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Bunut Ngengkang Natural Bath

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The natural baths of Bunut Ngengkang can be one of the vacation destinations to West Lombok. Natural conditions are still so natural, cool and fresh. You can unwind with a vacation to this Bunut Ngengkang Lombok tourist spot.

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Bunut Ngengkang Natural Bath

West Lombok has a destination with extraordinary charm. One of the attractions that you can visit is Bunut Ngengkang.

This tourist destination is suitable as a vacation spot with family. This recreational tour is very child-friendly.

The concept of this tourist spot is a bath in the middle of the forest. You will enjoy nature that is so beautiful and cool. Every tourist seems to be one with nature.

This natural bathing tourist spot has been around for a long time. But just opened as a tourist spot in 2019.

Springs from natural springs make the water so fresh. This bath has a beautiful and cool feel. The shady atmosphere makes anyone feel at home for long here.

The Origin of Bunut Ngengkang

In 2020, local residents have a program to build a mosque in the village environment. They are confused to raise funds for the construction of this mosque. At that time there was a covid 19 pandemic. People's income decreased because their crops failed to harvest.

Finally, they looked for another idea to find a charity fund for the construction of a mosque. The idea is to use the river in Bunut Ngengkang. The river water is so clear. Residents decided to make a natural bathing pool.

The name Bunut Ngengkang comes from the Lombok language. Bunut means banyan tree. Around the bathing pool there is a banyan tree. This tree has big roots. The roots of this tree spread everywhere so that it is like wide open legs. This is why it is called a straddle (straddle).

The Allure of the Bunut Strand

Being Under a Beautiful Tree

One of the attractions of Bunut Ngengkang is that it is located in a cool and beautiful area. Every visitor can feel the fresh air when in this bath.

There is a sense of calmness that is obtained when you come here. In fact, the calm nature, with the combination of the sound of water and birds chirping, can relax the brain.

Well, if you're looking for a relaxing place, just come to this attraction.

You can soak in the water that is so fresh while enjoying the serene nature. This activity will make you free from fatigue.

Clean and Clear Water

Don't worry about the cleanliness of the water. The water in Bunut Ngangkang is very clean and fresh.

In fact, you can see the rocks in the pool because the water is clear.

The size of this pool is quite large. This will make you feel more comfortable when bathing.

There is a Gowes Path

The main road to this bathing place is the road to Sesoat tourism. The path taken is still a dirt and rocky road.

Tracking like this is in great demand by cyclists. It's no wonder that many visitors deliberately do cycling with the route here.

Unique Photo Spots

If you come here, don't forget to take pictures by riding the swing in the middle of the pool. This swing is suspended on a large sturdy tree.

Visitors who come to this bathing place do not need to miss taking pictures. The photo background with the flow of the river and the bathing pool is so beautiful.

Location of the Baths

The Bunut Ngengkang tourist spot is located in Aik Nyet Hamlet, Buwun Sejati, Narmada, West Lombok.

This location is in the middle of the Sesaot forest. In this forest area there are many kinds of fruits. This area is also rich in springs.

Bunut Ngengkang is open every day from 07.00 to 17.00 WITA. Throughout the day this location is very cool. You don't need to be afraid of the heat even though it comes in the daytime.

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That's information about the natural bathing Bunut Ngengkang. Hopefully it can be a reference for you who want to travel to Lombok.


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