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Snorkeling Packages in Lombok | Snorkel Prices for 3 Gili Trawangan

Snorkeling Package in Lombok

Snorkeling Packages in Lombok

Snorkeling packages in Lombok, we offer starting from packages Snorkeling 3 Gili Trawangan in lombok, Snorkeling on Gili Nanggu to Snorkeling packages on Pink Beach!

Of the 3 (three) snorkeling promo packages above, these are the most favorite snorkeling spots in Indonesia, especially Lombok. And of course we are recommended for you travela friends.

Snorkeling Packages in Lombok

But first, let's understand what snorkeling is? Hope this information is useful for beginners.

snorkeling is a swimming or diving activity by wearing equipment in the form of a diving mask called a snorkel.

Snorkel = diving equipment in the form of a J-shaped hose with a mouth guard at the bottom end.

In addition, divers are also equipped with other mobility aids in the form of fins / frog legs (diving fins) to increase your thrust when diving.

Snorkeling in Tropical Beach

As a popular water recreation activity, snorkeling can also be found, especially at tropical beach resorts and shallow scuba diving locations.

Divers can observe a variety of beautiful underwater flora and fauna such as: coral reefs, fish, shellfish, starfish, seaweed, jellyfish, shrimp, and turtles.

Snorkeling can also be done in freshwater lakes or rivers. Actually, there are still many of the best snorkeling spots on tropical beaches in our beloved country, Indonesia.

But this time we offer to travela snorkeling in lombok on this page are:

  1. Snorkeling on Gili Trawangan
  2. Gili Nanggu
  3. Pink Beach 

Ok, let's travel, let's start with snorkeling in Gili Trawangan below..

Gili Trawangan Snorkeling

In the price of the snorkeling package at 3 Gili Trawangan, there are 3 kinds of packages, 3 kinds of packages, remember...!!

  1. Public Boat (3 x only from Gili Trawangan)
  2. Private boat (from Gili Trawangan & Teluk Nara/Nipah)
  3. Full Day Tour & Snorkeling All in

Quick Price Snorkeling 3 Gili's

Product DetailPrice
Public Snorkel Day130Kpublic share
Sunset Snorkel Public 150Kpublic share
Honeymoon Snorkeling (min. 2 pax)353KPrivate
3 Snorkelers (min. 3 pax) 269KPrivate
4 Snorkelers (min. 4 pax) 222KPrivate
5 Snorkelers (min. 5 pax) 196KPrivate

This private trip is suitable for those of you who are on vacation with family or honeymoon. This trip ensures comfort and safety during activities.

So for private snorkelling on Gili Trawangan with the promo price above, travel buddy no need to wait for 6 pax up anymore to get the promo price for the glass bottom boat snorkeling.

Our experienced guides are always ready to take you to the most amazing places and our guides are always ready to capture your every moment using a dedicated underwater camera, the GoPro Hero.

1. Public Boat (Sharing)

Details of the Gili Trawangan 3 Gili Trawangan Sharing Snorkeling Package sharing this public boat, travelers can only meet if they are already on the island of Gili Trawangan.

If you stay in Trawangan, you will find many service providers offering this type of snorkeling sharing at published prices. Book with us you will get a promo offer for only IDR. 130K/Pax!

Gilis Trawangan snorkeling

We recommend this type of snorkeling for those of you who stay on Gili T or stay on the island of Lombok, Senggigi, or across Gili T.

Because this type of sharing snorkeling there are only 3 schedules in 1 day, namely 10 am, 01 pm and 4 pm in the afternoon (sunset).

Regular public boat schedule:

10.00:XNUMX AM (meeting point trawangan night market)
13.00 Noon (meeting point trawangan night market)
16.00 pm (meeting point trawangan night market)

Description Publish BoatPrice per Person
Sharing Day SnorkelingIDR 130.000/pax
Sharing Sunset SnorkelingIDR 150.000/pax
• The capacity of participants to share together 20-30 people per boat.
• Prices above apply to all markets.
• Sharing the ship with other participants or combined with other tourists in one boat.
• Includes Complete Snorkeling Equipment Mask, fins, snorkel, life jacket, guide & glass bottom boat.
• Schedule regular or every day and time according to the column above.
• Meeting point location near the pier or Gili night market (Register 30 minutes in advance).
Day Snorkeling Package time to snorkel 2 x starting from 10:00 AM and 13:00 PM Gili Trawangan – Exclude Lunch.
Sunset Snorkeling Package snorkeling time starts from 16:00 Gili Trawangan time
• The number of snorkeling spots visited were 3 spots around Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.
Public Sharing Boat Schedule

This Sharing Public Boat has its drawbacks where the time and location have been determined by the manager of the public boat snorkel.

