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The Sensation of Traveling around Komodo Island with the Abizar Ship

Yes, as a noble heritage of the Bugis Nation, Phinisi is a traditional ship that still exists in this millennial era. Not only in the national arena, but his name is also famous in the international world.

Uniquely, now there are many ships phinisi made for tourism purposes aka a cruise ship. Well, if you want to feel a different sensation around Komodo Island, try cruising with the Abizar Ship. You can rent the Abizar boat in Gotravela Indonesia


Abizar Labuan Bajo ship

Abizar shipBuilt in 2019, the Abizar Ship is capable of carrying up to 12 passengers plus 5 crew members.

Maintaining the original phinisi form, the Abizar Phinisi also carries 7 screens.

It's just that, unlike the old phinisi which purely relied on the sail as the main power, the Abizar ship was supported by the Mitsubishi 6D16 Cylinder engine.

As a modern cruise ship that adopts a traditional form, Abizar is also equipped with navigation and security equipment, GPS Furuno – Compass.



Abizar Bajo Rental Prices


Boat Charters


Trip 1 – 4 Pax
2D/1N 16.150.000
3D/2N 17.670.000
4D/3N 21.390.000


Trip 5 – 7 Pax
2D/1N 18.600.000
3D/2N 20.460.000
4D/3N 24.390.000


Trip 8 – 10 Pax
2D/1N 21.390.000
3D/2N 24.180.000
4D/3N 27.900.000




For videos & photos, click this link Image Phinisi Abizar



The ship with a length of 25 meters and a width of 4,5 meters is equipped with 4 cabins supported by private bathroom and outside bathroom facilities. The following is a breakdown of the number of beds in the cabin.

4 Cabin

1 cabin with 2 double beds and 2 single beds (6 person).
2 cabins with 1 double bed (2 persons).
1 cabin with 2 single beds / Bunk Bed ( 2 person ).

One cabin contains 2 double beds and 2 Single Beds (6 people), two cabins contain 1 double bed each for 2 people, and the other cabin contains 2 single beds or bunk beds for 2 people. All cabins are equipped with Air Conditioning.


How To Book Abizar

Please check availability for your 1st Labuan Bajo period, by sending a chat book to our whatsapp.



Book Format


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Ship Specification

Phinisi Abizar Spec

To support and pamper guests, the Abizar ship is also equipped with an upper deck ith specially designed for sunbathing. Not to forget, bean bag facilities are also available to relax and enjoy the outside air and travel.

While on the lower deck guests can relax and a special deck for dining (dining room).

Those of you who like snorkeling don't need to bother renting their own equipment, because Abizar has provided equipment to peek at the underwater beauty. Likewise with the life jackets that have been provided.

Supported by a crew, including a skilled chef, Phinisi Abizar is ready to pamper you and your partner or group with special menus along the cruise around Komodo Island and its surroundings.


Rinca Island which is the main habitat for giant reptiles, Komodo is certainly the main destination in this cruise. However, there are several other spots that can be visited on this cruise with the Abizar Ship, including Padar Island (watching the sunrise), Long Beach or Pink Beach (enjoying the beach panorama and doing water sports, such as swimming or snorkeling), Kalong Island (watching the sunset). ), Manta point (seeing giant manta rays), Taka Makassar and others.


The number of destinations visited will depend on the package for how long you want to visit. You can choose a vacation package to Komodo Island for one day or want to stay a few days so you can visit and get a more valuable experience on this exotic island.


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No need to worry about not having time to capture beautiful moments when visiting these charming spots. The reason is, this Abizar rental includes documentation with the best camera.

You just relax and enjoy every precious moment along the way, and let us help you frame those precious moments in photos or videos. The results of the documentation will later be provided in Google Drive, so it is safe without worrying about the documentation being lost.

Complete enough not the facilities and services?! Schedule your vacation now and contact Gotravela immediately to rent Phinisi Abizar with special offers.

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Abizar Phinisi Ship Labuan Bajo


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