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The Sensation of Traveling around Labuan Bajo with a Mini Cruise, KLM Riley Phinisi Bajo

Labuhan Bajo—hearing his name, almost everyone already knows that the name just mentioned is one of heaven eastern Indonesia travel which is also famous in the world arena.

The village, which is in the Komodo District, and is the capital of West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is the entrance to explore the Komodo National Park which offers the natural charm of the archipelago complete with the beauty of the natural habitat of the endemic animal, Komodo.

To be able to explore this place, can be done by renting a fast boat. However, every inch of the beauty of Labuhan Bajo will be a pity if you glance at it on a speedboat trip.

Therefore, traveling around Labuhan Bajo to Komodo National Park will be more impressive if you use a mini cruise. The luxury of the boat combined with the slow speed of the boat compared to the speedboat gives you the opportunity to enjoy every side of the natural beauty of Labuhan Bajo and its surroundings.

Therefore, for those of you who want an unusual vacation experience, Gotravela Indonesia offers the sensation of traveling around Labuhan Bajo on a mini cruise ship, KLM Riley Phinisi Bajo.

KLM Charter Riley Phinisi Bajo

Prices are per boat | Valid for All Markets!

Map 1 – 8
1 Day 23.375.000
2D1Women 32.725.000
3D2Women 46.725.000
4D3Women 62.645.000
Notice: For 1 Day Trip package max. capacity 15 people.
Map 9 – 12
1 Day 26.180.000
2D1Women 35.530.000
3D2Women 50.170.000
4D3Women 68.255.000

Phinisi Riley Komodo Liveaboard


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Riley . On Board Facilities

  • Jaccuzzi pool on board
  • Karaoke System
  • Sound system + Wireless Mic
  • 42” LED TV
  • Balcony for relaxing area
  • Sun Deck
  • Kitchen
  • dispenser
  • Showcase Cooler
  • Cano


  • Name of vessel : KLM. RILEY
  • Type: Phinisi Buginese Schooner
  • Made of : Ulin Wood & Jati Wood
  • Built: Bulukumba – Sulawesi – Indonesia
  • Year of Built: 2020
  • Length : 29 meters
  • Width: 5 meters
  • Depth : 1.8 meters
  • Wight : 62 GT (Gross Tonnage)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 2 tons
  • Water Tank Capacity : 5 tons
  • Speed ​​: 6-9 Knots / hour

Riley Deck Maps


Main Engine: Mitsubishi 6D16
Generator 1: Mitsubishi 100 PS
Dynamo Generator 1 : 20 KvA
Generator 2: Mitsubishi 100 PS
Dynamo Generator 1 : 20 KvA


Navigation: Garmin
Communications : Radio
Safety Tools: Life raft 20 pax

  • 1 unit life boat (sloop)
  • 27pcs Live Jacket
  • 3pcs Ring Buoys
  • 8 pcs Apar (fire tanks)

Made in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi in 2020 ago, KLM Riley is a type of semi-modern ship that carries the Phinisi ship design. As is known, Phinisi is an original Bugis ship which has 7 sails.

No longer relying on the screen as power, KLM Riley carries a Mitsubishi 6D16 engine and is equipped with 2 Mitsubishi 100 PS generators to support its operations.

Even so, present as a mini cruise ship, KLM Riley Phinisi Bajo maintains the traditional elements of Phinisi which are manifested in the ship's wooden material, both on the hull and the furniture equipment inside.

The types of wood used in the manufacture of mini cruises with a length of 28 meters and a width of 5 meters are ironwood and teak wood.

5 Cabin

While modern elements are still given to answer the needs of tourists who want comfort and security in a cruise ship tour. This is realized by equipping KLM Riley Phinisi Bajo with 5 air-conditioned cabins consisting of a master suite class, deluxe, junior suite, superior to standard.

Especially for the master suite cabin, there are balcony facilities. Thanks to this facility you can immediately peek at the beauty of the sea view and enjoy the breeze along the sail without having to climb on the upper deck.

This type of cabin is highly recommended for those of you who are vacationing with your partner, so you can enjoy more time together without having to miss the beautiful scenery throughout the trip. Complementing the luxury of these cabins, bathrooms with shower facilities and toilet seats are also available on this 62 GT mini yacht.

Komodo National Park

Cruise around Komodo National Park will not be boring, because of the many entertainment and fun facilities. There is a lounge with karaoke and sound system facilities as well as a showcase and dispenser. Then, there are indoor dining facilities that can be used for a romantic dinner.

There is also outdoor dining that will pamper you with views of the sea throughout the cruise while enjoying a meal. The ship with a speed of 6-9 knots per hour also has Jacuzzi facilities for soaking as well as a sun deck equipped with bean bags and comfortable sun beds.

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Hmmm... can't you imagine a pleasant sensation traveling around Labuan Bajo on a classic KLM Riley phinisi bajo boat?! Therefore, do not choose the wrong one! Be sure to rent a KLM Riley in Gotravela Indonesia and have an unforgettable luxury cruise experience to Labuhan Bajo and the exotic islands around it. (y)


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