Conditions for using a large lo-boat with a capacity of more than 30 people with 1 snorkel guide.

Of course you can imagine, with only 1 snorkeling guide serving more than 30 people! Starting from requests for photos under the sea or things like putting on a life jacket, mask or fin. So please be extra patient, travela if you take this package.

The time was determined straight and must follow the scheduled time, but the duration of snorkeling was only 3 hours and only 3 standard spots were visited, such as;

  1. STATUE OF HUMAN NESTS BASK Nest by Jason DeCaires Taylor Underwater
  2. TURTLE POINTS 100% guarantee swim with turtle
  3. BLUE CORAL with colorful fish

2. Private Boat (Charter)

Turtle Conservation on Gili Trawangan

Private boat where the boat will be rented privately by you either in the form of a couple, small group or your own group.

Another advantage of this private boat snorkeling package is that you will be more free to choose snorkeling spots on the 3 Gilis and you will get more than 3 snorkeling spots described above.

For the starting time you can set yourself and of course you can also set the pick-up location right in front of the hotel on the dyke where you are staying (Hotel front sea, yes travela).

Also delicious unlimited duration when you snorkel in each spot.

For snorkeling, this 3 Gili Trawangan private boat rental is divided into 2 (two) yes, travela! Because it follows the pick-up location.

  1. Starting from Gili Trawangan
  2. Starting from Teluk Nara/Nipah (Lombok)
Underwater View Statue on Gili Meno
Underwater View Statue on Gili Meno

If you start from Gili Trawangan, you can be picked up directly on the beach in front of the hotel you stay. With a note your hotel must be in the east of the island / east trawangan (example: Natya hotel, Scallywags hotel or Villa Ombak).

A. Snorkeling Start from Trawangan

This private lo-boat is chartered privately for snorkeling 3 Gili Trawangan.

Indeed, renting a boat from Trawangan is a little more expensive than from nara bay.

Because in addition to all the boats on Gili Trawangan, it is equipped with a glass bottom boat. Also renting a boat in Trawangan includes snorkeling equipment such as masks, fins and vest jackets.

Number of Pax/Person Price Per Private lo-Boat
1 to 4 people IDR. 1.150.000 Per Boat
5 people IDR. 1.200.000 Per Boat
6 people IDR. 1.300.000 Per Boat
7 people IDR. 1.400.000 Per Boat
8 people IDR. 1.450.000 Per Boat
B. Snorkeling Start from Nara Bay

This private lo-boat of Teluk Nara is chartered privately for snorkeling 3 Gili if the hotel or place you stay is on the islands of Lombok, Senggigi, Kuta, Mataram or mainland Lombok.

So with this snorkeling package from Nara Bay, it starts from the pier nara bay or nipah, but unfortunately lo-boats in Teluk Nara or Nipah rarely have glass bottom boats.

Please req back to us (based on availability) if you order a lo-boat with "glass bottom boat".

With the Snorkeling Package in Lombok from here, you don't need to go to Gili Trawangan again to get a 3 Gili's snorkeling tour.

Lo Boat and Speed ​​Boat
DescriptionPrivate BoatPrice per Boat/Person
Private Lo-Boat (Capacity 1-5 Pax)
(Not Incld. Snorkeling Equipment)
IDR 1.350.000/Boat
Private Lo-Boat (Capacity 6-10 Pax)
(Not Incld. Snorkeling Equipment)
IDR 180.000/Person
Private Lo-Boat (Capacity 11-15 Pax)
(Not Incld. Snorkeling Equipment)
IDR 120.000/Person
Private Lo-Boat (Capacity 16-20 Pax)
(Not Incld. Snorkeling Equipment)
IDR 95.000/Person
Private Speed ​​Boat
(Max. Capacity 12 Pax)
IDR 1.480.000/Boat
• One boat is used privately by you and your group.
• Rental rates according to the table above depending on the size and facilities (glass bottom).
• Speed ​​Boat rental rates according to the table above, max size. 12 pax.
• The trip schedule adjusts to your schedule.
• The duration of snorkeling is usually a maximum of 4 to 5 hours (we only provide life jackets) snorkelling equipment not included.
The cost of adding snorkeling equipment such as masks / fins @ 15.000 / unit.
Please be careful!!! the cost of charges / compensation for masks if lost @ 600.000 / Mask.
• The number of snorkeling spots could be more, please discuss with our ship captain guide who knows more about snorkeling locations or turtle points around 3 Gili.
• Lunch or lunch you decide for yourself whether you want to go to Gili Trawangan or Gili Air cafe and restaurant, you are also free to choose – at their own expense.
Additional cost for Lunch Box or Lunch @ 40.000/person.
• Accompanied by a snorkeling guide who can come down to accompany us while snorkeling and can help take photos in the underwater.
• For booking you can Whatsapp us at +6285333399175
• And for the payment method, you can check the link How to Order
How to Reservation Gili's Snorkeling – Book here

