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Picking Strawberries from Mount Singgalang

Singgalang mountain slope tour

The Mount Singgalang Strawberry Picking Tourist Place can be a destination destination while on vacation with family. Children will be happy to be invited to pick strawberries straight from the tree. In addition to picking strawberries, you can also enjoy the natural beauty of this tourist spot on the slopes of Mount Singgalang.

picking mountain singgalang strawberries
Photo by @riski_kebun_strawberry_upang

Gardening is an exciting activity. But not all painstaking people can garden from planting to harvesting. The most enjoyable thing is harvesting. Isn't that right?

On the slopes of Mount Singgalang, you can take a strawberry picking tour. The fruit you pick can be taken home.

Picking Strawberries from Mount Singgalang

Mount Singgalang is located in West Sumatra, precisely in Agam Regency.

There is no entry ticket price. Visitors can enter the strawberry garden for free. However, only pay for strawberries that are picked and taken home.

Strawberry trees are not very tall so they can pick fruit easily. The height of the tree is less than 1 meter.

The price per kilogram of strawberries is Rp. 80.000. This strawberry picking tourist garden is open every day. You can come between 08.00 – 17.00 WIB.

Previously, this garden was started to be cultivated in 2013 by a resident named Pak Dadang. The management of this garden is carried out independently.

Initially just for extra income. Until finally sent to several areas such as Pekanbaru, Aceh, and Medan.

From farming activities, then used as a tourist spot. Currently, many people are growing strawberries in this area. Not only Mr. Dadang.

Tourist sites

The Strawberry Picking Garden on the slopes of Mount Singgalang is located in Upang Village, Jorong Patangan, Nagari Balingka, Agam. This tourist location is about 16 km from the center of Bukittinggi. If you take a vehicle, it will take about 40 minutes.

How is the access road to this tourist spot? Based on the reviews on Google Reviews, the terrain is quite challenging. So you have to be extra careful.

If you want a vacation to this strawberry garden, your health condition must be good. Also check the condition of the vehicle.

Make sure it is in good condition so that there are no problems while traveling. The road to the strawberry garden is full incline. Naturally, because the location of the tourist attractions are on the slopes of the mountains.

But behind the extreme road terrain, there is a very beautiful scenery. You can enjoy the beautiful nature during the trip.

The air is very cool too. Not even at the tourist sites, you can already enjoy the beautiful nature.

Travel route

To go to the location of the tourist attraction, you can take the path to Puncak Lawang.

Then, when you find the Malalak intersection, you can turn left. Just go straight until you see the banner of Kampung Strawberry Upang.

If you depart from the city of Padang, you can pass through Malalak or the outer Padang intersection. After that, turn left.

Let's read too

From this intersection you will find Upang Strawberry Farm. There are already signs there so you just have to follow the directions.

How about friends, are you interested in coming to the strawberry picking tour on the slopes of Mount Singgalang? Hope you have a nice holiday.


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