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Holiday to Bingin Pecatu Beach

Bingin Pecatu Beach Bali

Another beach to add to your list of holiday destinations in Bali is Bingin Pecatu Beach, Bali.

You may not have heard much about the name of this beach. But its beauty is no less than other beaches in the Pecatu area.

The beauty of this beach is hidden behind cliffs. Curious? Please read the following information.



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Bali is a paradise for someone who feels tired and wants to find 'fresh air'. This island always presents a different atmosphere at every tourist attraction you visit.

This will make you enthusiastic about your daily activities again. One of the suitable tours to make your body fresh again is Enjoying the Tranquility at Beach tourism and the beach that is suitable for this situation is Bingin Pecatu Beach.

About Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach, which is one of the beaches in the Badung tourist area, is located on Jalan Pantai Bingin, Pecatu Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

Bingin Beach

This beach is one of the beautiful hidden beaches on the Island of the Gods and more precisely, it is behind the cliffs of New Beach Kuta beach.

The location of this beach is on the same coastline as several other beaches. Like: Dreamland Beach, Pandawa Beach, Balangan Beach, Labuan Sait Beach, and Blue Ocean Beach.

When the sea water at this beach is high, the waves can reach around 5 – 8 meters. Because the waves are quite big, it is not surprising that many surfers come to this beach.

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Bingin Beach Tourist Attractions

Pecatu beach

Bingin Pecatu Beach's hidden location makes this beach have its own attraction for tourists, both local and foreign tourists.

Apart from enjoying the view, this beach is also popular with surfers because the waves are suitable for water surfing.

Bingin Pecatu Beach is one of the interesting places that can be your choice to enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

Because it is one of the favorite places to enjoy the sunset, of course many tourists visit this place in the late afternoon.

Not only that, Bingin Pecatu Beach has white beach sand with a slightly rough texture. The color of the sea water is very clear blue.

Another beach attraction is the beautiful view around the beach. The green cliffs around the beach and full of trees will certainly refresh your eyes.

If it is low tide, on the beach you will see a stretch of coral that looks beautiful and leaves a basin or hole in the coral which contains water like a small pool.

Access to the Beach

After parking your vehicle, you can start your adventure to immediately enjoy the beauty of the beach. The access available to get to Bingin Pecatu Beach is down stairs that you have to pass, but not only stairs, but you also have to go through narrow alleys.

The contour of the road route to the location is very steep and winding. The difficulty of access to the location makes this beach rarely known and rarely visited.

However, if you like adventurous and anti-mainstream natural recreation, then the Bingin beach tourist attraction in Badung Regency will be a special destination.

Apart from that, you will not regret if you choose this beach as a vacation spot because there are many fun activities you can do on this beach.

Activities You Can Do at This Beach

Pecatu Beach

There are many activities you can do at Bingin Pecatu Beach. One of them is swimming. The calm water on the beach is of course very suitable for swimming.

What you should know is the high and low tide times so that you are safe while swimming. In addition to swimming, on this beach you can also do surfing.

This beach is one of the favorites of foreigners for surfing.

An equally exciting activity that you can do on this beach is snorkeling. Snorkeling or diving is one way to enjoy the beauty that lies beneath the sea surface. This beach is known as habitat experience a variety of diverse marine animals.

If you can't swim or surf, visitors can do the classic way to enjoy the beauty of the beach, namely by sunbathing, taking a leisurely walk on the beach, or just sitting and relaxing.

On this beach there are many beautiful spots that will produce beautiful photos when you capture them.

That's a little review about Bingin Pecatu Beach Bali which has a lot of tourist attractions. Hopefully useful and happy holidays.


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