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Makotek in Munggu Village | Badung Land History Procession Attractions

Makotek attraction in Munggu Badung Village

Makotek in Munggu village

“Makotek in Munggu village, Badung Bali”

Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia. Many people say that Bali is an island with a thousand natural beauties. When talking about Bali, the first thing that comes to mind is the various kinds of natural and cultural tourism that is very rich.

For example Kecak dance very famous. But besides the Kecak dance, there is another culture, namely the Makotek Ceremony in Munggu Village.

Mekotek waiting This wooden war tradition is one of the traditions that exist on the island of Bali and has been preserved to this day.

Mekotek itself has a meaning and is taken from the word "tech” which is the distinctive sound of wood being pitted against each other to produce a tek-tek sound.

About Makotek Attractions

The Makotek attraction in Munggu Village is one of the most popular tourist attractions visited by both local and foreign tourists.

This attraction is located in Munggu Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency, Bali.

This Makotek attraction is very interesting to visit because this attraction has its own charm.

Makotek in Munggu Village is celebrated regularly every 6 months according to the Hindu calendar, which is 10 days after the ceremony Brass Day.

Makotek in Munggu village

The local cultural procession held in Munggu Village is also known as the local community ngerebek and this procession is held with the aim of asking for safety.

This procession was stopped during the Dutch colonial period in 1915 for fear of a rebellion.

However, when the procession was stopped, there was an outbreak of disease and there were quite heavy negotiations. After negotiations took place, permission for the procession was again given.

History of Makotek Attractions

Initially, during the royal era, this procession was a welcome event for the people who greatly cheered the Mengwi royal troops and aimed to give the spirit that at that time the Mengwi royal troops came from Java.

Mengwi royal troops after bringing victory against the king of Blambangan. But this celebration developed into a tradition that can be found today.


Makotek Attraction Procession

During the procession, the makotek participants in the Munggu village are obliged to wear Madya traditional clothes and gather at the pura dalem munggu.

It was there that the procession was carried out, starting with praying together and saying thank you for the produce of the plantations and all the efforts that had been carried out.

After the prayer was finished, the participants marched to the water source in the village.

The residents who followed the procession were divided into several groups, each group consisting of 50 adult men carrying their own sticks.

All participants complained about the stick that was brought so that it became a cone that made a 'tek' sound while prancing and turning to the strains of the gamelan.

Those who are brave will rise to the top of the pitted stick and if they manage to stand on top then that person is like becoming a troop commander.

Become a commander who gives orders to fight a collection of sticks from other groups of participants.

The Road to Munggu Village

If Travela to Bali does not bring a personal vehicle or does not want to rent a vehicle, to get there you can use public transportation as a means of transportation to be able to enjoy the Makotek attractions.

The Road to Makotek Attractions in Munggu Village

Travela can take a public bus or other transportation to the Mengwi city bus terminal.

If you are already at the Mengwi city bus terminal, you can continue the journey using a motorcycle taxi to Munggu Village to that location.

If Travela rents or uses a rental vehicle, you can rent:

But if not, you can use a directional guide application like Google Maps that is on your smartphone. Follow the instructions given and you will arrive at Munggu Village to enjoy the attraction of the makotek procession.

That's a little review about Makotek Attractions in Munggu Village. Before leaving, prepare in advance everything you need to make your vacation more enjoyable.

Hope this page is useful.

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“Makotek Attractions in Munggu Village”

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