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Palasari Catholic Church

Bambang Adi

Having a predominantly Hindu population, Bali also has the nickname as the Island of the Gods. However, adherents of other beliefs or religions still live in harmony and can carry out their worship activities safely. One of the things you can see from the existence of the Palasari Catholic Church in Jembrana.

History of the Church

Having the full name Parish Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Palasasari Catholic Church is a historic building in Bali. This place of worship was built in 1956 and designed by Brother Ign. Amd Vrieze, SVD who is a Dutch national. Then, this church was consecrated on December 13, 1958. Then, the church underwent a building renovation in 1992. Now, the building that we can see today (you can see in the picture above) is the result of the renovation of the building .

The Unique Mixed Architecture of Bali and Europe

Palasari Catholic Church has a unique building—and quite different from most similar buildings in Indonesia and elsewhere. From the front of the church, you can see a staircase with steps like stairs to enter the Temple or Candi Bentar. The decorative details on the church also seem to adopt the island's unique art. Then, near the stairs, you will see statues that are so distinctive with European nuances. Likewise, when you enter the church area, inside you will see congregation chairs and other interiors that are thick with European elements. This shows that there is a blend of Balinese and European architecture in the construction of this church.

Attractiveness: Religious and General Tourism

The beauty of this church building is the main attraction for tourists. Christians who come to Bali usually visit this place for pilgrimage. While other tourists usually come to see the splendor as well as the uniqueness of the church building. Apart from that, a trip to this place you can also see the village residents and plantations that are so green.

interesting facts

Another interesting thing is the fact that Kampung Palasari, where this church is located, has a majority Catholic population. This is somewhat unique, considering that more than 80 percent of Bali's population is Hindu. The existence of this church is irrefutable proof that people of other religions can worship according to their beliefs safely.

Meanwhile, if you want to get a really unusual atmosphere at Palasari Jembrana Catholic Church, come when Christmas arrives. Here, you will find penjor and janur (young coconut leaves) decorations adorning the entrances or the side of the church. Christians who are going to worship at Christmas are also required to wear traditional Balinese clothing.

However, if you can't come during the Christmas season, you don't need to worry. Because Palasari Catholic Church always offers its beauty every time. It is located in Palasari Hamlet, Ekasari Village, Melaya District, Jembrana Regency. You can come to this place by renting a motorbike or automatic scooter in Bali. You can reach this place in 3 hours from Denpasar or 2.5 hours if you from Ubud. Along the way you will be able to see various natural landscapes and the habits of the people of the Island of the Gods. (y)


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