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Batur Geopark Museum

Batur Geopark Museum

The Batur Geopark Museum is an educational tourist destination that you need to consider. You can get information about volcanoes at the Bali Geopark Museum.

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Who doesn't know Bali. Not only is it famous domestically, but this island is very famous throughout the country. It's all because of potential Bali tourism which is awesome.

In addition to having an amazingly beautiful beach, there are a number of other tourist attractions that are no less interesting. There is an educational tour in the form of a museum that can also be visited while on vacation in Bali.

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Batur Geopark Museum is one of the historical museums that can be visited. When compared to others, this museum is relatively new.

But make no mistake, even though so many tourists choose to visit this museum. What are the attractions of this tourist attraction?

Attractions of Batur Geopark Museum

1. Have Two Floors

This museum building has 2 floors and 3 theme rooms. The theme of the room here is the geological space, the biodiversity space and the cultural space.

On the first floor there is the main lobby. Then, going up to the 2nd floor, you will find a biodiversity room and an auditorium room.

2. There is a Miniature of Mount Batur

The Batur Geopark Museum building from the area looks normal. But once inside, the charm is truly extraordinary.

The splendor of Mount Batur and the beauty of the lake can be seen from here. Because, this museum was built on 1 hectare of land with an altitude of 1.717 above sea level.

Once you enter the museum, you will feel a beautiful and cool atmosphere. Then on the first floor there is a miniature of Mount Batur.

Here you will gain extensive insight into Mount Batur. You can get a lot of information.

3. There is an Observation Post

Did you know that in this museum there is also an observation post, you know. From here, observations of volcanism activity on Mount Batur can be done.

If you come here, you can see examples of volcanic eruption products. Wow, this is really an educational tour. Even on the second floor there is an auditorium that presents educational films related to volcanoes.

Address and Route to Location

Where is Batur Geopark Museum located? This museum is located on Jalan Raya Panelokan, Kintamani area.

If taken from Kuta City, the time needed to get to the location is about 2 hours. You can use a taxi or private vehicle. You can also rent a car. This can make you move from one place to another more freely.

Price of admission

When going on vacation, preparing a budget for traveling is very important. So it's a good idea to look for information about the cost of admission to a tourist spot.

The entrance fee to the museum is affordable. Each person is charged Rp. 20.000. However, for children, the entrance ticket is Rp. 15.000.

The opening hours of the Batur Geopark Museum are from 08.00 – 16.00 WITA on Monday-Thursday. While on Saturdays and Sundays, the museum is only open from 8 to 2 pm. Furthermore, on Friday closed.

Fun Activities at the Museum
1. Educational Tour

If you visit here with your family, you can do educational tours. Various information related to volcanoes can be obtained.

The atmosphere is cool and calm so tourists feel at home here. That's because it's located in a mountainous area. Of course the air is still so fresh.

2. Witness the Three Room Themes

As explained earlier. There are three theme rooms in the Batur Geopark museum. So tourists can see rooms with existing themes. In fact, you can enjoy movies education played in the auditorium.

With these various themes, you and your group will definitely feel at home because it's not boring.

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3. Photo Hunt

This is an activity that you should not miss every time you travel. You can also do photo hunting in this museum, you know. Here you can take pictures with the background of the museum collection objects.

The Batur Bali Geopark Museum is indeed an interesting educational tourist spot. You will get a broad insight into volcanoes without getting bored. Let's schedule a vacation to this Bali Geopark Museum.


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