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Beautiful Panorama of Kencana Beach

beautiful panorama of the beach

The beautiful panorama of Kencana Beach can make everyone fascinated. You can vacation at Kencana Beach Sumbawa to calm down. Nature is very beautiful capable of hypnotizing every pair of eyes that see it.

Photo by @tria.kusumawati

Kencana Beach is a very beautiful tourist attraction. Located in Sumbawa, this beach tour has stunning white sand. The sea water is also very clear. Natural conditions like this make anyone feel at home on vacation here.

If you are on holiday to Sumbawa, don't miss coming to Kencana Beach. A weekend getaway will be satisfying.

The beauty of Sumbawa's Kencana Beach

Indonesia is famous for its extraordinary natural charm. There are many stunning beaches. Everyone certainly needs a vacation to refresh the mind after tired of working.

You can come here with your loved ones, friends or family. Especially in today's era, apart from healing, you can hunt for instagrammable photos for social media.

This time we will discuss Kencana Beach in Sumbawa. For those of you who have plans to come here, you should read the following information in full.

That way you will have a reference when traveling on vacation. Let's explore cool tourist spots with the special people in your life.

Holiday to Kencana Beach

Take it easy, a vacation to Kencana Beach will not require a large budget. This beach is famous for cheap tours. Anyone can vacation here without waiting to have a lot of money.

This beach, which has enchanting natural beauty, can make your mind and body more fresh. The price of admission is very affordable.

The Sumbawa region is indeed famous for its tourist attractions with cheap ticket prices, especially the beaches. Actually there are many other beaches that you can visit besides Kenawa Beach.

Don't forget to prepare vehicle parking fees. Usually the price of admission to the beach does not include parking fees.

To refresh your mind, take a moment to take a vacation with your family. You can enjoy the beautiful nature at Kencana Beach. Sitting on the beach while enjoying the view of the open ocean. Of course this is a very fun thing.

Address and Route Location

Kencana Beach is located in Labuan Badas, Sumbawa Regency, NTB. You can come here using a private vehicle, either a motorbike or a car.

You can travel independently, or join a tour package with a guide.

If you vacation independently, the route to the beach can be accessed by looking at the map on Google Map.

Opening hours

This Kencana Beach tourist destination in Sumbawa can be accessed at any time. This beach is open every day for 1 week. Even this beach operation is also open 24 hours. You are free to come whenever you like.

You can explore the natural beauty, the best spots and natural charms in this tourist attraction.


A vacation trip to Sumbawa will definitely feel very pleasant. Beautiful natural beauty is supported by facilities from the manager.

Here are some of the facilities that you can get.

  1. Vehicle parking space
  2. Instagrammable photo spots
  3. Gazebo or seating
  4. Lodging or hotel
  5. Interesting rides
  6. Toilets and bathrooms
  7. Places to eat and cafe
Tourist Spots in Tourist Places

You can vacation to Kencana Beach on the weekend with your loved ones. You can relax so that your body feels relaxed. The mind will also relax enjoying the beautiful scenery.

When you are on vacation at Kencana Beach, you can play sand and swim by the beach.

In addition, foreign tourists usually sunbathe on the beach. There are even visitors who camp on the beach.

Let's read too

Oh yes, don't forget to capture vacation moments by taking pictures at instagenic spots on Kencana Beach. The beautiful panorama of Kencana Beach is indeed extraordinary.


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