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Monkey Forest in Ubud Bali | Temple and Entrance Ticket Prices 2022

Ubud Bali monkey forest

Monkey forest in Ubud Bali is a favorite monkey forest area for foreign and domestic tourists.

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Sacred Monkey Ubud Bali

The beauty of the island of Bali cannot be denied for its beauty and culture. This island of the gods holds more than 101 popular tourist attractions in Bali which can be recorded we go travela Indonesia.

This time we will discuss about the monkey forest monkey forest in Ubud Bali.

What's fun and how much is the entrance ticket and what are some tips when visiting there?

Just by mentioning his name “Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud” monkey forest in ubud bali, of course, a traveler's friend knows what it means that the place is a monkey forest and later you will find a lot of monkeys in these tourist attractions, right?

Monkey forest in Ubud Bali

A nature reserve tourist attraction in the Ubud area, the Monkey forest in Ubud Bali is a gathering place for around 650 long-tailed macaques - Macaca fascicularis.

Attractions in Ubud Bali very famous to foreign countries for its arts, nature and culture, offering various types of interesting tourist attractions to visit.


Located near the center of Ubud and not far from Ubud Palace, to be exact, Jalan Wenara Wana, Padangtegal Village, Ubud – Gianyar, about 36 km away from Denpasar or Kuta and 1,5 hours by car or motorbike.


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For travelers who happen to cross or make Ubud your favorite tourist destination, don't miss this Monkey forest destination in Ubud Bali, besides Susana there is calm and cool. This 12,5 hectare nature reserve forest also has about 186 species of trees that are hundreds of years old.

There are also 3 (three) holy temples, namely Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal, Pura Prajapati (Cremation outboard) and Pura Beji (The Holy Spring temple), where there is a holy pond and other temples used for cremation ceremonies in the Monkey forest area in Ubud Bali.

Besides enjoying the innocent faces and cheerfulness of the monkeys/apes, you can also find Open stage, Main Temple, Dragon Stair, Center Point, Exhibition Hall, Holly Pool, Tree Adoption, Entrance to Holy Spring, Holy Spring temple, Deer Stable, and Compost House here.

Tips when you're there

  • Keep your valuables in the bag, such as earrings, scarves, glasses or cellphones. If you want to take photos, always hold the camera tightly (Because these items will attract the interest of apes to take them.)
  • If your belongings are taken by monkeys or they "borrow" one of your items, ask the guide for help to ask for it back.
  • Stay on the road or the visitor's lane
  • don't travel or react suddenly for some reason (because the monkeys may sense that you are trying to attack them.)
  • Do not hit or hurt the monkeys, this will make other monkeys attack you. Treat the monkeys politely, Don't feed them unless you are accompanied by a guide watching over you.

Ubud Monkey Forest Entrance Ticket

The price is divided into 2, namely the price for adults and children. For children, it is calculated from the age of 3-12 years. So over the age of 12 years is considered an adult.

Here are the entrance ticket prices Ubud Monkey Forest as of 1 January 2020:

  • Mature: Rp. 50.000/person
  • Children: Rp. 25.000/person


When is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Ubud Monkey Forest is around 14.00 WITA after lunch.

Because the monkeys are usually full to get food from previous visitors, so they are not too aggressive and naughty.

Thus, we inform the Ubud Monkey forest to Indonesian travelers, hopefully this article is useful and becomes your reference material when traveling.

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