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Medewi Beach


Medewi beach bali is a paradise for surfboard lovers

Having many beautiful beaches, Bali always invites many pairs of eyes to see it. Enjoying the charm of the Island of the Gods while doing various water activities is fun. Starting from swimming, diving and snorkeling.

Oh yeah, sunbathing is an 'expensive' activity that is popular with tourists from outside Indonesia, especially from Europe and America. One more thing, they also like to surf.

So, if you are also a tourist who likes surfing, try to come to Medewi Beach. This is the best and most beautiful surf spot in Bali.

Medewi Beach Surf Paradise

Bali has many places for water sports, including surfing. Most people surf in Kuta beach or Bulian. In fact, Medewi Beach is more challenging than the other two spots.

This place has even become a 'trusted' surfing spot by both the local and international surfing communities. 

Surfing in this place will not make you disappointed because of the beautiful natural scenery. The sensations are similar to those in Southern California. However, of course this beach is unique with its tropical environment.

Unusual Beach : Rocky, Black Sand

Yes, Medewi Beach is indeed an 'unusual beach'—as is generally the case in Bali. Yes, most of the beaches in Bali have white sand – or a little bit of brownish.

medewi beach

However, Medewi has a black beach with lots of pebbles. This beach even has a lot of medium to large grayish stones on the east side. While on the west side it is dominated by black sand.

This uniqueness does not make Medewi lose its charm. In fact, its position on the west side of the island of Bali and not obstructed by any islands next to it, makes you free to see the sunset. The view is even more complete with rows of traditional fishing boats leaning against it. Remarkable!

Best Visiting Time

So that you can enjoy Medewi Beach optimally, please don't try to come here on Sundays or the holiday season.

The reason is, this beach is almost always packed with tourists both from within and outside the country when the season arrives. If you have enough time off, try visiting on weekdays.

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Maybe you ask, "how did I get there?" Well, the location of this beach is in Medewi Village, Pekutatan District, Jembrana Regency—the westernmost district on the island of Bali.

To reach this beach, it will take 2 hours from Denpasar, 2.5 hours from Nusa Dua and 1 hour 45 minutes from Canggu by car or motorbike.

But, you would be better if rent an automatic scooter in Bali. Because, by riding a motorbike, you will find many more interesting sights along the way.

If you come during the rice harvest season, you will see a stretch of rice fields with yellow rice and see farmers harvesting it. This is an 'expensive' sight for the rest of your life!

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