Whoops! Tourist Boat Runs aground in the Waters of Komodo Island

Komodo Island Waters

The news of the sea accident came from Labuhan Bajo. Quoted from Antaranews (16/9/2022), the tourist boat ran aground in the waters of Komodo Island, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province on Wednesday (14/9).

ran aground! Fail to Goal

It is KLM Cakabah which ran aground in the waters of Komodo Island. The incident took place at 18.50:XNUMX WITA. At that time, KLM Cakabah was sailing from Komodo Island to Labuan Bajo. However, before reaching its destination, the ship ran aground around Takah Toro Kuning on Komodo Island. This makes the tour boat unable to continue the cruise to Labuan Bajo.

Joint SAR Team to Immediately Evacuate

Following the incident, the joint SAR team evacuated dozens of people consisting of tourists and crew from the ship. "The SAR team from the Labuan Bajo Basarnas Post has evacuated the tourists safely from the waters of Komodo Island to Labuan Bajo," said Head of the Class B Search and Rescue Office Maumere Wahyu Efendi, Thursday (15/9).

He explained that the incident of the KLM Cakabah tourist ship that ran aground in the waters of Komodo Island was obtained by the Basarnas team at the Labuan Bajo SAR Post from the Class III Labuan Bajo Harbormaster and Port Authority (KSOP) Office. Receiving the news, his party immediately rushed to the scene to try to save the passengers.

Successful Evacuation, All Congratulations!

Furthermore, he said that at the scene of the incident the joint SAR team evacuated 14 people. Of these, 13 were tourists and 1 was a crew member from KLM Cakabah. The evacuation was successfully completed in the early hours of around 00.10 WITA following tourists and crew members arriving at the La Prima Labuan Bajo pier and then staying at their respective inns. "The joint SAR team in Labuan Bajo evacuated 14 people consisting of 13 tourists and one crew member of KLM Cakabah, after being evacuated the tourists went straight to their respective lodging places," he explained. Luckily, both tourists and crew members were evacuated safely and all of them were healthy. "All tourists and crew members are safe and in good health," Wahyu continued.

About Labuan Bajo and Komodo Island

Meanwhile, Labuan Bajo became so famous because of the uniqueness of its beautiful natural landscape. In addition, as a Super Priority tourist destination, Labuhan Bajo has also succeeded in stunning the world with its ancient animals that are still alive today, namely the Komodo dragon. There are several spots in the Labuan Bajo area to see firsthand the life of Komodo dragons in their habitat, including on Rinca Island, Padar Island and of course, Komodo Island. Travel buddy Have you ever been to Labuan Bajo or may be planning a visit in the near future? (y)

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