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Trekking Mount Batur is a way to admire Nature as well as Balinese Culture

Bali not only offers the charm of white sand beaches or fun snorkeling spots, but also offers a panoramic view of the mountains that are no less interesting. One of the mountain tourist destinations that you need to try is Mount Batur trekking.

Not just an adrenaline rush, or a breath of fresh air, trekking Mount Batur is a way to admire nature and Balinese culture.

Together Gotravela Indonesia, you will be invited to explore every inch of the beauty of the famous Mount in Indonesia Island of the Gods Bali while admiring the cultural side of the surrounding community.

For the cost, Gotravela offers the best prices with themes “witness the beauty of the Sunrise of high-altitude 1,717 meters”



Rate below based on Rupiah (Indonesian Currency) valid for all markets, both domestic and overseas!

adults IDR/Pax
2 pax 487.000
3 pax 345.000
4 pax 270.000
5 pax 230.000



  • Pick & Drop with Private Air-conditioned Transfer
  • Experienced drivers and humble services
  • Indonesian/English speaking local trekking guide
  • Trekking Gear Flashlight/head-lamp/trekking pole (climbing equipment)
  • Light Breakfast on top (Bread, Boiled Egg and Banana)
  • Mineral water

Price does not include BKSDA/Pemda admin permits enter conservation area, Penelokan entrance fee and tips guides & crews. 🙏

Activities Details Trekking Mount Batur:
Activity Level: Moderate Hiking
Duration: 4 hours (up & down)
Temperature: 8 – 15° Celsius (At the summit)


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For some people, hearing the word mountain trekking might make a frown. The shadow of tiredness, not being able to climb to the top to zero experience may be the reason for you to frown. Etzzzzz, However, specifically for Mount Batur, it seems that this is not enough.

What you should bring:

  • Mount Batur hiking shoes
  • Warm Jackets & Clothes
  • Socks and gloves
  • Provide enough snacks in a backpack
  • Cash for personal use
  • Camera

02.00 – pick up at the hotel (hours depending on the location from where you are staying)
03.50 – arrive at the start point of trekking Mount Batur
04.00 – start climbing Mount Batur with a trekking guide for Mount Batur
06.00 – arrive at the top and enjoy the view of the sunrise from the top of the volcano and enjoy breakfast
07.00 – return to the finish point of climbing accompanied by a trekking guide of Mount Batur
09.00 – arrive at the finish point for climbing Mount Batur and return to the hotel
12.00 – arrived at the hotel with great memories during trekking / climbing Mount Batur



Altitude 1.717 masl

Have cash flow and/or UR or and/or complete balance sheet altitude 1.717 masl Of course, Mount Batur is quite safe for beginners to climb. This means, for those of you who have never climbed a mountain, but want to try the sensation of climbing like a professional climber, Mount Batur is the right place!

Altitude 1.717 masl Trekking Mount Batur

However, if you really have never hiked and are not confident enough to do independent trekking, it would be better if you use the services of a guide to climb Mount Batur. The good news is, by choosing a Mount Batur trekking tour package from Gotravela Indonesia, you are not only escorted, but also guided to do trekking safely.

There are many interesting things that you will get while trekking on Mount Batur. This mountain in the Kintamani area has shady green vegetation. This practically makes the air around the mountain so cool. Clean air, of course very good for lung health, right?!

Bird Song

Meanwhile, the breeze and the occasional chirping of birds will accompany your journey to the top of Mount Batur. Although it sounds trivial, believe me this bird song is a natural ring tone that is not only refreshing for the soul, but also very good to rekindle the spirit of work or work.

The higher you climb, you will find trees that are increasingly stunted and often moss covers the trunks, branches and even tree branches. This scenery is very amazing and like a living painting. The thin fog that falls at any time will add to the exotic and serene impression. Tired, tired of trekking for 2 to 3 hours will heal instantly when you reach the top of Mount Batur and witness the amazing view of the Kintamani area from a height.

Hindu cosmology

Meanwhile, referring to the story of Lontar Susana Bali, it is said that Mount Batur is the peak of Mount Mahameru—which in Hindu cosmology is referred to as a sacred mountain. The Balinese also believe that besides Mount Batur, there is also Mount Agung which is also important. According to local people's beliefs, Mount Agung is considered to be the embodiment of men or called Purusha, while Mount Batur is a symbol of women or Pradhana.

The two mountains continue to synergize to give birth to fertility and community welfare. Because they are considered important, it is not surprising that the two mountains are truly protected from human 'ignorance'. Thanks to this, the nature of Mount Batur is maintained and we can still see the shade, feel the cool air and clean environment.

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Let's Trek

Curious as to what the natural beauty of Mount Batur is like and the culture of the surrounding community? Mark your calendar and let's schedule a refreshing trekking on Mount Batur Bali with Gotravela Indonesia.

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    There is no doubt about the service and the guide. Yesterday, my Mount Batur trekking friends were very impressive and the service of the driver & team gotravel number uno

    • gotraveladmin -

      Thanks so much sis Josep, see you soon for next order & trip!


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