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D Prabu Fast Boat

DPrabu Fast Boat Gili Trawangan Fast Boat Explore hidden paradise & d'prabu fast boat tickets!

Being a world-class tourist destination, it's no wonder that Bali and Lombok are never deserted. Equally beautiful, sometimes tourists have to be confused about whether to go to Bali or just go to Lombok? Traveling on two different islands, of course, is not a problem if you have a loose time and budget.

However, what if not?! Don't worry, because now you can explore the hidden paradises of Bali to Lombok with D Prabu Fast Boat. In addition to shortening the time, using the D'Prabu Fast Boat, of course, will be more efficient in terms of cost to visit the two paradise islands.

DPrabu Fast Boat Tickets

Designed as a speedboat, D'Prabu was originally a ships that serve voyages from Padang Bai, a port located on the east side of Bali Island to Gili Trawangan which is northwest of Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara.


DPrabu Fast Boat Ticket Prices

Rate below based on Rupiah (Indonesian Currency) valid for all markets, both domestic and overseas!

Sanur-Padang Bai-Lombok-Gili's

from That's it IDR/Pax
padangbai Gili's/ward 280K
Sanur Gili's/ward 425K
Nusa penida Gili's/ward 305K

Lombok-Gili's to Bali

from That's it IDR/Pax
Gili's/ward padangbai 325K
Gili's/ward Sanur 425K

Rate above includes Kuta/Denpasar/Sanur to Padang Bai Shuttle!

Daily Schedule Boat of D'Prabu

Every Day

⏰ Padang Bai – Gili's / Bangsal : 9.30 Am & 13.30 Pm
⏰ Gili's/ Bangsal – Padang Bai : 11.30 Am & 15.00
⏰ Nusa Penida – Gili's : 09.30 Am
⏰ Sanur to Gili's : 08.30 Am
⏰ Gili's – Sanur : 11.30 Am

Check the details in the diagram below, travela!

d'prabu fast boat ticket schedule

Books & Reservations

Fast Ship D'Prabu

However, along with the development of tourism on the Island of the Gods, now the DPrabu Fast Boat also stops at Nusa Penida which is in southeastern Bali. As is known, Pada Bai, Nusa Penida and Gili Trawangan offer very beautiful natural beauty. Therefore, a tour with a fast boat d'prabu ticket is the most appropriate solution to be able to explore more dancing tourist spots on two paradise islands, namely Bali and Lombok.

Nusa Penida Gili Trawangan Route

However, if you just want to make a round trip from Padang Bai directly to Gili Trawangan or from Nusa Penida to Gili Trawangan, you can do it. There is a listed schedule that you can choose from for the route you want.

When confused about deciding to go to all places, or certain places? For consideration, Gotravela Indonesia will share a little information about the interesting things that exist in the three spots with heavenly beauty.

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Padang bai

Padang Bai is the best dive site on the eastern tip of the Island of the Gods. The underwater scenery offered ranges from a variety of cute and colorful fish to seeing sharks directly. It is different with Nusa Penida which is a marine tourism paradise in Bali.

As a group of islands, Nusa Penida presents a variety of marine landscapes, ranging from an odd beach called broken beach, the giant natural swimming pool of Angel's Bilabong, as well as Crystal Bay which widens its eyes thanks to its crystal clear sea water. Across the island, Gili Trawangan is a paradise for beach lovers who also love to hunt for sunsets. Yes, one of the most famous dykes in Lombok is the right spot to see the sun set.

Meanwhile, as the newest ship, the DPrabu Fast Boat is designed with qualified safety standards even of international class. As its main strength, the D'Prabu Fast Boat is supported by a 1.250 horsepower engine.

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In order to pamper its passengers, this fast boat is equipped with cabin space as well as comfortable and clean seats. Clean toilets are also available on this ship. In order to support the safety of the passengers, they are also equipped with life jackets. For information, the cruise from Padang Bai to Gili Trawangan takes about 90 minutes.

Ohoooo, you must have imagined, right, the excitement of exploring these two beautiful islands in a short time and cost-effective?! Come on, decide your vacation now to Bali and Lombok right away and make sure BOOK D'Prabu Fast Boat TICKETS only Gotravela Indonesia for the CHEAPEST PRICE yes!


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