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Typical Pangkalpinang Souvenirs | Food from Bangka Belitung

typical souvenirs from Batang Pinang

Confused about what typical Pangkalpinang souvenirs to bring? Check out our recommendations, guaranteed to be special and addictive!

Typical Pangkalpinang souvenirs – Pangkalpinang is an area rich in culture with delicious culinary delights and enchanting tourist attractions. It would be incomplete to explore this area without tasting its various culinary delights.

Well, apart from being eaten on the spot, some of the following foods might be typical Pangkalpinang souvenirs that you must take home.

Are you curious about what food you can bring as souvenirs after visiting Pangkalpinang? There are many choices of delicious and appetizing typical Pangkalpinang souvenirs.

Kemplang, Asinan Kelubi, Bong Li Piang, and Sambal Rusip offer a variety of flavors that are difficult to find elsewhere. Check the complete list below!

Typical Pangkalpinang Souvenirs

1. Pickled Yams

Have you ever tried or heard about kelubi fruit? This fruit, which is similar to salak, is usually used as the main ingredient in traditional Pangkalpinang pickled kelubi.

If eaten with chili salt, this Pickled Kelubi has a variety of flavors, from sweet, sour, to delicious savory. Apart from its attractive taste, Kelubi fruit is also rich in vitamin C, which is very beneficial for skin health.

Kelubi fruit, with all its deliciousness and health benefits, is a typical Pangkalpinang souvenir that is suitable for you to take home.

2. Kemplang

Kemplang is a typical Pangkalpinang souvenir that is a shame to miss. This snack is similar to crackers because it is made from a mixture of fresh mackerel fish, shrimp or squid, and tapioca flour.

Kemplang has a distinctive fish fragrance that makes you drool. Apart from being fried, this menu can be grilled or fried in low oil. Kemplang is one of the souvenirs that you must try when visiting Pangkalpinang. It tastes crunchy and appetizing!

3. Getas Banka

Getas Bangka is a snack made from mackerel fish, its shape is round or oval.

brittle banka
Source: @Indonesiakaya

The delicious crunch of Bangka brittle makes it a typical Pangkalpinang souvenir that must be on your bucket list, and can be used as a snack at home.

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4. Piang Bong Li

If you are looking for typical Pangkalpinang souvenirs, Bong Li Piang must be on your Bucket List. This delicious cake is filled with pineapple jam which adds to its appeal.

The combination of local and Chinese culture is felt in every bite of the cake. The taste of the cake is delicious and rich in culture, making it suitable to eat while relaxing at the hotel or when visiting Pangkalpinang tourist attractions.

5. Ase's brains

When visiting Bangka Island, one of the culinary delights that should not be missed is Otak-Otak Ase. Interestingly, Otak-Otak Ase can be used as a typical Pangkalpinang souvenir.

You can try various types of Otak-otak Ase, including those made from fish and squid. Fish brains can be eaten in various ways, including boiled, grilled, or fried until crispy.

Meanwhile, squid brains are generally only available in the snatched version. Otak-otak Ase, with its distinctive and delicious taste, is the right choice for those of you who are looking for special souvenirs.

6. Rintak Cake

Furthermore, Rintak cakes can be used as souvenirs while on holiday in Pangkalpinang. Rintak cakes, also known as Lift Cakes, are classified as dry cakes, so they can last well on long journeys.

Sago or tapioca flour, coconut milk and sugar are used to create a savory and sweet taste. The inside is soft, although the surface looks crusty. This flower-shaped cake is often served with coffee or warm milk.

7. Dodol Bangka

Dodol Bangka is a long-lasting souvenir. Therefore, you can take it for long trips, even for weeks. This dodol is usually sold in large quantities ahead of Chinese New Year celebrations, especially in the Pangkalpinang area and its surroundings.

Dodol Bangka, like dodol in general, has a sweet, sticky and savory taste. The texture is soft and chewy, creating a unique sensation that is addictive.

8. Toboali Shrimp

When talking about typical Pangkalpinang souvenirs, the list would not be complete without Toboali Shrimp. Terasi, also known as Belacan and originating from Bangka Belitung, is a popular delicacy sought after by tourists in this area.

Toboali shrimp paste is made from rebon shrimp and is usually used as a base for a distinctive and spicy chili sauce. The uniqueness of this shrimp paste lies not only in its slightly bitter taste, but in its bright red color, indicating its high quality.

Therefore, if you visit Pangkalpinang, don't be afraid to bring Toboali Terasi as a souvenir.

9. Rusip Sambal

Apart from Toboali Terasi, you can taste delicious Sambal Rusip while on holiday in Pangkalpinang. The uniqueness of this chili sauce is that it is produced from small fish which are fermented for one week and then combined with spices such as salt, brown sugar, shallots, chilies and lime.

Rusip chili sauce
Source: @Indonesiakaya

The final product is chili sauce with a strong aroma and sweet and sour taste that is not like chili sauce in general. Sambal Rusip, a typical Pangkalpinang souvenir with a unique combination of flavors, will make you miss Pangkalpinang's typical culinary delights, Travela.

10. Key Orange Syrup

Nothing beats a cold drink like Key Orange Syrup ice, after a day of touring various tourist attractions. The taste is refreshing, with a delicious combination of sour and sweet.

Lime syrup is certainly not only suitable for consumption during holidays, but can be used as a rich traditional Pangkalpinang souvenir. vitamin C for loved ones back home.

So don't miss the opportunity to bring home lime syrup as a typical Pangkalpinang souvenir, Travela!

11. Twitter

The name is distinctive, isn't it? Kericu is a typical Pangkalpinang food whose shape resembles Bidaran. It tastes delicious because it is made from squid eggs and other ingredients such as chicken eggs, sago, salt and flavorings.

This long-shaped snack is included in the cracker category. If you like savory and crunchy snacks, you can bring home this kericu souvenir. Moreover, the price is very affordable.

12. Toboali Shrimp

It turns out that Bangka and Pangkalpinang have their own shrimp paste called Toboali shrimp paste. So this shrimp paste is one of the souvenirs that many tourists on this island are looking for.

Terasi Toboali, also known as Bangka Belitung Belacan, is mostly made from rebon shrimp. Toboali shrimp paste, like other forms of shrimp paste, is often added to chili sauce to give it a more distinctive taste.

Don't worry, even though the color of this shrimp paste is a bit reddish, the taste will make you addicted. The reddish color actually shows its high quality.

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13. Sambelingkung

Sambelingkung, traditional Bangka Belitung fish floss made from parang fish, tastes delicious. Parang fish is prepared with special spices until it becomes dry and fragrant shredded meat. Sambelingkung is delicious as a side dish or as a bread filling.

So, those are some recommendations for souvenirs from Pangkalpinang that you must try and take home.

Starting from Kemplang, Asinan Kelubi, Bong Li Piang, to Sambal Rusip, it will be difficult for you to move on from the delicious culinary delights of Pangkalpinang. So, do you know which souvenirs you want to bring from Pangkalpinang, Travela?


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