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Pearl Beach Tourism Charm

trenggalek pearl beach

The charm of Mutiara Beach tourism is really beautiful. This beach in Trenggalek, East Java, has become a tourist destination. That's because the Pearl Beach tourist attraction has beautiful natural scenery.

pearl beach tourism charm
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Mutiara Beach is one of the interesting destinations in Trenggalek, East Java. People describe Mutiara Beach as a beautiful beach like a piece of heaven. This beach, which is located in the South Coast area, has a stunning charm. Anyone will be amazed to see the beauty it has.

Pearl Beach Tourist Attraction

1. Natural Beauty

The main attraction of Pearl Beach tourism is having stunning natural beauty. The beach which is on the southern tip of Java always attracts many people.

Around the beach there is also a hidden bay. It takes a struggle to access it. But once you arrive at the location, you will see the beauty of a very beautiful bay.

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Once you get to the beach, you will see this beach in clean condition. The beach sand is so soft when it touches the feet. Your eyes will be stunned when you see the blue sea water and beautiful waves.

2. Friendly Waves

The location of Mutiara Beach is at the corner of the bay in the Prigi area. There are many beautiful beaches in this area. Such as Prigi Beach, Karanggongso Beach, and White Sand Beach.

The charm of this pearl beach tour is viral because it has beautiful nature. The atmosphere on the beach is so calm. The waves are not too big because the location of the beach is protected from the south sea breeze. That's because the location of Mutiara Beach is in the Bay area.

Therefore, many visitors come to the beach to play in the water. Visitors are allowed to play in the water around the beach because the waves are calm.

You can also play in the sand on the beach. This activity is very fun.

3. Attractive Environmental Contours

In addition to the beauty of its beaches, Mutiara Beach is also supported by attractive environmental contours. Across the beach, you can see the beautiful green hills. This view is very beautiful.

This place is also a favorite to see the sunset in the afternoon. When dusk arrives, many local residents or tourists from out of town come here.

4. Instagrammable Photo Spots

Because of the beauty of the natural panorama at Mutiara Beach, it's no wonder many are taking pictures here. The beautiful scenery is a great background. You can take pictures on the beach. In addition, you can also take pictures on the hill.

Besides being a favorite place to take pictures, this hill is also used as a place to see the sunset. The sunset panorama looks very beautiful from the top of this hill.

5. Water Sports Rides

Pearl Beach Tourism is fairly new. However, this beach is already so popular. Thanks to the digital world, anything can go viral, including this beautiful tourist attraction.

In addition to beautiful natural attractions, Mutiara Beach also has a number of water sports rides.

You can try several rides such as boats, boats, canoes, kayaks and so on. In fact, you can also do snorkeling at this beach.

The underwater scenery is amazingly beautiful. There's no need to be afraid. The area for snorkeling is not too deep. So make beginner very safe.

Let's read too

6. Floating House

There is a floating house on Mutiara Beach which is another attraction. This floating house is located near the beach. Every visitor can reach this floating house by boat.

You will have an unforgettable experience. Interesting experience because you can see grouper cultivation.

In fact, this place is also used as a place for coral reef cultivation. Very interesting, right?

That's the discussion about the Pearl Beach tourist attraction. I hope this information is useful.

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