Just follow the ordering tips below:

  1. Contact gotravel cs by whatsapp
  2. Fill in the booking form correctly and clearly given by cs
  3. 5 Tips on how to book on Go Travela Indonesia Customer Services

Name : …………..
Phone number : ………….
Pick-up date/time: …………..
Pick Up Point : …………..
Delivery Point : …………..
Snork Package Type : …………..
FB & IG Name : ………….
Reservations :

Office: +62 (361) 4457739
Whatsapp/Call: +6281999 565 666
Email: gotravela.id@gmail.com

infographic How to Order Gotravel

This happens often and travelers are asked to be more careful!!

  1. Mask/Fin/Life jacket Diving equipment often goes missing – here we remind travelers (especially group size or large numbers of participants) to pay attention to and take care of the masks & diving equipment used. Because if it is lost due to carelessness, intentionally/unintentionally – then the loss/damage will be charged to the customer with replacement costs starting from IDR. 500k – 800k per piece (depending on the quality of the goods).
  2. It's a good idea to use fins/frog legs when swimming or snorkeling in shallow seas – this is to prevent your feet from getting sharp coral/coral and pricks of thorns sea ​​urchins.
  3. Use life jackets while snorkeling for travelers who can't swim.
  4. If go snorkeling do not perch on the tail of the boat or close to motor boat engine.
  5. Before finishing the snorkeling activity 3 Gili please remind; ask the captain of the ship to recalculate all the equipment correctly (so that both parties are equally comfortable).

We convey this so that our snorkeling activities run well and safely – and avoid things we don't want.

Well, the packages below are intended for travelers who don't want to be bothered!!

For a complete all-in package, this is only for travelers who stay on the island of Lombok and don't want to be bothered or just sit back and follow the program. Our team guide starts from the morning pick up at the hotel to the final drop off of the tour.

3. Full day Tour & Snorkeling Complete Package

The Full day Tour & Snorkeling package starts with pick up to your hotel on the island of Lombok (pick up time 08 am from hotel/airport).

The duration of this 3 Gilis snorkeling tour package is 8 hours, from morning to evening.


The journey continues towards Harbor Nare Bay lombok. After arriving at Teluk Nara, our lo-boat team is ready to welcome you. Cross by lo-boat to 3 (three) gili's for snorkeling adventure.

In this case, we have prepared a lo-boat based on private charter especially for you.

Snorkeling Spots

Starting from Bounty Wrek This spot is located in the southwest of Gili Air, this island's snorkeling spot gives its own charm. There are shipwrecks that have been sunk for a long time overgrown with stunning coral reefs.

In addition, Gili Air has a very beautiful beach and has an amazing stretch of coral reefs.

Then we continue our journey to Gili Meno, which is Gili 2 (two) after Gili Air. Here you will find a stretch of white sand with an unspoiled atmosphere and perfect for Instagrammable selfies.

Snorkeling spots Meno Wall located in the western part of Gili Meno. This spot is quite deep about 18 meters. Around it there is a sea trench that stores a variety of amazing marine life.

Being on Gili Meno you can also see a bird park with a diverse collection. Besides being a traveler, you know what? Gili Meno is also available salt water lake which we will also visit.


Then proceed to Gili Trawangan. After a full day of snorkeling, we will take you to enjoy lunch on Gili Trawangan at their own expense.

Then we give free time to explore Gili Trawangan which is complete and various activities such as Cidomo (Andong), berbicycles and more.

Once satisfied, we will take you across back to Teluk Nare Lombok.

Before we take you back to the hotel where you stay, we give you time to stop at typical Lombok souvenirs.

