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The charm of Gili Kapal

ship dyke charm

The charm of Gili Kapal is indeed very unique. Gili Kapal Lombok is a sand dune that is sometimes visible, sometimes not visible. What is the charm like?

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Indonesia does have an endless tourist charm. From West Indonesia to East Indonesia you can find so many beautiful tourist attractions.

Lombok is a paradise for tourists. Here are many attractions with stunning natural scenery. There are many dyke, which is a small island in Lombok. Each dyke has its own beauty and uniqueness. One of them is the charm of Gili Kapal.

Gili boats are relatively small in size. However, this small island is able to attract tourists to come here. Not only tourists who come from within the country. But there are also many foreign tourists who spend time on vacation on Gili Kapal.

You can come here by using DPrabu ferry boat to ward from bali, then rent a car to east lombok.


You need to know, that Gili Kapal does not always appear. Because there are certain times when this dyke is not visible.

If the sea water is receding, you will see a sand dune that makes everyone's curiosity.

The Stunning Charm of Gili Kapal

Don't think that the ship's dyke is a stranded ship. Not that, because Gili Kapal is a sand dune that forms a dyke.

There is a unique story why people call it Gili Kapal. That's because in the past many ships were stuck as a result of passing through this rising and sinking dyke. At high tide, this sand dune is not visible. But resulted in the ship passing over it snagged. This is the reason why it is named as Gili Kapal.

People call it a hidden paradise. One of the reasons is because the charm of Gili Kapal Lombok can arise and sink. Even today there are still many people who do not know the existence of this dyke.

Even though the charm of Gili Kapal is truly stunning. It's a shame that many don't know about the beauty of this dyke.

If you want to come here, make sure to visit at low tide. Usually in the morning and evening. If the sea water is high then Gili Kapal will not be seen.

Some tourists will ask the local community when the time is right. They will suggest to come in the morning when the sun is starting to rise. It is at this time that Gili Kapal will show its charm.

Special Island

People call it a special island because the charm of Gili Kapal is special. This Gili is an uninhabited sand dune.

Although it looks simple, but this sand dune is very unique. You will not find a tree so there will be no place to shelter. Lodging was not found here.

This simplicity and natural charm make Gili Kapal a special tourist spot. Unlike other Gilis, which have many complete facilities such as lodging and restaurants.

Giant Swimming Pool

Another unique thing is the swimming pool giant. That's because a quarter of Gili Kapal has no coral reefs. So when you dive, you will feel more free. You can go here and there without fear of getting caught or damaging the coral reefs. However, the remaining three-quarters are found in many beautiful coral reefs.

The sea water around Gili Kapal is so clear. This is the reason why you must swim freely here. Don't miss the exciting moment on vacation to enjoy the charm of Gili Kapal.

Route to Gili Kapal

Located in Sambelia Village, East Lombok. You can get here by crossing using a fast boat or motorboat. The journey time to cross is about 20 minutes. But before that, you need to travel overland from Mataram to the ferry dock. This trip takes about 2,5 hours.


Enjoying the charm of Gili Kapal is a very exciting thing. You can come here with your partner or family. Let's schedule it right away.

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