Tanjung Aan Beach Lombok | The Beach of Princess Mandalika Nyale

Tanjung Aan Gotravela Beach

Tanjung Aan Beach Lombok

“Tanjung Aan Beach The Story of Princess Mandalika”

Lombok island offers many beautiful and amazing beach tourist destinations, especially the beaches in the southern part of the island.

One of which is Tanjung Aan Beach. The beauty and exotic of this beach can be an alternative to your tourist basket list.

Tanjung Aan beach is directly opposite the Indian Ocean, has a long curved coastline about 2 km away.

Tanjung Aan Lombok Beach

This beach is located in the Mandalika area which has become a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), this area was inaugurated on Friday 20 October 2017 by President Joko Widodo.

The special economic zone of Mandalika was proposed by the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) with the hope of turning the wheels of the local community's economy and becoming a potential area for international tourism.

Tanjung Aan Beach has a legend that has become a culture of local wisdom, which is believed to be the place of origin of the island Princess Mandalika original beautiful princess Tunjung Bitu who chose to be Lamp to save his kingdom.

Sandy beach like peppercorns

The different thing you will feel when you set foot on this beach is the texture of the sand which is not common with most other beaches.

Where the beach sand is usually small and fine grains but here the grains of sand are in large round shapes like peppercorns.

So that some local people call it pepper beach or flour beach.

Pepper Beach Tanjung Aan
Large round grains of sand like pepper

The sloping beach structure and calm waves make this location one of the favorite destinations for local and world tourists.

The dark blue and turquoise green of the clear sea water will make anyone who sees firsthand the beauty of Tanjung Ann beach look amazed.

Tanjung Aan Selfie Swing

There is a swing of wooden slats arranged in such a way, which sticks in the middle of the shallow sea water.

This Tanjung Aan wooden swing spot is the right place to be used as a place instagrammable a photo of your selfie.

Cape beach swing aan
The extraordinary scenery background amazes anyone who sees the photo posing on this swing.

Even though there are actually many beach swings around the beaches in Lombok, for example, Gili Trawangan Wave Villas.


This beach destination is perfect for those of you who like to swim and enjoy the beauty of the beach. The reason is, the waves there are quite calm and have a fairly shallow depth.

If you bring your own snorkelling equipment, of course you snorkel without expecting to see coral reefs on this beach.

Because the Tanjung Aan beach itself is not a suitable place for Snorkeling like on Gili Trawangan, Lombok Pink Beach or Gili Nanggu but the shallow beach is suitable for swimming and just relaxing.

Umbrella stone
Tanjung aan umbrella rock beach

You can also rent a lo-boat or fishing boat to get to umbrella stone selfie photo location and playing water on the edge of the rock.

They usually charge a private lo-boat rental fee of Rp. 300.000 for free duration. The price above can be much cheaper if you are good at bargaining, our advice is to be smart when you bid.

As the afternoon approaches, the sea level there will start to rise and make this beach even more challenging for surfing.

Merese Hill
The hill is just a cape

It is surrounded by a number of hills jutting into the middle of the sea, one of which is the hill of menese the famous.

To reach the top of this hill, access is very easy by going through an uphill path to the right of Tanjung Aan beach.

Don't forget to use footwear because the coral soil and rocks are enough to make your feet hurt and hurt if you walk barefoot.

The right time to be on Mount Merese is just before the sun is about to set. Because at that time you will be presented with views of the orange sky and the expanse of the ocean and beautiful hills that are incomparable.

Garis fresh beach in the West, umbrella stone and call the kid in the east adds to the complete beauty of the Lombok sea universe.

From the beach you can easily see the green, green hills because these hills flank Tanjung Aan from the right so that Tanjung Aan Beach becomes a calm bay like a giant pond.

If you want to know how to enjoy a beautiful beach view? the best way is around this tourist spot you can see wooden umbrellas with knitted thatched roofs.

One way to enjoy the beauty of this beach is to lie down under the thatched umbrella while enjoying fresh young coconuts!! which can be purchased around the coast.

Tanjung Aan Beach

You can also visit one of the restaurants that line the beach where the restaurant serves a variety of local dishes. Try the menus of these dishes while enjoying the beauty of the beach which is so amazing.

During the holiday season, this destination is usually crowded with local tourists. But if you go there around February, Tanjung Aan Beach will be filled with tourists both local and foreign.

Mandalika Nyale Smell

The reason is, in February there is always a special event, namely Smell Festival. This tradition is related to the local myth about Princess Mandalika where the princess fell from the hill and sacrificed herself to avoid the princes who were scrambling to marry her.

The myth goes on to say that Princess Mandalika has been reincarnated become a sea worm or known as live after the residents failed to find the body of the princess.

The tradition of catching Nyale has been around for centuries and the Nyale has become an ingredient in several types of local cuisine.

So nyale is the name of the local community for sea worms that appear only at certain times.

There are 4 species of Nyale from the Family Eunicidae namely Eunice viridis, Eunice siciliensis, Licydice collaris, and also species of Nyale Family Nereidae namely Dendronereides heteropods.