Tour End

Price Day Tour & Snorkeling

  • 2 – 3 People = IDR 835.000/pax (Promo Rp. 750.000/pax)
  • 4 – 6 People = IDR 550.000/pax (Promo Rp. 500.000/pax)
  • 7 – 9 People = IDR 490.000/pax (Promo Rp. 300.000/pax)
  • 10 – Up People = Buddy can contact us!!

Program Highlights

  1. Malimbu hills.
  2. Adventure using Bottom boat around and visit 3 Gili.
  3. Swimming and Snorkeling.
  4. Go around exploring Gili Trawangan island, Meno and Air
  5. Baun Pusuk – Monkey Forest.

Including : Transport duration 10 hours, Entrance Ticket, Private Boat, Snorkeling Equipment, Mineral water and bread, Tour duration 3 Gili, duration up to max. 5 Hours, Pick up at hotel / airport.

Not included : Lunch package on Gili Trawangan and Lombok Island, Lunch, Cidomo / Andong or bicycle on Gili Trawangan and tipping driver.


Gili Nanggu Snorkeling

Gili Nanggu There is a beautiful beach with white sand and blue sea.

The natural atmosphere is quiet, making this island the right choice for lovers or those who want to honeymoon.

The 3 Gilis of West Lombok, Gili Nanggu, Gili Kedis, Gili Sudak can offer you peace.

In the midst of a white sandy beach and calm waves, you are guaranteed a place for snorkeling on this beach to relax and without any traders or other visitors.

Gili Nanggu, Sudak & Kedis Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling Package Tour in Lombok Gili Nanggu starts from Tawun harbor, heads to Gili Nanggu for snorkeling and swimming.

Then after that we will invite you to some 3 Gili West Lombok (Gili Nanggu, Gili Kedis, and Gili Sudak) to enjoy the beauty of a small island in Lombok, after that return to Lombok.

Gili Nanggu Snork Price:

  • 2 – 3 People = IDR 650.000/pax (Promo Rp. 480.000/pax)
  • 4 – 6 People = IDR 450.000/pax (Promo Rp. 425.000/pax)
  • 7 – 9 People = IDR 360.000/pax
Program Highlights
  1. From the port of Tawun to Gili Nanggu, tengkong, Sudak & Kedis
  2. Seeing underwater life
  3. Swimming and Snorkeling
  4. Center By Lombok
  5. Back to Hotel.

Including : Transport, Entrance Ticket, Private Boat, Snorkeling Equipment, Full Day Duration (12 Hours)

Only a few meters from the beach, you can snorkel in Lombok on the beach and see firsthand the colorful fish dancing on the shallow seabed.

Singing birds accompany you to embrace the sunrise and sunset, creating a romantic atmosphere that is hard to find on other islands.

Snorkeling Package 3 Gili Nanggu West Lombok Private Boat

To explore 3 Gilis, West Lombok (Gili Nanggu, Gili Kedis and Gili Sudak), travelers can also rent a private boat with us.

This is done if the traveler has prepared himself for transportation and drivers and lives to the location but is confused about booking a boat?

Now we offer boat rentals along with complete snorkeling equipment, important things to pay attention to and marine insurance with the following details:

DescriptionPrivate Boat Price per Boat
Lo Boat (Max capacity 15 pax) IDR 500.000/Boat
Description of Snorkeling 3 Gili West Lombok;
  • One boat is used privately by you and your own group.
  • Boat rental rates are in accordance with the table above.
  • Speed ​​Boat rental rates according to the table above, max size. 15 pax and complete facilities.
  • The trip schedule can adjust to your request, but don't be too late because it takes into account sea conditions and ocean currents. Usually the most ideal time to visit the 3 Gilis in West Lombok is from 11 am to 2 pm.
  • The duration of this 3 dyke west lombok exploration is generally 4 to 5 hours complete with complete snorkeling equipment.
  • The number of snorkeling spots, please discuss again with the guide/ship captain who knows better the snorkeling locations around Gili Nanggu, Gili Kedis and Sudak.
  • Lunch or your lunch is at the Gili Sudak location, menu variants from grilled fish to chicken dishes can be found here (at your own expense).
  • Accompanied by a snorkeling guide who can come down to accompany us while snorkeling and can help take photos in the underwater.
Snorkeling 3 Gili Nanggu
snorkel package in lombok

Pink Beach Snorkeling Lombok

Pink Beach Lombok is located at the southern tip of Lombok Island. it takes about 2,5 hours to get to the location, from downtown Mataram or Senggigi.

The beach, which was previously known as Tangsi Beach, has its own charm because of the unique color of the sand, the sand on this beach looks pink.

