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Buyuk Harbor Nusa Penida

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Harbor Buyuk is the largest pier in Nusa Penida. Actually, the name Buyuk is taken from the name of the village where the pier is located.

The name of Buyuk Harbor is very familiar to the ears of tourists. Many tourists choose to transit at this port so that the situation is crowded with visitors.

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You could say Buyuk is a sea transportation point. After arriving at the pier, tourists can continue the journey by driving a car or motorbike.

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Let's talk about Buyuk Pier Nusa Penida.

Activities at Buyuk Harbor Nusa Penida

Buyuk Harbor is a berth for several ships and fast boats, namely:

1. Fast Boat Welcome Gate Away Penida

The port of Sanur is the most preferred place of departure for tourists. Tourists who want to go to Nusa Penida can choose the Sanur route to Buyuk Harbor by taking a fast boat.

Usually several ships and fast boats from Sanur will dock at Toya Pakeh, Sampalan, and Buyuk.


2. Fast Boat from Tribuana Harbor (Kusamba)

Several fast boats from Tribuana or Kusamba ports also dock at Buyuk Harbor. Tribuana Harbor is located in Kusamba Village. The distance from Denpasar is about 50 minutes.

Tourists who choose to cross to Nusa Penida through this port are usually those who stay in Ubud, Gianyar, and Klungkung. This is because the Tribuana port is relatively close if taken from the area.

3. Ships Depart from Padang Bai Harbor

Padang Bai Harbor is also the choice of tourists to go to Gili and Nusa Penida. This port is located in Padang Bai Village, Manggis District, Karangasem Regency.

Tourists can ride the Roro Haya Ship, which is a large ferry. Crossing by this ship costs less, but the departure schedule is uncertain.

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Diving Activities at Buyuk Harbor

Besides functioning as a place to lean on ships and fast boats, Buyuk Harbor is also a place for diving. Buyuk tourism is an interesting diving spot because there are a lot of marine life in it. Starting from small colorful fish, to coral reefs.

Buyuk is famous for having advantages as a diving spot. The reason is because this point has varying depths, ranging from 5 meters to 30 meters.

So for tourists who are afraid of the depths of the sea, the instructor can direct you to a low diving point area of ​​5 meters.

One of the crowded places visited by tourists to dive in Buyuk is the area which is about 30 minutes from Nusa Lembongan. Tourists can take a boat or boat to get to this diving location.

There are unique things that can be found when diving in Buyuk. For example, a sloping coral that seems to be covered by a sponge.

In addition, there are also corals that are long in shape, similar to having a long whip. Meanwhile, there are also several animals such as ribbon eels, morays, sunfish, mantis shrimp and so on.


The condition of the water flow at the Buyuk Port of Nusa Penida is uncertain. Sometimes it's high and sometimes it's low. If you want to dive, it is recommended at low tide.

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If the water conditions are high, you should postpone it first. This is because the tide has a strong current that makes the sea water a bit cloudy. If diving in cloudy water, this will be useless. Because, you can't see the beauty of the beautiful underwater world.

After being satisfied with the activity Diving in Buyuk, you can continue your journey to other tourist attractions in Nusa Penida. Happy Vacations!


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