In addition to the beach of Tanjung Aan, the nyale can also be found in several other places in this beloved archipelago such as in Maluku, Sumbawa, and also Lombok.


If you use a private vehicle, it is certainly very easy to get to the Tanjung Aan location.

The journey takes 1,5 hours if the route starts from the city of Mataram then passes through Cakranegara, towards Praya, Batunyale, Rambitan, Kuta Beach and arrives at Tanjung Aan.

If from the nearest beach Kuta Lombok you only need to travel 15 minutes by vehicle and the travel distance is about 3 km.

But it will feel far again if you are from Senggigi Lombok with a distance of 72 km or about 1 hour 46 minutes.

You'd better rent a car in lombok or rent a motorbike from the city of Mataram if you don't bring a private vehicle because using public transportation will only waste time and is quite inconvenient.

If you have arrived at this beach, don't forget to visit the beaches around Tanjung Aan which are no less exotic, such as Seger Beach, Selong Belanak Beach, and of course also Kuta Beach.

Rates and Fees In Tanjung Aan Lombok

Entrance Ticket Prices (HTM) for Attractions in Lombok

There is currently no special tariff applied to enter the beach area.

Currently you only need to pay a parking fee of Rp. 10.000 for a four-wheeled car, Rp. 15.000 for buses/micro buses and Rp.5.000 for two-wheeled motorcycles.

Travel buddies can check too Entrance Ticket Prices (HTM) for Attractions on Lombok Island

For those of you who want to go to this place using a rental car, you can see the link on our website under "Cheap car rental in Lombok".

If you use a rented motorbike, just information on the cost of renting a motorbike per day in Lombok is usually IDR 50.000 per 24 hours.

Facilities at Tanjung Aan Beach Lombok

Around this beach location, there are lodging facilities, restaurants, parking areas, rental of snorkeling equipment and lo-boats, souvenir sales and local food stalls.

You can find lodging around Tanjung Aan ranging from inn classes to star hotels such as; JC Surfer's House, Villa Sorgas, Villa Bau Nyale, Family House Lombok to Novotel Lombok Resort and Villas which is 3 km away from Tanjung Aan.

Turtle shop at Tanjung Aan

Around the beach there are bars and restaurants that we recommend such as Warung Turtle, Warung Aan Resti or Ancora Restaurant which serves Italian specialties.

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Suggestions before traveling to Tanjung Aan Lombok Beach

Because the weather is quite hot, it is recommended to use sunblock and sunglasses, especially if you intend to sunbathe.

You should also be careful if you intend to climb the marese hill, use comfortable and safe footwear.

use sunblock and sunglasses when at the beach

Travel buddy can read The best tips and guides before traveling.

If you want to buy souvenirs in locations around the beach, don't let the price you pay for souvenirs is too expensive.

The trick is to try to bargain up to half the price, this is the right time to try your bargaining skills to get the best price.

Perfect time to visit

The right time to visit this beach to attend the smell of nyale ritual is in February. Because in that month, many nyale sea worms appear along the coast of Tanjung Aan.

The tradition of smelling nyale that has been around for years is a form of respect for the local community to the princess of Mandalika.

The local culture of catching nyale has become an annual tourist festival activity held by the Central Lombok tourism office to revive local tourist visits.

Of course, when the festival took place many domestic and foreign tourists were present, so the atmosphere became lively, busy mixed with joy, the fun of scrambling for nyale between tourists and local residents.

FAQ & Frequently Asked Questions About Tanjung Aan Beach

These are general questions about Tanjung Aan Lombok beach information

Where is Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok?

Tanjung Aan Beach is located in the Mandalika area, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. This area was recently ratified as a special economic zone by President Joko Widodo.

How do I have to go to get to Tanjung Aan Lombok?

As explained in the sub header above, the trip to Tanjung Aan beach is taken within 90 minutes. The route taken is Cakranegara, Praya, batunyale, rambitan, Kuta beach, Lombok, and arrived at Tanjung Aan beach.

What activities can be done while on vacation in Tanjung Aan?

Tanjung Aan is a shallow beach with a coastline of 2 km. The waves are quite calm and relatively safer. Activities that you can do at Tanjung Aan beach include playing in the water, sunbathing enjoying the scenery, and relaxing while playing in the sand.

If you want to take pictures with a more beautiful view, you can rent a boat to go to Bukit Merese or Batu Payung.

What culinary delights can be found when visiting Tanjung Aan?

Like beaches in general, Tanjung Aan Beach is also lined with restaurants and stalls.

Many menus are served by restaurants by the beach such as local cuisine, seafood, and many more. Enjoying culinary at Tanjung Aan is incomplete if you don't see the beautiful beach scenery.

How much is the entrance ticket (HTM) for a trip to Tanjung Aan Beach?

Tanjung Aan Beach does not have an entrance ticket. So, you can enjoy beach tourism here for free to your heart's content.

You are only required to pay the vehicle parking fee. For motorbikes, the fare is Rp. 5.000, four-wheeled cars are Rp. 10.000 and for larger vehicles such as buses, you pay Rp. 15.000.

When can I visit it?

You can visit Tanjung Aan every day, this beach does not have an open and close schedule.

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