This red coral reef grows in the shallow waters of Tangsi Beach and is carried by the waves to the shore.

Snorkeling at Pink Beach

This Snorkeling Package Tour in Lombok will start from your hotel, then head to Tanjung Luar port.

Menggunakan private boats which will take you to Pink Beach whose beauty lies in its pink sand.

Next you will be taken to Gili Petelu, Gili Kambing to enjoy the underwater beauty that is still original and marine life that is still preserved.

Finally, we will take you to the island Gili Sand which will only appear when the water is receding. And visit Sibuih Beach where there is a cannon relic of the Netherlands.

Pink Beach Snork Price:

  • 2 – 3 people = IDR 800.000/pax
  • 4 – 6 people = IDR 550.000/pax
  • 7 – 9 0 people = IDR 470.000/pax
Program Highlights
  1. Tanjung Luar port (cross by private boat around Gili).
  2. See the most beautiful coral reef spots in Indonesia.
  3. Snorkeling equipment such as masks, fins and vests.
  4. Swim and Snorkel freely.
  5. Gili Sand
  6. Gili Petelu
  7. Gili Goat
  8. Pink Beach
  9. Sibuih Beautiful Beach

Including : Transport, Admission Ticket, Private Boat, Snorkeling Equipment, Lunch

Pink color on the beach sand

The pink color on this beach sand varies greatly and follows time, for example if in the morning the pink color will be seen 20-30%, in the afternoon 50% and the pink color will be clearly visible between 80-90% in the afternoon. 

Pink beach offers stunning views, in addition to the unique pink sand, and is surrounded by high cliffs.

The waves are calm and small, so you can indulge in swimming or snorkeling on the pink beach of Lombok which is the best snorkeling package in Lombok. This beach is also flanked by two hills jutting out like a bay.

Prices for all Snorkeling Packages in Lombok Indonesia above include:
  1. Indonesian speaking guide or tour guide (mandarin, Japanese, English, Korean and other language guides are also available at an additional cost).
  2. Air-conditioned Car/Bus (Tourism Standard).
  3. Entrance tickets to visited attractions.
  4. Have lunch.
  5. Mineral water and snacks during the tour.
Additional information
  1. The price above is for PRIVATE TOUR (not combined with other guests).
  2. Cars used: Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova, Hi Ace and Tourism Bus up to 50 seats. The use of the car depends on the availability at the time of booking and the number of participants.
  3. The minimum order for this snorkeling package in Lombok Atas is 2 adults.
  4. For the criteria for the age of children (2-12 years).
  5. For Infants or infants (aged 0-2 years) FOC/Free.
  6. The package price above is based on an individual.
  7. The price above does not include your accommodation / hotel.
  8. Does not include your flight ticket.
  9. This Snorkeling Package price in Lombok is only valid for Indonesian citizens/KTP or KITAS holders.
  10. Tour package pick-up areas: Senggigi area, Mataram, Ampenan Area and Sheet Harbor.
  11. Pick-up areas outside the above areas are subject to additional fees.
  12. The package above is valid until 31 December 2023.
Extra charges:
  • Tour Start & Finish: Kuta Area, Bangsal Area & Tawun Area – Rp. 100.000.
  • Tour Start & Finish: Sire Beach Area – Rp. 150.000.
  • Extra Hour or excess tour time: Rp. 40.000 per hour.

We present to these three spots of snorkeling packages in Lombok Indonesia for you to feel the adventure of snorkeling in Lombok.

You can also read; 9 Popular Gili Spots for Snorkeling on Lombok Island The New Destinations.

If a traveler wants comfort on vacation, without having to think about the budget, traffic jams and looking for a parking space, or getting lost when looking for tourist locations.

Travelers get it too Lombok Tour Full Day Tour Packages us and we recommend also to use the services Car Rental Rp. 199k in Lombok + Driver we.

Our greetings to traveler snorkelers

Hopefully the snorkeling information page on Gili, can help you determine your choice of tourism in Lombok that you want to visit.

If you have any questions or suggestions in the snorkeling package in Lombok? Don't hesitate to write in the comments column below or contact us.

We thank you if the information on the 3 Gili Snorkeling Packages page in Lombok is useful for all readers and travelers, sharing is a good thing – please share this page with your relatives, friends and friends.

Saran and Criticism We need you to improve our performance and service in the future. Please can you tell in the comments column below.

Cheers – Grace gotravela +628214444 8095 Snorkeling package in lombok


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