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Want to feel the sensation of cruising on Komodo Island with a different experience? You can choose to do a series of Komodo sailing tours together KLM Baracuda.

This tourist boat made in 2019 will take you to see the amazing sights in Komodo National Park Area which is located in Labuhan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

As is known, Komodo National Park is one of Indonesia's favorite tourist destinations in the world.

Better known as Komodo Island, this island is the original habitat of the Komodo dragon—a large lizard species that is an ancient reptile that is still preserved.


KLM Baracuda Boat Rental Prices


Remarks 1 – 3 Pax
Full day 8.500.000
2D/1N 8.950.000
3D/2N 10.750.000
4D/3N 12.500.000


Remarks 4 – 6 Pax
Full day 8.500.000
2D/1N 9.450.000
3D/2N 11.950.000
4D/3N 14.700.000


Remarks 7 – 9 Pax
Full day 8.500.000
2D/1N 10.250.000
3D/2N 13.250.000
4D/3N 16.750.000


KLM Baracuda


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Product Specification KLM Baracuda

KLM Baraccuda will not only take you to the house of the animals called by the local people 'Ora', but will also take you to explore many interesting spots in the Komodo National Park area, including Padar Island, Komodo Island, Rinca, Manjarite, Kanawa and Makassar Taka Island.

Exploration will start from Labuhan Bajo in the morning to Padar Island for trekking and enjoying the view from the height of the hill. Then, on Komodo Island and Rinca Island You will be invited by a ranger on foot to see up close to Komodo. The two islands are close together, if Komodo Island is more forested, Rinca Island tends to have a savanna landscape.


Baraccuda Sailing Program

2 day

Moringa Island, Komodo Rinca Island, Kalong Island, Sunrise Padar Island, Pink Beach Snorkeling, Manta Point and Takamakassar.

3 day

Moringa Island, Komodo Rinca Island, Kalong Island, Sunrise Padar Island, Pink Beach Snorkelling, Manta Point, Takamakassar, Sebayur or Siaba Island Snorkeling and Kanawa Island Snorkelling.

4 day

Moringa Island, Komodo Rinca Island, Kalong Island, Sunrise Padar Island, Pink Beach Snorkeling, Manta Point, Takamakassar, Sebayur or Siaba Island Snorkelling, Kanawa Island Snorkeling, manjarite snorkeling, Bidadari Island snorkeling and visit Goa Rangko Cave with crystal clear water.


Interesting activities

An interesting activity that cannot be missed in any Sailing Komodo is snorkeling on Kanawa and Manjarite Islands. One place that is no less interesting to visit is Taka Island Makassar.

The island between kanawa and Komodo Island offers a panoramic view of white sand in the middle of the sea. As for the name Makkasar attached to the name of the island, this island is mostly inhabited by the Bugis. Therefore, to remember their origin, the name of the Bugis tribe is pinned on this island.

Capturing the natural beauty along the Sailing Komodo journey, of course, is a must do. No need to worry about documentation. The reason is, the Sailing Komodo tour with KLM Baraccuda is included with documentation. This ship is equipped with Go Pro Zero 7 and drones that can be used by tourists. Surprisingly, tourists will receive documentation in the form of a CD at the end of the tour.

Safety Boat

Meanwhile, along the way during Sailing Komodo, you don't need to worry about the safety of the ship. This is because the ship with a weight of 39 gross tonnage is equipped with quite complete safety equipment, ranging from 20 life jackets, lifeboats, Fisrt Aid and Fire Extinguisher.

Not only that, this ship also seeks to provide paripura comfort for all its passengers. This is answered by presenting a variety of supporting facilities ranging from outdoor dining areas, cabins equipped with air conditioning, sundecks and beanbags and clean bathrooms.

Snorkeling lovers don't need to worry about equipment, because KLM Baracudda has also provided the required snorkeling equipment. Meanwhile, the ship, which has a capacity of 8-10 people and 4 crew, has 4 cabins, consisting of 2 double beds and 2 twin beds.

It should be noted, perhaps more spots will be visited if you choose the Sailing Komodo package with KLM Baraccuda with a longer time (overnight).

There are many interesting tour options for those of you who want to spend more time with Komodo Island and its surroundings, ranging from one day trips (no overnight), 2D1N (2 Days 1 Night), 3D2N (3 Days 2 Nights), to 4D3N (4 Days 3 Nights). Evening). You can directly contact Gotravelaindonesia.com customer service for orders according to your tastes and needs.


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