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Kuta Mandalika Beach

Kuta Mandalika Beach

Kuta Mandalika Beach is one of the enchanting beaches in Lombok. Previously this beach was called Kuta Beach, but because the name is the same as the name Kuta Beach in Bali, this beach is called Kuta Mandalika Beach.

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Called Kuta Beach because of its location in Kuta Village, Pujut, Central Lombok, NTB. Then the name Mandalika itself is taken from the legend of the Mandalika princess in this area.

Beautiful beach location eastern Indonesia This is not far from the Mandalika circuit which is used as the venue for the 2021 Superbike World Championship and MotoGP in March 2022.

Lombok Kuta Beach Attractions

Many visitors are interested in coming to Kuta Mandalika Beach. One of the interesting things it has is that this beach has white sand like pepper. Not only favored by local visitors, but foreign tourists also often make this beach a destination while on vacation.

Kuta village where this beach is located also has a unique culture called the Bau Nyale ceremony. This ritual is performed once a year. If this traditional ceremony is being carried out, the community and tourist visitors will look for and hunt for Nyale worms in the sea.

Then, there is also a legend that is still believed by the public. There used to be a very beautiful princess Mandalika.

Because of her beauty, many young men and even princes want to marry her. However, the princess chose to disappear because she didn't want them to fight to the point of causing casualties.

Then the princess also said that if the people wanted to meet her, she asked to look for her on the 20th day of the tenth month along the coast.

Therefore, the residents still carry out tourist attractions as traditional rituals. This attraction is certainly very interesting for tourists.

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Available Facilities

What facilities are there at Kuta Mandalika Beach? This beach is already so famous that the government supports the existence of tourist facilities for the convenience of visitors. You can find various inns there so you don't need to be confused anymore if you want to spend the night hunting for sunset or sunrise.

Then, you can enjoy various culinary delights at traditional food stalls, cafes and restaurants. There is also a souvenir shop to buy gifts for your loved ones, a large parking area, a prayer room, several toilets and a place to rent surfing and snorkeling equipment.

Let's find out:

Route to Tourist Attractions

If you are interested in coming to Kuta Mandalika Beach, it is not difficult to find this location. You can use Google Map and search for the Mandalika or the Mandalika Special Economic Zone. The distance that needs to be taken from the city of Mataram is about 50 km. It will take approximately 1 hour to arrive at the tourist attraction.

Tips for Traveling at Kuta Mandalika Beach

1. Because the sun is very hot at the beach location, it's best to bring it tabir Sunglasses, sunglasses and a hat to be more comfortable when traveling.

2. If you are traveling to the beach and there are no plans to stay overnight, you should make your way home before 6 pm. This is for your convenience and safety.

3. Make a price offer when renting snorkeling or surfing equipment. The offer size is at least 30% of the price offered.

4. The right time to do surfing is July-August because at that time the sea waves are ideal.

5. Always maintain cleanliness at tourist sites, do not litter, especially plastic waste.

6. You can plan to visit several other beaches besides Kuta Mandalika Beach because there are several beautiful beaches around it. For example, Selong Belanak Beach and Mawun Beach.

Kuta Mandalika Beach it is really suitable as a tourist destination if you come to Lombok, do you agree?


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