesean District, North Toraja.

This long journey you will be able to see views of green rice fields that are cool to the eye. Moreover, the air of Tana Toraja is still cool and not much pollution.

Visiting this site should be in the morning or evening because it is the best time to visit. You have to pay a special levy of around Rp. 10 to 15 thousand rupiah. It's good when visiting Bori Parinding, you use a guide.

The guide will not only guide but can make you add insight into this proud site of Tana Toraja. The bonus is that you can know a lot of stories that are circulating.

You can capture some unique things in this location. But for the sake of security, it's a good idea to always obey and ask the guide who took you first.

Visiting the Bori Parinding Ancient Stone Tomb, not only to see its uniqueness, but you can also see how the community upholds their customs to this day. If you're lucky, you might be able to see firsthand traditional funeral ceremonies such as the Solo Sign Ceremony.

Exploring Tana Toraja is indeed endless when it comes to its uniqueness. If you plan to explore Tana Toraja you can directly access Gotravelaindonesia.com.

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