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Legian Beach

Legian Bali Beach

Legian Beach is one of the beautiful white sand beaches in Bali which is beautiful, commonly known as Legian Beach. This beach also offers a charming sunset beauty. In addition, the big waves are also suitable for surfing.

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Bali has a series of interesting tourist attractions. The beaches in Bali are famous for their beauty that can make tourists feel at home spending their time there.

Legian Beach is one of them. This beach is located close to Kuta Beach. However, the atmosphere of this beach is not as busy as Kuta Beach.

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Legian Beach Attractions

There are many attractions that this beach has. Here are some of them:

1. Beach with a Beautiful View

One of the attractions that is always a magnet for tourists to visit is the charm of its natural beauty. In addition, this beach also has a romantic atmosphere.

No wonder so many lovers who visit here. There are also many newlyweds who make Legian Beach a destination for their honeymoon.

2. Favorite Surfing Location

The sea waves on this beach are quite large so they are often used for surfing. There are also many surf boards around the beach. Not only local tourists, even many foreign tourists who try surfing in this place.

3. Beautiful Sunset Charm

If you want to find a place with a romantic feel, come to Legian Beach. In the afternoon you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset. Many visitors deliberately come to tourist sites in the afternoon. They want to watch the beautiful sunset here.

4. White Sand

Did you know that this beach is the second best beach after Kuta Beach. This tour is very clean so that many feel at home spending their holidays in this tourist attraction.

Available Facilities

At the Legian Beach Bali location, it has provided quite complete facilities, according to international standards. Such as a large parking area, several toilets, a shopping center, as well as a place to stay.

For the shopping center itself, there are big ones such as shopping centers to minimarkets. In fact, you will also find some souvenir shops selling some craft typical Balinese.

Not to forget there is also a culinary center. Well, if you feel hungry you don't need to worry. Because there are many restaurants that provide a variety of delicious culinary menus. The place is also comfortable. Some even provide live music for visitors.

Beach Location

Legian Beach is located in Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali Province. The location is quite strategic because it is not far from Ngurah Rai Airport. The distance is only about 7 km. It only takes about 20 minutes from the airport.

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How to Get to Legian Beach Bali
1. Motorcycle Rental

You can rent a motorbike to help mobilize while on vacation to Legian Beach. Many choose to ride a motorcycle because it is more economical and avoids traffic jams. Choose a trusted Bali motorbike rental service.

2. Rent a Car

If you are on vacation with friends or family, you should choose a car rental. You can use 1 or more cars according to the needs of the group.

Someone provides it release the key or rent a car with a driver. If you don't know the area of ​​Bali very well, it would be more comfortable if you rent a car complete with a driver.

Experienced local drivers will take you to visit several tourist attractions in Bali. You can even ask about recommended tourist attractions.

Legian Beach is a beach with stunning charm that you can make a tourist destination in Bali. Happy holiday yaa.

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