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Mirror Stone Cave

mirror stone cave

Batu Cermin Cave is a tourist spot where you also have to visit exotic caves in Eastern Indonesia. 

The definition of Goa / Cave is a natural hole in the ground that is quite large and deep, it can be a choice of holiday destination if you are bored with natural attractions of beaches and mountains.

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Labuan Bajo Stone Mirror Cave

Labuan Bajo not only provide the beauty of the mountains and stunning beaches, natural attractions such as Batu Cermin Cave can also be the destination of your vacation trip.


Let's take a peek at the undeniable charm of Goa in Labuan Bajo in the following review.

Get to know the beauty of a cave with sparkling walls in Labuan Bajo

Indeed, Labuan Bajo is famous for its famous marine tourism. But there's nothing wrong with visiting this natural tour. Your trip to Labuan Bajo will feel complete by visiting this unique cave.

When you enter this cave, you will be presented with the beauty of the sun's rays that seep into the cracks. It is this light that is reflected on the wall like light that bounces off a mirror.

First time found

Batu Cermin Cave was first discovered in 1951 by a Archeology also a Dutch priest named Theodore Verhoven. Previously, this cave was below sea level which then emerged to the land surface.

No wonder if you can find fossils of marine animals in this cave. This tourist favorite cave has a height of about 75 meters with an area of ​​19 hectares.

Many tourists who come because they want to prove that the wall does reflect light like a mirror.

The walls that stick like mirrors are caused because the walls of Goa contain a lot of salt.

If you visit make sure you are not alone and accompanied by a professional tour guide.

This is because the cave has a narrow space and has a depth of up to 20 meters. Even though during the day the cave is still crowded with visitors from various locations.

Let's also read:

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Batu Cermin Cave is from 9 to 12 in the morning.

At this moment, you will be able to see the sunlight reflecting on the cave wall. Of course the results of the reflection is very beautiful and amazing.

Mirror Stone Cave

Moreover, there are fossils on the walls of the cave that will allow you to study the forms of living things in the past.

Can you imagine how beautiful the fossil walls will look when exposed to sunlight?

You can also enjoy the beauty of stalagmites and scalactites which have a unique shape and add to the beauty of Goa.

This cave is quite narrow, especially with the presence of stalagmites and scaactites around it, so you have to be careful.

This is what makes there are restrictions on the number of visitors when entering this one cave. One tour will take about 30 minutes and is for 10 visitors.

Not only the beauty of the cave, you can also enjoy the area around the cave. The air is still beautiful and equipped with green plants, to the bamboo forest will spoil your eyes.

Even if you are lucky you can meet a long-tailed monkey.

For you photography lovers, of course, the fauna that you meet can be the target of your camera. Isn't it fun to visit this Batu Cermin Cave?

Location and Route to Labuan Bajo Unique Cave

This exotic cave in Labuan Bajo is located in the center of Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai.

Access to Goa is easy to reach because there is public transportation that will take you from Komodo Labuan Bajo Airport to Goa.

Mirror Stone Cave Gate

Not only that, you can also use taxis or motorcycle taxis to get to this unique location. If you want to do tracking you can walk to the location.

Walking while enjoying the natural beauty around takes about 1 hour. Meanwhile, if you use existing means of transportation, you only need 15 minutes.

All choices are yours, but make sure you are in a healthy physical condition. Along the way, you can also hunt for cool photo spots to make your documentation or memories even more beautiful.

Levies & Local Guide

You also have to pay an official levy when you come to this exotic Goa. The retribution will be included with security tools such as a helmet that you must use when entering Goa.

Meanwhile, to hire a guide you have to pay an additional fee. Make sure you always obey the guide's words and also use the recommended safety equipment while in this Batu Cermin Cave.


Batu Cermin Cave is the most suitable tourist spot to visit when traveling friends need a land tour in Labuan Bajo after doing a full sailing tour in Flores.

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Not only visiting this unique Cave, you can also continue your exploration in several other tourist destinations.


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Mirror Stone Cave | Labuan Bajo Stalagmite Stone Wall Glitter


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