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Jemme Bali Catamaran Rental Fast Cruise Ship

Bali is still the prima donna of Indonesian tourism and also one of the world's tourist destinations. No wonder many people want to try to visit this Island of the Gods. To enjoy the panorama of this island with a majority Hindu population, there are many ways, from land to sea transportation.

For those of you who want to feel the unusual sensation of traveling around the culinary origin of this betutu chicken, you can rent the Bali Jemme catamaran, a cruise ship that is the fastest in its class.

Jemme's Catamaran

Jemme Catamaran Bali

The boat with a length of 13 meters and a width of 7 meters was renovated in 2016 and is claimed to be the fastest mini yacht in its class.

This ship is supported by 2x Yanmar SD60 engine which makes the ship capable of going up to a speed of 12 knots.

This double hull ship is supported by 4 cabins that can accommodate 14 daily guests and 6 overnight guests.

To support guest comfort, Jemme is supported by 4 cabins and 4 double rooms equipped with private bathrooms.


Catamaran Facilities

All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a fan, as well as a TV. Two of the cabins are even equipped with a DVD player, a private bathroom complete with a hot shower.

If you want to take a bath outside the room, there is also an outdoor shower with fresh water facilities on the deck.

Meanwhile, having a sail of 1120 square feet, Jemme is without a doubt a 'big little yacht'. The spacious room is the main attraction of Jemme.

Yes, guests can sunbathe on the large trampoline on top of a bean bag (large sofa to relax on) or choose to enjoy the ride under the shaded canopy.

Those of you who like the outdoors will be very free to enjoy the view along the cruise on the upper deck. On this deck there are also sun loungers that are soft and perfect for long 'sunbathing'. However, if you don't like the outdoors, relax in comfort in a room that's fully air-conditioned.


Jemme Catamaran Rental Prices


Catamaran Charter (Max. 14 pax)

Full day rental/charter for a sailing trip of 3 Nusa for 8 hours of use (Nusa Penida & Lembongan)

Trip Up to 14 Pax
Day Trip (8 Hours) 19.800.000

Half day rental is also suitable for travelers who want to explore the Nusa Dua coastal route in Bali for 4 hours of use.

Trip Up to 7 Pax
Half Day (4 Hours) 14.230.000

** Additional surcharge after 7 guests Rp. 1.015.000/pax

Inclusions - Jemme


Bali Sail Liveaboard


2D1N Liveaboard (3 Nusa)

Overnight adventure on a catamaran with a maximum of 6 people in 3 twin share cabins. Beautiful night sea coast of Nusa Penida, Lembongan and Ceningan.

Overnight Up to 6 Pax
3 Nusa 37.930.000


3D2N Liveaboard (3 Gili's)
Adventure to Gili Trawangan and 3 Gilis across the lombok strait and stop by 3 nusa.

Overnight Up to 6 Pax
3 Gili's 66.200.000


Check here for interior & boat of Jemme Catamarans.


How To Book JEMME

Please check availability for your 1st Jemme Bali period, by sending a chat book to our whatsapp.




Jemme is also equipped with entertainment facilities such as TV, sound system and WiFi so that guests stay connected to the outside world even though they are sailing. Water sports fans are guaranteed to like it, because Jemme provides a variety of tools for water sports, such as snorkeling, fishing, swimming to inner-tubing. Thus, you do not have to bother bringing a device for the hobby.

Not inferior to star hotels on the mainland, Jemme is also equipped with a kitchen to supply a variety of delicious meals for its guests. The kitchen is unique, with a U-shape, allowing guests to sit around a table in the center and take in the panoramic view of the outdoors. Very interesting not to dine while enjoying the view.

BBQ On Board

This cruise ship is also equipped with BBQ Grill facilities, so those of you who stay at Catamaran Bali Jemme have the opportunity to enjoy a night trip while enjoying BBQ with your partner or group.

Hmm… you cold drink addicts don't have to worry about the cruise either, because Jemme's kitchen is supported by a refrigerator and equipped with an ice maker. Whenever you want a cold drink or ice, you can without having to wait to dock to land.

Hmmm… have you imagined relaxing on the upper deck while sunbathing or enjoying a delicious meal while enjoying the stunning views along the cruise? Don't let this shadow just end up in wishful thinking, schedule your vacation now and get ready to enjoy the beauty of nature with Jemme Bali Catamaran rental with Gotravela Indonesia.

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Jemme Bali Catamaran Rental


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