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Jakarta Old Town Area

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The Old City area of ​​Jakarta is suitable for a weekend getaway. Since there has been a revitalization, the tourist atmosphere of the Old City of Jakarta has become more comfortable.

old city area jakarta
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The Old City of Jakarta is the preferred tourist spot for the weekend. Apart from enjoying the view of the city in the past, there are various exciting activities that can be done.

In the last few months, there has been a revitalization of the Old Town carried out by the manager. This makes this tourist attraction even more comfortable.

Fun Activities in Jakarta's Old Town

What are some weekend activities that can be done in Kota Tua Jakarta? This is the summary.

1. Stop by the Museum

In the Old City area of ​​Jakarta, you can go to the museum. There are several museums in this area. You can take it on foot because the distance between the museums is close to one another.

The road area for pedestrians has now been made wide. So that visitors can walk more comfortably.

Here there are the Wayang Museum, the Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum, the Magic Art 3D Museum, the Bank Indonesia Museum, the Mandiri Museum and the Fatahillah Museum.

You can see a large collection of puppets at the Wayang Museum. Starting from wayang golek and wayang kulit. There are also masks, traditional musical instruments and statues.

For those of you who love selfie photos, you can visit the Magic Art 3D Museum. Here there are many interesting photo spots as Instagrammable photo spots.

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2. Get Around Riding a Bike

Another fun activity that you can do in the Old Jakarta area is cycling. Yes, this area is very friendly for cyclists.

There are two dedicated bicycle lanes available. Namely at the front point of the Jakarta Kota station towards Jalan Pintu Besar Utara.

You can also ride a bicycle around Lada Street. This area is used as a public area free of motorized vehicles. So many visitors who cycle through this road.

No need to bother bringing your own bike from home. Because, there are bicycle rental places in the Old City area of ​​​​Jakarta. The price for renting a bicycle is Rp. 20.000 per half hour.

3. Hanging out

There are also many visitors who hang out in the Old City area of ​​Jakarta. The large area allows visitors to relax comfortably. Visitors can choose which point they want to hang out at.

Even more and more points that are free of motorized vehicles make the situation more conducive. Many also hang out sitting on the lesehan around Kota Tua Jakarta with their families.

Around the road there are also stone benches that can be used to sit back and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere.

In addition, you can also go to Kali Besar. There are also many stone chairs to hang out.

4. Culinary and Knick-knacks Shopping

It's not just hanging out. You can also enjoy culinary offerings. There are a number of restaurants or cafes that you can visit.

Ada kafe with an old European feel here. For example, Kedai Seni Djakarte or Café Batavia.

The price of the drink menu at this cafe is priced at a higher price. Like the drink menu starting from Rp. 15.000 and food starts from Rp. 30.000.

But if you want to eat a cheap menu, there are also pocket-friendly culinary places. For example in Batavia Canteen. You can buy chicken noodles, meatballs or pecel.

If you come on weekends, there are several stalls at the Kota Tua Festival. You can freely choose the food menu that is sold there.

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The revitalization of the Old City of Jakarta makes the atmosphere more comfortable. In the past, the atmosphere seemed chaotic because there were many street vendors, not anymore. They have been moved to several locations such as the Cipta Niaga Building and the Kota Intan target location.


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