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Banah Beach Nusa Penida

banah beach nusa penida

Banah Beach is one of the beaches in Nusa Penida, Bali that should be included in your list of tourist destinations. This beach has an exotic impression. Not a few tourists who make this beach as a favorite tourist attraction.

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Unlike most beaches which have white sand stretches widely. Banah Beach has a uniqueness that is different from the others. This natural tourist attraction has a cliff that has a hole in the middle. If you look towards the sea, you will see a small island or cliff in the middle of the sea.

Location of Banah Beach Nusa Penida

Banah Beach tourist address is located in Banjar Salak, Batumadeg Village, Nusa Penida District, Bali. The location is not far from tourism stab spring. You can go to this spring after visiting Banah Beach.

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Route to Banah Beach

It's not too difficult to find Banah Beach. The length of travel time required from Harbor Toyapakeh to the beach is about 45 minutes. However, the terrain that must be traversed is quite steep.

About 1 km from the port, you will find uphill and downhill roads. After that, you will find a broken road and potholes. You have to be careful while driving to avoid things that are not desirable.

Although the terrain is quite difficult, you will be accompanied by beautiful scenery along the way. Lots of trees there. You won't even find many people's houses along the road.

Banah Beach Attraction

Not like the beach in general, where there are spare beaches with sand to relax. Banah Beach has no sand but the shoreline is directly adjacent to the cliffs. From the top of this hill, tourists usually spend their time enjoying the natural wealth of God's creation.

Especially for those of you who want to do snorkeling or diving activities, don't just sit on a cliff. You need to get closer to the beach to do your sports activities. To get there, you can use a boat or motorbike.

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The main attraction of Banah Beach is the combination of high green hills with beautiful sea views. The existence of a cliff in the middle of the sea adds to the charm of this tourist attraction.

The cliffs are overgrown with grass or trees so that they look green. It looks very beautiful from a distance. When combined with the blue sea water, it's really extraordinary.

Tourists can also meet rare stingrays manta rays who swim because the water is clear. Many go snorkeling or diving to enjoy the view Marine biota diverse and beautiful rocks.


A fun activity that should not be missed is taking pictures with a cliff background in the middle of the sea. There are even some visitors who go up the hill to take photos. If you want to climb a cliff, always be careful. Adults are allowed to climb up the cliff, but not for children.

If you depart from Bali, you have to take a boat or boat. Yes, that's because Nusa Penida is an island that is still part of the Province of Bali. You can also use the services of Bali and Nusa Penida tour packages.

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Besides being fun, it will certainly be more relieved because you feel safe. The existence of a tour guide will guide and accompany your vacation in Nusa Penida to make it more enjoyable.

Banah Beach is recommended to be visited with friends or family. Happy holidays, and don't forget to do the best possible preparation before going on vacation.

Banah Beach Nusa Penida | Beach with Rock Cliffs in the Middle of the Sea


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