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The charm of Gili Kondo

Gili Kondo Lombok

The charm of Gili Kondo is second to none. Gili Kondo Lombok can be your choice of vacation spot. The atmosphere is serene with stunning natural views.

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Lombok is famous for its extraordinary charm of the Gilis. Gili is a small island located around the island of Lombok. One of the dyke that has its own uniqueness is Gili Kondo.

Many say, this place is a hidden paradise in East Lombok. This saying is true. Because, its charm is so amazing that it is called Hidden Heaven.

Moreover, the location is remote. The size of the island is quite small. But the beauty on offer is no joke. The nuances of nature are so beautiful and natural.

Although there are still minimal facilities when compared to Gili Trawangan, the charm of Gili Kondo is still impressive. The natural scenery is unbeatable with other dyke.

You can get here by crossing using Gili islands fast boat.


Around Gili Kondo, you will find several other dyke that are no less beautiful. There are Gili Kapal, Gili Lampu, and Gili Bidara. So you can explore the dyke when you set foot on Gili Kondo.

The charm of Gili Kondo will not disappoint every visitor who comes here. It has beautiful natural scenery and is rich in marine life.

If you like snorkeling or diving, this place is perfect for you. You can be satisfied to enjoy a variety of marine animals. Because of the beauty of this underwater scenery, many foreign tourists come here.

Gili Kondo Tourist Attractions

What are the features of Gili Kondo? Let's discuss.

1. Rich in Underwater Habitat

One of the charms of Gili Kondo Lombok which is very charming is the underwater scenery. The marine life is very diverse. When snorkeling or diving you can see the beautiful fish swimming. In addition, there are also many coral reefs with beautiful charms.

2. Beautiful white sand stretches wide

Gili Kondo is a small uninhabited island. Besides being rich in marine animals, this dyke has a beautiful view of white sand.

The average beach in Lombok has a pepper texture, but here it is different. The sand is finer and denser in texture. Even when exposed to sunlight, the wet sand will sparkle beautifully. However, there is also sand that has a pepper-like texture on the other side.

3. Suitable for Camping and Snorkeling Kegiatan

If you want to enjoy the charm of Gili Kondo, you can camp with your family or beloved friends. There is also an inn that you can rent for the night.

If you stay overnight, you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

Then, an activity that should not be missed is snorkeling. Relax, you can rent snorkeling equipment here.


Gili Kondo tourism has quite good facilities. Even though it is an uninhabited island, there are already many inns here. There are even villas and cottages with complete facilities. All of that will pamper tourists so that they are more comfortable traveling here.

Meanwhile, there is also a restaurant that serves various processed menus. Visitors can relax here while enjoying dish served. So you don't have to starve even if you don't bring food and drinks.

Let's read too

Location Not So Difficult

The charm of Gili Kondo is famous for its very charming beach views. If you want to come here, take it easy because it is not difficult to access it. The location is in Sambelia, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

From Mataram City to Sambelia, you will take a land trip of about 2-2,5 hours. Then from Sambelia, you need to cross by boat. This journey takes about 20 -30 minutes.

Even though you need to travel for about 3 hours, you can say it's still quite simple. Because many other tourist attractions take longer to get there.

How are you guys, are you interested in enjoying a vacation to enjoy the charm of Gili Kondo tourism? Let's schedule as soon as possible!


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