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Lawar Beach Tourism Enchantment

Sumbawa Lawar Beach

The charm of Lawar Beach tourism spoils the eyes. The beauty of nature is truly extraordinary to make your vacation enjoyable. You can go to Lawar Beach Sumbawa with your loved ones.

Lawar beach tourism charm
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The beauty of Lawar Beach, Sumbawa

Lawar Beach has a very beautiful natural charm. This tourist attraction is highly recommended for you to visit with family or friends.

Vacations are very important. You can take a break from routine activities that are tiring. Here you can do various fun things. Lawar Beach in Sumbawa will provide a sensation of tranquility and peace.

You can relax while enjoying the calming nature. Your mind will be fresh so you will be even more enthusiastic when you return to work.

You will be spoiled with the charm of a very beautiful beach. Lawar Beach is a cheap but impressive holiday destination.

Many tourists spend time on this beach. How about you? Are you interested in coming to this beach? Let's discuss more about Lawar Beach tourist attraction in Sumbawa.

Beach Location

It is very important to find information where Lawar Beach is located. So before you leave, you should dig up detailed information.

This will make your vacation run smoothly. Especially if you are on vacation independently without joining a tour package. So inevitably you have to go to an independent tourist attraction.

Take it easy, in this sophisticated era, you can find a location using the Google Map application. You just follow the existing route.

The location of the Lawar Beach tourist attraction is in Sekongkang District, West Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

You will get a pleasant sensation with an unforgettable experience. Lawar Beach is perfect for your holiday destination.

Tourist Attraction Facilities

What are the facilities available at Lawar Beach, Sumbawa? There are several supporting facilities that you can enjoy. This is one of them.

  1. Convenient parking
  2. A place to eat that sells a variety of drinks and food
  3. Interesting photo spots that are instagrammable
  4. There is a gazebo or a place to relax to enjoy the beach view
  5. Multiple toilets and showers
  6. There is a camping area to set up a tent

With some of these supporting facilities, the holidays will be more enjoyable. You will be more comfortable exploring this Lawar Beach tourist spot.

Interesting Activities

What are some interesting activities you can do at Lawar Beach? Apart from enjoying the extraordinary beauty of nature, there are several other things.

For example, doing surfing on this beach. Lawar Beach waves are perfect for surfing.

In addition, you can also play in the sand on the beach. If you come here together with family or friends, playing in the sand is a fun activity.

Then, don't forget to take pictures around Lawar Beach. There are many interesting photo spots that are not to be missed. You can take some photos to upload on social media.

With an instagrammable background, it will definitely be a very interesting photo. In addition to capturing the moment, you can also share information about interesting tourist attractions.

Vacation Tips

There are several things to consider when on vacation to Lawar Beach. Here are some of them.

  1. Bring extra money on vacation. It could be that you are over budget when you go to Sumbawa. If you bring more money, you will feel more comfortable on vacation without worries.
  2. It's best to come here in the morning or evening. This time is the best time because the sun is not so hot.
  3. For a fun trip, you should bring friends or family
  4. Don't forget to bring a change of clothes while on vacation at Lawar

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That's information about the charm of Lawar Beach tourism in Sumbawa. I hope this information is useful.


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