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Post-Pandemic Tourism Opportunities

Post-Pandemic Tourism Opportunities

This article will discuss post-pandemic tourism opportunities in Indonesia. The Indonesian tourism industry and even the entire world is being hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the Government has done many things to continue to improve this situation. What is the state of our tourism after this pandemic? Continue reading, okay?

Indonesian Tourism
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There is a lot of news circulating about Covid 19. There are those who are experiencing problems that are getting worse and there are also those who are preparing to make peace with Covid 19 and consider it a common cold problem. This is starting to become a question, whether Indonesia can immediately come to terms with this pandemic and can immediately restore tourism conditions to what they used to be.

Post-Pandemic Tourism Opportunities

Before this vicious flu virus attacked the whole world, Indonesia was a country that was very rich in natural beauty. Indonesia is a tropical country and has vast natural beauty.

Starting from beaches, mountains, even under the sea, Indonesia also has a lot of wealth. This is what has caused Indonesia to have very busy tourism in recent years.

Indonesia, which was previously only popular with Bali, is starting to become more famous with other regions. Like Papua with Raja Ampat-his, Komodo island and many more. The Indonesian tourism industry is starting to develop and more and more areas are becoming known to foreign tourists.

Indonesian Tourism in the Covid-19 Era 

However, the development of many tourist attractions in Indonesia had to be postponed once again due to the sudden attack of Covid 19. With Covid 19, all activities are paralyzed. There are no more tourists, both foreign and local tourists.

For local tourism, recently there has been quite a lot of development. However, with the emergence of a new variant that is more easily transmitted, the condition of tourism in Indonesia and even the world has collapsed. Post-Pandemic Tourism Opportunities

There are no more beaches visited by tourists. There are no longer people who freely climb the mountains. Even breathing air freely is difficult because you have to wear a mask, especially when traveling.

The paralysis of Indonesian tourism, which in recent times has contributed quite a large amount of the country's foreign exchange, has made the Indonesian economy quite overwhelmed. Not only countries, regions that were originally strong areas with tourism are now having to restrain themselves and lose their livelihoods.

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Tourism Opportunities Post Covid-19 Pandemic in 2021 

2020 was indeed a difficult year for Indonesian society, especially the tourism sector. At the end of 2020 and early 2021, economic and tourism conditions have begun to improve. Even though it is not as busy as before and not many foreign tourists have come, post-pandemic tourism opportunities, especially visits by local tourists, can be considered quite improved.

The process of administering the vaccine, which has begun, has begun to control the spread of the virus. Hopefully it can make the tourism industry in Indonesia start to see a bright spot. However, with the emergence of the new Covid 19 variant, tourism conditions have worsened again.

Boro-boro wants to travel, the hospitals are very full and it is even very difficult to get rooms for those who experience severe symptoms. This made Indonesia mourn again.

The Revival of the Tourism Industry After the Covid-19 Pandemic 

Then what about Indonesian Tourism? Is it possible that Indonesian tourism will bounce back after Covid 19? Regarding the issue of tourism revival, it all depends on the community itself. If the public complies with Health Protocols and does not take Covid 19 lightly, the country's infection conditions will be more under control.

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Yes, the key is controlling the virus itself. Post-pandemic tourism opportunities can rise again, of course, accompanied by obedience and discipline in following health protocols and vaccination to get Herd Immunity is the only way to help overcome this Covid 19.

However, for the time being, it seems that the condition of Indonesian tourism should still be more careful because opening tourism now can be one way to destroy this country.


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