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Find offers Bali Airport Transfer Prices best for trouble-free travel. Bali Ngurah Rai Airport pick up and drop off – IDR. 95K for Kuta area Hotels!

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Bali, with its alluring charm, has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Every year, tourists from all over the world come to this island to enjoy its white sandy beaches, warm sun, rich culture and stunning natural beauty. However, a trip to Bali is not complete without good preparation, including a transportation plan from Bali Denpasar International Airport to your final destination.

In this Indonesian tourism service transportation offering product, we offer Bali Gotravela Airport Transfer prices and discuss various aspects regarding Bali airport transfers. From available Bali airport shuttle transportation options to estimated travel costs, we will provide a complete guide that will help you plan your trip more easily and comfortably. Let's start! But first, check out our offer prices below:

Bali Airport Transfer Prices

One-way Airport Bali Hotel from/to:


Kuta Rp. 95.000 Max 7
Seminyak Rp. 150.000 Max 7
Canggu Rp. 175.000 Max 7
Rp. 200.000 Max 7
Ubud Rp. 235.000 Max 7
Sanur Rp. 120.000 Max 7
Nusa Dua Rp. 150.000 Max 7
padangbai Rp. 335.000 Max 7


The Gotravela team will pick up the traveler with a "signboard name" in the international pick-up zone or Solaris for domestic.

Car type: Expander, All New Toyota Rush, Xenia, Brio & Apv
Inclusive: Car unit, petrol & driver (One-way / One drop transfer).


Bali Airport Transfer: Available Transportation Options

1. Airport Pick Up

If you want the most convenient experience, you can order airport pick up service. Many hotels in Bali offer this service to their guests. You will be greeted at the arrivals terminal by a driver who will take you directly to your hotel. This is a very convenient option, but it also tends to be the most expensive.

2. Bali Airport Transfers

Bali Airport Transfers Ngurah Rai is a service provided by travel agent transfer companies (like us Gotravela Indonesia) operating in Bali. They offer a variety of vehicle options, from private cars to buses, depending on your needs and group size. This is a good choice if you want to plan your Bali Denpasar airport transfer before arriving on the island.

3. Bali Airport Taxi

You can also use regular airport taxis which are lined up outside the arrivals terminal. These taxis are usually equipped with argo, and you will be charged according to the distance traveled to your destination. This is an easy option but be aware that airport taxi fares can be higher than regular taxi fares.

4. Private Vehicle

You also have the option to rent a private vehicle during your visit to Bali. Many car rental companies have offices at Bali Airport, and you can rent a car or motorbike to explore the island more freely.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Bali Airport Transfers

How do I get from the airport to my hotel in Bali?
You have several options. You can order an airport pick up through your hotel, use the Bali airport transfer service, or take an airport taxi available at the arrivals terminal.

How much does it cost to transfer from Bali airport to Ubud?
Transfer costs from Bali Airport to Ubud vary depending on the type of service you choose. Airport pick up services may be more expensive, whereas using an airport taxi or Bali airport transfer service can be more affordable. Prices can also be influenced by distance and traffic.

How to get from Bali airport to Denpasar city?
You can use an airport taxi or Bali airport transfer service to go from Bali Airport to Denpasar city. The journey is relatively short, and you will arrive in downtown Denpasar in about 30 minutes depending on traffic.

How much does it cost one way from Bali airport to Ubud?
One way costs from Bali Airport to Ubud can vary, but as a general guide, using an airport taxi will probably cost around IDR 300.000 to IDR 400.000 depending on traffic and fare negotiations.

Does Uber work at Bali Airport?
Unfortunately, Uber no longer operates in Indonesia, including at Bali Airport. However, you can still use airport taxi services or local ride-sharing services such as Grab.

How to get a taxi from the airport to Bali?
You can easily get a taxi from Bali Airport. At the arrivals terminal, you will find official taxis equipped with meters. You simply follow the signs leading to the taxi stand and queue there. You can order a taxi from the official desk or directly outside the arrivals terminal.



Bali airport transfers are an important first step in planning your trip to the island. With a variety of transportation options available, you can choose the one that best suits your budget and preferences. Once you arrive at Bali Denpasar International Airport, you will immediately feel the charm and beauty of this island, ready to live an extraordinary adventure.

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  1. Mr Bons -

    great driver, fast and comfortable, garage near the airport

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      Thanks Mas Bons for the comment! Cheers – Gotravela admin

  2. Ilham -

    the driver was on time, and the car was very comfortable 👍🏻

  3. Santi Jayanti -

    Recommendation, gotravela Bali airport shuttle to Meruhdani Boutique Hotel Ubud for our Bali holiday in the new year 2023. The driver, Mr. Anton, is very friendly and helpful 😍 Thank you, Mr. Anton

    • gotraveladmin -

      🙏 Thanks Sis Santi – see you next trip

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