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Toya Pakeh Harbor

port of toya using nusa penida

Harbor Toya Pakeh is a port in Nusa Penida.

If you want to vacation in Nusa Penida, every tourist will definitely set foot in Toya Pakeh first. You could say that this is the gateway to Nusa Penida.

toya pakeh port
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Apart from being the final transit place for ships, Toya Pakeh is also a tourist place to visit. There are some fun activities that can be done here. Surely a vacation to Nusa Penida will be very pleasant.

Toya Pakeh is a port as well as a tourist spot that you can visit. One of the fun activities that can be done is snorkeling.

It could be 1 day to do a tour in Nusa Penida. But it will be more fun if you spend a few days staying overnight. Because there are several tourist spots that you must visit.

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Toya Pakeh Harbor

Actually the name Toya Pakeh is taken from the name of the area in Nusa Penida. All tourists will stop at this pier if they go up fast boat from Sanur.


1. Snorkeling and Diving

The atmosphere in this harbor is very calm with beautiful views that make many people like it. Moreover, you can snorkel or dive to enjoy the beautiful underwater world. The water is clear so you can see the diversity of marine life clearly.

If you are a beginner who is just practicing snorkeling, you should still be on the boat's supervision. Under the sea there is a variety of flora and fauna. There are sunfish, Platax, Fusiliers, sweetlips, and jackfish. There are even shrimp, crab, and nudibranchs.

2. Enjoy the Beauty of the Beach

Just sitting on the beach while enjoying the charm of a beautiful beach view you can do. Although it looks very simple, but this activity can make the mind relax.

You can enjoy a calming atmosphere at Toya Pakeh Harbor. Sit and feel the breeze blowing while looking at the vast blue sea water. Coupled with the sound of the waves rolling.

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3. Watching Fishermen's Activities

Most of the livelihoods of the people around Pakeh are fishermen. If you vacation here, you can clearly see what fishing activities are.

There are also people who harvest seaweed. Of course observing their activities will add new insights.

How to Get to Toya Pakeh

If you are in Bali, you can take a canoe to get to the Toya Pakeh port of Nusa Penida. FYI, in the middle of the sea you will find a Pontoon Dock. This place is managed by Quicksilver.

You can get various facilities such as places to eat, water slides, water activities such as banana boats, snorkeling and diving. This place is the main attraction because it is a floating building with three floors. If you go up to the top of the building, you can see the view of the open ocean.

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Toya Pakeh is a village located on the island of Nusa Penida, precisely on the south side Bay Bali. From Sanur, you can take a fast boat with a long journey of about 30 minutes to 1,5 hours. The length of time varies because it depends on the sea situation.

Once satisfied to enjoy its beauty, you can continue your journey to other tourist attractions. For example, to Crystal Bay, Andus Beach, Pasih Uug, Kelingking Beach, and other tourist attractions.

It feels like a vacation in Nusa Penida is not enough for 1 day because there are many interesting tourist attractions to visit. For nature lovers, this beautiful island is truly a paradise of underwater beauty. Not to mention tourists can enjoy the beautiful sunset or sunrise from the beach in Nusa Penida.


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