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Ora Maluku Beach

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Ora Beach, Maluku, is a tourist spot with extraordinary beauty. From the western tip to the eastern tip of Indonesia, it offers beauty that will amaze anyone.

the beach is not in Maluku
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Just like Maluku which has lots of cool places to be a destination. And Ora Beach, Maluku, is one of the many marine tourism destinations in Maluku whose beauty is a shame to ignore. For more details, see the following review.

Ora Maluku Beach Attractions

1. Magnificent Beach Panorama

Visiting this beach, you will be treated to turquoise blue sea water which is very pleasing to the eye. especially when paired with fine white sand and mountain views in the background.

The beauty of this surface is even more complete with its underwater beauty which is also second to none. The calm and beautiful atmosphere further adds to its complete beauty.

2. Diving and Snorkeling Destinations

As mentioned previously, apart from having a beautiful underwater surface, Maluku's marine tourism is also second to none.

Makes anyone who comes tempted to peek at it by diving and snorkeling. Coral reefs and marine life will be ready to keep you entertained. Moreover, the water is so clear that it doesn't obstruct your view.

No need to dive too deep, the underwater beauty of Ora Beach, Maluku, can be enjoyed from a depth of 2 to 3 meters. The colorful fish passing by will be ready to make you even more enchanted. It's just that visitors must bring their own equipment if they want to do this activity.

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3. Can Stay at the Beach

Because it is a leading tourist destination, of course the facilities offered are in line with its beauty. And one of the facilities that makes visitors curious is Ora Beach Eco Resort.

Where visitors can feel staying at the beach. Because the rooms are in the sea with a limited number so you have to order in advance

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Offering Cultural Tourism

In addition to marine tourism, visitors can also get to know traditional culture on this beautiful beach. Ora Beach itself is flanked by two villages namely Sawai and Saleman villages.

This village is inhabited by two indigenous tribes, namely the Naulu Tribe and the Alifuru Tribe. There is a lot of Traditional Culture that you can take a closer look at or Culinary in this village near Ora Beach, Maluku.

Route to the Beach Location

Ora Beach is located on Seram Island, North Seram District, Central Maluku. Precisely on the edge of the Manusela National Park Forest.

So to reach it requires struggle which is not easy. You have to go to Ambon city first then go to Ora beach by land or sea. The sea route is often chosen because it is faster.

Therefore, you must know the boat schedule to get to this beach. From Pattimura Airport, please go to Harbor Gulnara in Tulehu.

From there take a ferry to Amahai Harbor and rent a car to Saleman Village. Then you can rent a small boat. It takes about 10 hours to arrive at this beach.

Ticket Prices and Opening Hours

You don't need to pay for an entrance ticket to Ora Beach. It's just that, you need a fee for lodging and also transportation to the location. You can visit Ora Maluku Beach at any time because it is open 24 hours. Of course, it must be adjusted to the ship's schedule to the location.

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This beautiful beach in Maluku deserves to be your destination to unwind. Its extraordinary natural beauty and unspoiled nature is ready to provide unforgettable holiday moments. There are also many activities that can be done during your vacation in this Maluku mainstay destination.


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