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Watotena Beach

watotena adonara beach

Watotena Beach is a tourist attraction with beautiful charm in East Flores, Adonara Island.

When on vacation to Flores, many tourists make this beach their tourist destination. Not without reason, this beach offers an amazing beauty.

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The uniqueness of Watotena Flores Beach

Watotena Beach is known as a boat-shaped cluster. If you pay attention, it looks like a boat because there is a black stone like a boat that stands firmly. If interpreted, Watotena means boat stone.

You can Larantuka car rental in Gotravela for a vacation to Watotena Beach.

Watotena Beach has a stretch of white sand that stretches high. Its charm is even more stunning combined with the gradation of the bluish green sea water. In addition, the charm is even more beautiful with the fragments of magma rock on the surface of the sand.

1. Photo Spot

In this digital era, of course, the need for photos to be uploaded on social media is important. Vacation without taking pictures is impossible. Surely the tourists want to capture vacation moments by taking pictures.

On Watotena Beach there are many interesting photo spots. The background around the beach is so amazing. You can take pictures with the background of Mount Le Boleng. There is also a hill on Lembata Island to the east.

If in the afternoon, you can also take pictures with the background of a charming sunset view. You can get a serene atmosphere here.

2. Clear Seawater

If tourists usually have to do diving to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, it is different from Watotena beach. Because the sea water is clear, you can see the flora and fauna in the sea without diving. You can see the charm of natural coral reefs with colorful small fish.

Many tourists choose to bathe or play in the water around the beach. They used to enjoy the charm of the underwater while waiting for time sunset arrive.

If you want to play sea water on the beach, you have to be careful. Because Watotena waves are quite big. However, the waves of this beach will be broken by the presence of a rock wall around the beach.

In addition to the rock walls, around the beach there are also lush trees. You can see wild monkeys here. Then, not far from Watotena Beach, there is another beach that is no less beautiful. Its name is Ena Burak Beach. The distance is only about 1 km. Wow, you can all take a vacation to Ena Burak Beach after you are satisfied with exploring Watotena Beach.

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3. Cheap Entrance Ticket Prices

You don't have to pay a fortune to enjoy the beauty of Watotena Beach in Nelerereng Village, Ile Boleng District, East Adonara, East Flores. Because, the entrance ticket fee is only Rp. 5.000 only. Wow, that's cheap.

To go to tourist sites, from Larantuka City you need to travel for approximately 2 hours.

If you arrive in Larantuka, you can cross to Adonara Island by boat. Yes, because Larantuka and Adonara are two separate islands. The cost to ride a motorboat is also very affordable, so you don't have to worry about breaking your pocket.

The motorboat crossing will arrive at Harbor Waiwerang. The location of this port is in the city center of Adonara Island. Next, you can use the motorbike rental service in Adonara to go to Watotena Beach.

During the trip you will be presented with beautiful natural scenery. Once you arrive at the location, the view of the beach will be even more beautiful, making you amazed. Wow.

Where else can you vacation with low budget but the natural scenery is amazingly beautiful. Welcome to Watotena Beach!


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