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Maluku Crazy Bamboo Ritual

Maluku Crazy Bamboo Ritual

The Bara Suwen Ritual or the Maluku Crazy Bamboo Ritual is a custom that exists in North Maluku Province. This event is an art that is thick with mystical aura. How not, this event only uses a bamboo stick that is hugged by several men. But the strength of these men was defeated by the strong movement of the bamboo.

Crazy Bamboo Ritual
Photo by Merdeka

This art has become a public trust Maluku before Islam and Christianity entered. There is no clear source for this art.

But people believe the existence of this ritual began in a bamboo forest located at the foot of Mount Gamalama, Ternate, Maluku. Therefore, this Maluku Crazy Bamboo Ritual has become a culture in North Maluku society.

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Crazy Bamboo Ritual Process

Before starting the Maluku Crazy Bamboo Ritual, of course there are some equipment that must be present in this ritual. The first thing that must be prepared is the player, the handler, and the bamboo. The bamboo they use is not random. The size of the bamboo should be 8-10 cm in diameter and 2,5 to 3 meters long.

Bamboo segments must be odd. At the end of the bamboo there should be a brightly colored cloth tie. When going to take bamboo from the forest, you also have to use a special ritual.

For a very simple costume, namely a red headband and pants. Mad Bamboo Ritual players are not recommended to wear t-shirts or clothes.

Requirements for players are tough, strong, and muscular youths. This Maluku Crazy Bamboo Ritual they usually do in an open field such as a beach.

There are 8 players in this crazy bamboo ritual. 7 people act as bamboo holders and 1 person is the handler. The players holding the bamboo are tasked with restraining the movement of the bamboo and the handler is tasked with reciting the spell, filling the bamboo with spirit, and taming the bamboo.

Bara Suwen Ritual
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At the start of the Crazy Bamboo Ritual there will be a burning incense. This process aims to bring in supernatural spirits which will later fill the bamboo.

The handler will then blow the incense smoke from the combustion into the bamboo sticks. This will make the bamboo heavier and move on its own.

Music will also start playing. If the music is fast then the pressure or movement of this crazy bamboo ritual will also increase. Of course the players must also prepare more energy to dispel this crazy bamboo. If any player falls unconscious, it indicates the ritual must be stopped immediately. 

The handler will tame the movement of the bamboo. Even though the handler has tamed it, it doesn't mean that the mystical power is lost. The spirit of the bamboo will disappear if the handler recites a spell and burns a piece of paper.

Bara Suwen's Ritual Philosophy

Did you know that the Crazy Bamboo Ritual players who work together to block the bamboo's speed imply the nature of mutual cooperation? Yes, this method also aims to increase the nature of mutual cooperation in the Maluku people.

In addition to fostering the nature of mutual cooperation, the Maluku Crazy Bamboo Ritual is a symbol of the obedience of the people of Maluku.

The strong philosophy in this Maluku Crazy Bamboo Ritual is the player's ego and suggestions. Bamboo that moves anywhere is a form of suggestion. While the weight that players feel is a form of ego they have.

The bigger the ego that Mad Bamboo Ritual players have, the bigger the heavy burden they feel. Because usually the weight of the bamboo they feel is different even though they hug the same bamboo.

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That's the explanation about the traditional art of the Maluku Crazy Bamboo Ritual which is quite mystical. Hopefully it can add to your insight. Happy holidays.


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