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Pocong Village

Pocong village in Bangkalan

It's not just about the natural landscape or culture, Indonesia's uniqueness is also about regional names. Like this village which might give you goosebumps when you hear it. Yes, it sounds unique, this place is called Pocong Village. Hiiiiiii… Is the place as 'as scary' as its name? Don't move, okay? Travel buddy, Find the answer in the following review.

Pocong Village is strange but real

The name of this village in Tragah District, Bangkalan Regency, Madura Island is indeed unusual.

Even though it has a unique, 'legitimate' name, its origins are still not known for certain. “From a long time ago the name of this village was Pocong Village.

"It's just that the history is not clear and is still confusing with several versions," said Masduki, Chair of BPD Pocong, as quoted from second travel which Gotravela Indonesia then quoted.

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Various Perceptions about its origins

Meanwhile, according to the Head of Pocong Village, H Masturi, there have been many perceptions regarding the name of this village. However, he himself did not know exactly the origins of the village he led. "The name Pocong itself has never been known directly about its history.

Pocong village in Bangkalan

"In fact, I never heard this story directly from my grandfather, who had been village head for 52 years, before I became village head," he explained.

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In society, a myth has developed that this village was once a forest which later became a residential area. Well, the story spread in the community that people who first lived in the area often saw the appearance of 'pocong'. "Yes, because residents are often haunted by Pocong appearances, this is what makes this village called Pocong Village," he said.

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Other versions

Another version has emerged about the origin of this unique place. It is said that in this village there used to be a pucang tree underneath which had a spring. From the name Pucang, it was then 'turned' into Pocong. “In another version, it is said that there used to be a pucang tree that gave rise to a source of water beneath it. "From the name of this pucang tree, the name Pocong Village was created," added the village head.

Another thing with Opinions chaplain Abdul Ghoni, who is one of the figures from Karang Anyar Hamlet who suspects that the word pocong comes from 'pancong'. "In the past, I still saw lots of fishing poles along this river. "It could be that Pocong Village was taken from the word pancong," he said.

However, he also explained another reason behind the emergence of the name of this village. "There are also those who say, because of the long flow of water from the source that comes out of the pocang tree which reaches the Bangkalan city area, so the base is called pocong," he explained again. (y)


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