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Exploring the Beauty of Raja Ampat Tourism

It is no longer a secret that the territory and eastern destination of Indonesia has a wealth and extraordinary natural beauty. It is not wrong if one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia is here. Among the various tours in eastern Indonesia, one that must be visited is Raja Ampat. This tourist attraction located in West Papua offers a variety of beauty that should not be missed.


Raja Ampat

Traveling in Raja Ampat is a dream for many people. In addition to enjoying its natural beauty, tourists can also do other activities such as diving, traveling by boat, or just relaxing and taking pictures.


Exploring the Natural Beauty of the King

Talking about Raja Ampat cannot be separated from one of the icons of this place, namely Wayag. Wayag is a line of rocks wrapped in greenish color that spreads in the blue of the ocean. This extraordinary panorama is what makes Raja Ampat tourism worldwide. Taking pictures with the background of a cluster of rocks is certainly a must do.

Besides Wayag, you can also enjoy a panoramic view of the green coral clusters at Pianemo. This place is located at an altitude so that tourists can enjoy the extraordinary combination of clusters of rocks, blue sea, and clear blue sky. This piano is often referred to as a mini version of Wayag.

Finished with a cluster of rocks, it's time to explore the beautiful white sands of Raja Ampat. There is one place that has charming white sand, namely Pasir Timbul. Sand Island is adjacent to Mansuar Island.

Like other sand islands, Pasir Timbul will show its white sand when the sea water is receding. The sparkling white sand will be a beautiful moment and perfect for taking selfies.

Turning from the sea, tourists can visit Batanta Waterfall with its fantastic views. The fresh feel of the waterfall will also be cooling after a day exploring salt water.

Besides Batanta Waterfall, tourists can also see firsthand the bird that is the icon of Papua, the Cendrawasih. This native bird from Papua can be found in Sawinggrai Village. It takes quite a bit of effort to be able to see this bird considering its rare existence.

The various natural beauties of Raja Ampat prove that this place is not just about the sea. There are still waterfalls and natural habitats of Cendrawasih that can be an alternative for tourists. This shows that Raja Ampat has a very complete natural tourism.



Enjoying the Underwater Panorama of Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat has an alluring underwater beauty. There are at least about 1500 species of fish, 500 species of coral, and more than 600 invertebrates under the sea throughout the Raja Ampat region. This is fairly reasonable considering that 75% of the world's fish species can be found in Raja Ampat. This includes manta rays whose body width can reach 2 meters.

Diving activities are also the main choice to enjoy the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat. Tourists can see for themselves how beautiful the Raja Ampat sea is, or if they are lucky, can swim with the iconic manta rays. Various diving tourist spots are available in Raja Ampat so tourists don't need to worry.

Tourists can visit Misool Island. This island is one of the four major islands in Raja Ampat. Misool Island itself consists of four parts, namely West Misool, North Misool, East Misool, and South Misool.

Misool Island is one of the most visited destinations by tourists, especially for lovers of underwater beauty. Tourists can see for themselves a variety of beautiful fish. In addition, there is the high seas in southern Misool, which harbors large fauna such as manta rays and dolphins.

Besides Misool Island, tourists can also choose Kri Island for diving activities. This is the most perfect dive site in Raja Ampat. How not, with just one dive, tourists can find up to 300 species of fish. Combined with beautiful small corals, diving on Kri Island will be an unforgettable experience.

In addition to these two locations, there are still many tourist spots in Raja Ampat that offer beautiful underwater beauty. Call it Star Lagoon, Magic Mountain, Blue Magic, Dampier Strait, and others. Of course, these various diving spots will make tourists have many options to enjoy the beauty of the underwater Raja Ampat.


Make sure to book accommodation in advance

Raja Ampat is one of the most sought after tourist attractions by tourists. Its natural beauty cannot be doubted. Before visiting Raja Ampat, be sure to book a room for a place to stay while traveling. Tourists can choose resorts or homestays located on the beach for a place to stay.

To save the budget, it would be better if you choose a homestay instead of a resort. However, of course the facilities provided will not be as luxurious as the resort. Homestay is usually in the form of a simple house and blends with the residents' settlements. Many homestays have only leaf roofs and wooden walls.

If you want to get excess facilities, of course it is advisable to choose a resort. Resort is made in a more modern style with complete facilities. In fact, it could be that the resort will provide water sport facilities. (M)


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