Angel Billabong Fast Boat

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Angel Billabong Fast Boat, Comfortable Fast Boat to Nusa Penida. Schedule Schedule and Promo Prices for Fast Boat Angel Billabong Bali.

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Angel Billabong Fast Boat, Comfortable Fast Boat to Nusa Penida.

The natural beauty and culture of Bali is indeed worldwide. Not only about its natural beauty, but also about the preservation of its culture.

The combination of the two makes the Island of the Gods never deserted from domestic and foreign tourists.

Not only about the main island, but also to the island opposite, namely Nusa Penida.

To get to this island, you have to cross by fast boat or penida fast boat. The good news is, now there are so many fast boats to choose from to cross to the island nicknamed the blue paradise.

One of them is the Angel Billabong Fast Boat, a comfortable fast boat to Nusa Penida.


Angel Billabong Fast Boat Schedule



from Time
Sanur 07.30 WITA
Sanur 08.30 WITA
Sanur 14.15 WITA
Sanur 17.20 WITA


from Time
Toya Pakeh 07.20 WITA
Toya Pakeh 13.00 WITA
Toya Pakeh 16.00 WITA
Toya Pakeh 16.30 WITA


Ticket price


Domestic Angel billabong fast boat

Remarks SRID
Adult/Away 65.000
Child/Away 40.000
Adult/Return 130.000
Child/Return 75.000


Remarks SRID
Adult/Away 110.000
Child/Away 60.000


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  1. Price Valid Update 2023 – 2024.
  2. Valid prices for Indonesian citizens & foreigners.
  3. Rate Child / Child (5 – 12 years).
  4. Toddler or Infant / baby 1 – 5 yrs and under FREE.
  5. Does not include PICK & DROP Shuttle transport.
  6. Book online by filling out the booking form.
  7. You can check the payment method at How to Order Gotravela.


Fast Ship Specifications

Angel Billabong fast boat has a large size with a length of 19 meters and a width of 4,5 meters.

Thanks to its fairly large size, the ship carrying the 1250 HP engine is able to accommodate 110 passengers freely.

Angel Billabong Fast Boat

Thanks to these engines, this ship is also able to go fast. The cruise from Sanur to Nusa Penida can be reached the fastest in just 30 minutes.

This short travel time will certainly benefit Travela Buddy, because it will take you longer and more freedom to explore Nusa Penida. As already discussed by Gotravela, Nusa Penida is a marine tourism paradise.


Exotic Paradise

Yes, a variety of charming places with heavenly views can be found in a place located in the southeast of the main island of Bali. Friends, Travela, can see the exoticism of the towering cliffs connected with the clear turquoise blue sea water Angel's Billabong, Broken Beach to Kelingking Beach.

There is also Diamond Beach which has sharp rocks towering like giant diamonds. Moreover, the sparkle of the clean blue water makes this place really worthy of being called a 'diamond' beach.

Meanwhile, as a modern fast boat, the Angel Billabong fast boat is also equipped with Life crafts life jackets and Ring boys.

This fast boat is also supported by security devices such as fire extinguishers, first aid in an accident or first aid, as well as a Marine VHF radio.

Of course, to support a safe and controlled voyage, the Angel Billabong fast boat is also supported by an accredited captain and crew.


Regular schedule

In addition to a number of ship specifications to support the voyage, one thing that needs to be underlined, Angel Billabong fast boat has many departure schedules.

In a day this ship has 10 departures which have started at 07.30 local time.

Of the total departures, 5 departed from Sanur and 5 others departed from Nusa Penida.

This neat and orderly schedule makes Travela friends comfortable, because you no longer need to worry about missing the ship when it might be 'urgent'.

When you are forced to miss one schedule, you can immediately follow up on the next departure schedule which is not too long in time.


Booking a boat with gottravel

Even better, ordering Angel Billabong fast boat tickets is not complicated.

Travela friends just contact Gotravela Indonesia at any time and can immediately prepare for departure.

This method is very helpful for Travela friends who have high mobility. Call it, Ehhh… when it's nice to have a picnic, you know how come it turns out that there is work or something urgent that makes you have to go back to Sanur or Bali.

Therefore, make sure to always be connected with Gotravela Indonesia and make your travel experience to Nusa Penida easier.

Sztttt..don't forget that there are always interesting offers for Travela friends who order crossing tickets at Gotravela Indonesia, you know! (y)

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    The tour route was well designed, covering all the high points and amazing views. No time was wasted, and we felt like we got the best experience from each location.

    • Alfonso Giostanov -

      Thxs Matthew highly appreciate!

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