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Malimbu Beach Enjoying the Beauty of Sunset from the Top of the Hill

malimbu beach lombok

The stunning beauty of Malimbu Beach makes this place always busy with tourists.

This beach is different from most beaches in general. The existence of hills adds to the charm of this beach. The waves are calm so it is very suitable as a healing place.

Photo by Wardanijalanjalan

The specialty of Malimbu Beach is its green scenery so it is really soothing to the eyes.

It's not surprising that so many visitors come tourist attraction This is for spending vacation time. If you come to Malimbu Beach, Lombok, there are many things you can do.

Holiday Activities at Malimbu Beach

If foreign tourists come to this beach, they usually enjoy sunbathing under the hot sun on the beach. However, apart from sunbathing, of course there are many other things you can do.

1. Playing Sand on the Beach

Malimbu Beach is also suitable as a family vacation spot. You can invite children to play in the sand. The sand on this beach has a soft texture with a slightly brownish color. Of course this adds to the beauty of the beach. You can also invite your children to look for sea animals such as snails and crabs.

2. Swim by the Beach

Is it OK to Swim? Of course, because the beach waves at Malimbu Beach are very calm. So you don't need to worry about security. Apart from that, the sea water is clear with a bluish green color.

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3. Canoeing

Down Malimbu Beach by riding Kanano will be an unforgettable experience. Of course it is very enjoyable because you can enjoy the charm of the beauty of the beach. There are many canoes for rent. On the canoe, you can take photos with beautiful coral rocks as a background. However, be careful because the coral rocks are slippery so you are prone to slipping if you step on the rocks.

4. Enjoying the Beautiful Sunset

It's impossible if anyone doesn't like sunsets. Her charm really makes every eye stunned. The sunset atmosphere is also so serene that it is sought after by many tourists. So, you can also enjoy the beauty of the sunset at Malimbu Beach. You can go up the hill. Come in the afternoon so you can get this sunset moment.

Available Facilities

This tourist spot is said to still have minimal facilities. Yes, because this tourist spot is a place that is still very natural. However, it is precisely this natural aspect that attracts many tourists to come here, especially foreign tourists. They really like the natural atmosphere that is still little touched by human intervention.

However, at the location there is a hut that can be used to relax and enjoy the beach panorama. Then, at the top of the hill there is a fence that you can use to hold on so you don't fall. Then there are also bathrooms, a large parking area and a souvenir shop.

Malimbu Beach Location

Malimbu Beach is located in North Lombok, precisely in Malak Village, Pemenang District. To go to this tourist location, the distance that needs to be taken from the city of Mataram is about 30 km. You can use a motorbike or car to come here.

No need to be afraid of getting lost, because the location is quite easy to find. The distance is not far from Senggigi Beach. Just use Google Maps to get exact travel route directions.

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Price of admission

You don't need to pay an entrance ticket if you want to vacation at Malimbu Beach. Haven't been charged an entrance ticket, but provide money to pay for parking.

That's a review of the Malimbu Beach tourist attraction, whose charm is no less interesting than other beaches in Lombok. Plan your vacation with your beloved friends or family. Have a great holiday.

Malimbu Beach Enjoying the Beauty of Sunset from the Top of the Hill


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