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Meko Island Adonara

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Meko Adonara Island is one of the most charming tourist attractions in East Nusa Tenggara. You could say this tourist spot is very unique.

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Who said that white sand can only be found on the beach? The proof, Meko Island has white sand even though its location is in the middle of the sea. Curious about what this Meko Island tour is like? Let's say.

Meko Island is so famous as an interesting tourist spot in Flores, NTT. If you come here, it is better when the sea water is receding. Read also Exploring Adonara Island Historical Sites

The location is in Meko Hamlet, Witihama District, Adonara, East Flores, NTT.

To get to the location of Meko Island, you can rent Larantuka Flores car in Gotravel Indonesia.


The beauty of Meko Island Adonara

The thing that becomes the attraction of Meko Island is the Meko embossed sand. Yes, there is a sand dune located in the middle of the sea. This island has no inhabitants.

The beauty of this island is so amazing. Once you step on this island, you will see a stretch of white sand with a hint of pink. The combination is very interesting coupled with the color navy blue.

The area of ​​this island is less than 1 km. Even so, its beauty really makes many tourists interested in visiting this small island.

The white sand, which is slightly pink in color, actually comes from crushed rock. The atmosphere is still beautiful because there are many trees that thrive.

This place is suitable as a place to relax. The waves are very small, you could even say there are no waves. You are free to swim or play in the water on this tour.

There are only small ripples of sea water that will wash away the beach sand. This is the situation when the sea water is receding. However, if it comes at high tide, this small island will sink. Therefore, you should choose a time when the water is receding if you want to come to Meko Adonara Island.

In addition to visiting Meko Island, you can also visit other tourist attractions that are not far away. For example, Kroko Island, Watan Peni Island and Bat Island.

Route to Location

To reach the location of Meko Island, the route that must be passed is quite long. You can rent a motorbike.

You can cross from the Pier Larantuka to Weiwerang. after that, you can continue the journey by motorbike to the direction of Witihama. Later you will arrive at Meko Hamlet. The travel time required is about 2 hours.

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Fun Activities at Tourist Spots

Most of the livelihoods of the local people are fishermen. Tourists who visit here can rent a fishing boat to get around the island of Meko Adonara.

Traveling using local people's boats is very fun. You can see beautiful scenery. The sea water around Meko Island is really still clear.

You can see colorful coral reefs under the sea. Along the way you can see the beauty of Sandosi Hill and Lembata Island. Volcanoes can also be seen clearly.

The locals are ready to take you around on their boat. You can feel the unspoiled atmosphere at Meko. For tourists who like nature, of course Meko Island is the right choice.

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The beauty of the underwater world in Meko Island Adonara still well awake. All because wisdom local people who really take care of nature. If you travel to Meko Island, don't forget to keep participating in preserving nature. Keep clean so that Indonesia's nature remains sustainable.

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