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Proclaimer Waterfall

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Proklamator Waterfall can be your choice of traveling. Including new waterfall tours in West Sumatra so that the conditions are still so natural. For those of you who are nature lovers, this is perfect!

proclaimer's waterfall
Photo by Utyhdyn

Proclaimer Waterfall is located in Tanah Datar Regency, West Sumatra. Precisely located in the Anai Valley.

These attractions include tours new because it opened in 2020. The journey takes approximately 1,5 hours from Minangkabau International Airport.

Why is this waterfall called the Proclaimer Waterfall? That's because the inventor of this waterfall is a student from Bung Hatta University.

Bung Hatta and Bung Karno were the proclaimers who read the text of the proclamation of Indonesian independence.

This waterfall is so interesting. Because, there are seven levels of water. The flowing water comes from Mount Singgalang.

The third level of this waterfall is a tourist attraction. What is the charm of Proklamator Waterfall in West Sumatra? Let's keep watching.

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Opening Hours and Ticket Prices

Erwin, one of the managers of this waterfall explained that the tourist attraction is open every day. Open from 9 am to 4 pm.

This tourist spot is closed at night because there is no lighting. So the manager urges visitors to leave the tourist area no later than 6 pm.

After that, you will be punished or fined. All of this is for the safety of visitors. Because walking without lights at night is dangerous.

The price of admission per person is Rp. 10.000.

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Walking to Waterfall

You have to walk from the parking lot. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes.

The road to the Proclaimer Waterfall is still natural. No lights yet. Visitors can rely on directions in the form of arrows.

To avoid getting lost, use the services of a tour guide. The guide will take you to the location of the waterfall.

The guide stands guard at the ticket payment counter area.

The path that is passed is very slippery when it rains. The road that is traversed is still as it is, there is no significant development. Except there are some stairs at the start of the journey.

Make sure you wear safe and comfortable footwear. For example wearing shoes or sandals mountain.

Then bring enough supplies. There are no food vendors in the waterfall area. Don't forget to bring drinking water.

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Wear clothes that easily absorb sweat to be comfortable.

Also bring a change of clothes in case you play in the water around the Proclaimer waterfall. Another preparation that you must not forget is to bring a raincoat and plastic bag if you come during the rainy season.

The management allows you to bring cooking utensils or nesting. But with the caveat that it is not allowed to damage the environment and is prohibited from littering.

Tourists are not allowed to stay or camp at this tourist spot.

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That's information about one of the new tours in West Sumatra, namely the Proclamation Waterfall. Hopefully it's useful.


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